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hp amd a4 series gaming laptop reviews

Amd-A4 Review: Best Gaming Laptop For Every Gamer Wish-List

It’s time to say good bye to your old-fashioned smart phones for gaming and get yourself a smart laptop Gaming laptops are undoubtedly a great innovation of the 20th century that are a great alternative to your smartphones. Cell phones need to be charged after every 2-3 hours that gives …

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Why Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup – A Blessing In Disguise For Your PC

We’ve all been there when u don’t clean up your room for a couple of days and suddenly realize that there is not enough space for you to even lie down on your bed. Believe it or not, your pc functions almost the exact same way. Most of us take …

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top best islamic apps

Top 15 Best Islamic Apps of 2019

Top 15 Best Islamic Apps 2019 Muslim Pro Halal Gems Muz Match Ramadan Legacy Modanisa Hadith Collection Hajj and Umrah Guide Quran Companion Scan Halal AL Quran-UL-Kareem Ramadan Dua Dua and Azkar Quran English Muslim Now  Kalma and Dua app (for kids) Let’s face it, we are in 2018 and things …

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What is an Antivirus Software?

All those who own computers are surely aware of how crucial it is to keep their data saved and away from the pesky little vermin known as the virus. These infectious and malicious programs are sometimes enough to destroy a perfectly fine working computer. Now, these viruses are pretty deteriorating …

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What use is VPN to you? Let’s find out

In this technological era where everything has become globalized, there is one thing that none of us wants globalized is our privacy. Staying incognito while using the internet is something that needs to be talked about because this is something that if breached, can result in a leak of personal …

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