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Top 15 Best Islamic Apps OF 2019

top best islamic apps

Top 15 Islamic Apps: 1. Halal Gems 2. Muslim Pro 3. Muz Match 4. Ramadan Legacy 5. Modanisa 6. Hadith Collection 7. Hajj and Umrah Guide 8. Quran Companion 9. Scan Halal 10. AL Quran-UL-Kareem 11. Ramadan Dua 12. Quran English 13. Dua and Azkar 14. Muslim Now 15. Kalma …

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What use is VPN to you? Let’s find out


In this technological era where everything has become globalized, there is one thing that none of us wants globalized is our privacy. Staying incognito while using the internet is something that needs to be talked about because this is something that if breached, can result in a leak of personal …

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