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Who Was Hazrat Peer Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani?

Abdul Qadir Gilani is the reason behind millions of people who reverted to Islam and became Muslims. He was born in the historic village of Al mad’ain , Gilan Iraq, and was also known as the ‘Muhiyuddin’ which means the reviver of Islam.   His followers know him as ‘Ghous Azam’ …

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significance of 12 rabi ul awwal

Significance & importance of 12 Rabi ul Awwal

There is something that truly connects directly to your heart, when the atmosphere changes, weather changes & so the fragrance all over the sky. When sky changes its color and a cold breeze touches your not only skin but your soul. Well, this is happening with me right now; my …

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حج کی فرضیت اور اسکی اقسام

حج کا لغوی و اصطلاحی معنی: حج کے لغوی معنی ہیں عظمت والی جگہ کا ارادہ کرنا،جبکہ حج کی شرعی تعریف “مخصوص مقامات کا مخصوص فعل کے ساتھ مخصوص زمانے میں ارادہ کرنا”ہے۔ لفظ “حج” ح کی فتح ( حَجْ ) اور کسرہ (حِجْ )دونوں طرح استعمال ہوتا ہے ۔مثلاً …

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holy places of islam in makkah and madinah

Holy Places of Islam in Makkah and Madinah

  Riadhul Jannah and Mehrab Riadhul-Jannah-in-Masjid-e-Nabwi

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Beautiful Islamic Quotes To Enlighten Your mind and Soul

We are all deviating from our path towards the path of destruction and we must do something before we permanently lose ourselves. 1400 years ago, Islam gave us a guide and it was up to us to maintain on that path to refrain from misguidance, destruction, and evil. However, it …

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