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Kartarpur Corridor doors open

Kartarpur Corridor- Opening the Doors to The Heaven of Sikhs

A historical day which is going to be one of the biggest achievements of Imran Khan; the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the moment which will be remembered forever. If you belong to any specific religion & not been able to visit that holy worship place and dying to go, but …

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D&G disappeared from china

Apparently D&G Has Disappeared from the Chinese Retail Store

The hype and popularity that the Chinese e-commerce has gained, is nonetheless what that puts e-commerce of all the other countries to shame. Being home to one of the most popular e-commerce sites, Ali Baba, China has set itself as the leader of the entire e-commerce industry. Everyone in the …

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myanmar, burma

Myanmar struggles to digest the global anger over Rohingya’s crisis

The world witnessed a brutal massacre of Muslims in Myanmar to which human right claimed as a “textbook example” of ethnic cleansing. The world is baffled, hurt, and is shocked to see a brutal genocide of Muslims in the 20th century.  But who cares if it’s Muslims? Perhaps, Nobody! The …

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civil military power

Civil Military Power Matrix; Both The Institutions Are On the Same Chapter

The civil governments and the military have always been in each other throats. For the very first time in the history of Pakistan, we witnessed an air of credence, trust, and confidence between the military and the civil. The newly elected prime minister, Imran Khan played an intensive parley at …

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Imran Khan

Can Imran Khan Fulfill His Promise Of Eroding Corruption, & Injustice?

Imran Khan’s stunning victory in the recent elections has sparked a major outraged for many of the political parties who had been ruling the country for over a decade. From a cricket hero to the prime minister of Pakistan; Imran khan never set for anything less then to abolish the …

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