How To Do Case Study Analysis?

What is a Case study ?

A case study is a research method involving an up-close, in-depth, and detailed examination of a case. A case study is for the fetching of more data about any certain person, place of any experience.

Founder of the case study method 

 Pierre Pierre Guillaume Frédéric le Play first introduced the case-study method into social science in 1829 as a handmaiden to statistics in his studies of family budgets.

Few topics for Case study as an  example:

Here are a few good topic examples of case studies for further usage: Female criminal behavior, Unwanted intimate partner relationship, Isolation cause depression, Virginity shows purity, Life standards of transgenders. 

Types of case study analysis:

There are several categories of this work and each is different. Some variations of this paper must be based on the hypothesis or thesis which must be proven while others are focused at only providing more information on a specific subject, while some investigate causal relationships.

There are three main types of such projects:

Key cases are based on the subjects that were chosen because the researcher had an interest, or a circumstance related to them.

Outlier cases are the ones that investigate matters that stand out from the other situations, events or organizations; social scientists think that we can learn lots of useful information from those things that differ from the norm.

The knowledge case study is used when a researcher has enough information about the situation, event or organization, and is ready to investigate it.

However, this is not all. Within these 3 types, we can also pick out 4 different forms:


These are primarily descriptive and aim to explain to the reader a situation, phenomenon or event, describe the problem, and provide an existing solution – in other words, provide enough details on a given topic in a common language.


This form is used to prepare information before the main investigation. If you need some help with writing this type of paper, use a case study writing service. Our writers know that the main goal is to help identify the main research questions and choose types of measurements to start conducting the investigation itself.


This type serves to summarize the information collected from different sources in different periods of time. What is its goal? The main objective (as well as the main distinctive feature) of this form is that it is used to analyze previously collected information to generalize past investigations in order to avoid spending time and costs to repeat the investigation repeatedly. 


This method is useful for determining causes and consequences. Its main idea is to investigate one or more sources to investigate a situation with unique interest and with almost no interest in generalization. It is also good for questioning a universal assertion.

Case study sample for better understanding 

Sample case, for the explanation of case study analysis 

Effects of isolation in young children 

The case study of a girl who had been kept in isolation in a dark room with her mother who was deaf and without speech gives insight into the development of children by an extraordinary case. She had not been given an adequate diet and had severe rickets. During her isolation she communicated with her mother using gestures. The mother escaped from the isolation when she was about six years old. On her admission to hospital she behaved like a wild animal and only made croaking sounds.

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After one week in the hospital she started to make speech sounds and seemed to pass rapidly through the normal stages of speech. After 18 months she had a vocabulary of over 2000 words, could read and write, and could compose imaginative stories. This case study involves Czechoslovakian, male, identical twins whose mother died after giving birth. The twins went to a children’s home for eleven months, then spent six months with their aunt, and then went to live with their father and stepmother. The father was of low intelligence and the stepmother was exceptionally cruel. The boys were never allowed out of the house and were kept either in a small unheated closet or in a cellar. 

They were discovered at the age of seven, and they could hardly walk, had acute rickets, were very fearful and their spontaneous speech was very poor. After placement in a hospital and later in a foster home excellent gains were made. The children are now adults and appear well adjusted and cognitively able. Curtiss Genie was found when she was 13 years old. Her history was one of isolation, severe neglect and physical restraint; she was kept strapped to a child’s potty in an attic.

Her father punished her if she made any sound. On discovery her appearance was of a six-or seven-year-old child. She was described by Curtiss as ‘unsocialized, primitive, and hardly human’; she made virtually no sounds. Although he is now in his seventies, he thinks he is much younger. This good-natured man can no longer recognize a photograph of his own face; he is stuck in a time warp from the past.

This is a perfect example of how to study someone’s case of life, but a case study is also used for business, organization and other means.

What is Case study analysis 

A case study analysis requires you to investigate a business problem, examine the alternative solutions, and propose the most effective solution using supporting evidence.

How to analyze any case?

We can analysis a case by using the following ways 

  • Focus Your Analysis any case 
  • Identify two to five key problems.
  • Why do they exist?
  • How do they impact the organization?
  • Who is responsible for them?
  • Uncover Possible Solutions/Changes Needed
  • Review course readings, discussions, outside research, your experience.
  • Select the Best Solution
  • Consider strong supporting evidence, pros, and cons. Is this solution realistic?

Case study Analysis example 

Here is an example to analysis the case 

An Analysis of Human Resources Practices at XYZ tea Company

XYZ tea company is an example of strong human resources strategy coupled with logistical planning and effective management. It serves as a strong example for all large organizations to model human resources upon.

Overall Human Resources Strategies

Human capital is a large investment for any organization. Management of this capital is a necessary task to ensure strong return on the investment. Human resource management requires strong strategy to effectively and efficiently achieve goals, objectives, and – in turn – better performance. The strategy, management program, and all other human resource activity are then required to determine relevant dimensions of performance and the impact on the company’s success. XYZ, a Seattle-based global tea company, follows a mission to “inspire and nurture the human spirit: one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time”.

The company fulfils this mission through ethical sourcing of product, environmentally friendly processes and recycling practices, and employee service in the community. After the era of Great Recession, the company launched a new motto: “Great tea Everywhere” and grew to include international locations. With large competitors like the introduction of your case study should introduce the business, industry, project, or person that is represented in your study. 

The case being studied. Section 1: The first section of the case study should discuss the background of the organization, industry, or program. 3 Dunkin’ Donuts and new start-up Joyride, XYZ is poised to be a leader in the next generation of tea shops or be left behind as an outdated relic. Unlike most large companies, employees of XYZ are called “partners” and are encouraged to join young and build a career with the organization. Thus, the more an employee identifies with the organization, the more he or she will seek opportunities to contribute to company performance. 

Because serving customers’ needs is a keyway that frontline employees help the company maintain and deepen relationships with those customers, such employees may view their own efforts to contribute to customer loyalty as helping drive long-term organizational success. To remain competitive in the coffee and food-and-beverage marketplace, Starbucks needs to keep its partners happy and the public coming back for more.

Training Structure of the XYZ tea company:

Business failures can sometimes be solved through training to develop new skills, refine efficiency, and instruct staff on new policies, procedures, and tools. Issues frequently trigger training, but training efforts should always trigger business results. When a large mistake, error, or need for improvement arises, not every company is prepared to make improvements. As a large successful company, XYZ has more resources available to take staff out of their daily work and place them in training sessions. Investment in training needs assessment and training sessions themselves may be daunting for small companies; however, an organization operating.


Employers ask employees to work hard, be pleasant, and show results. The investment of time and money into human resources can, and will, pay off in positive organization outcomes if a strategic management system is in place and well-used. Seattle-based XYZ tea company has been an example of success through strategic human resource management through good times and bad. Its practices, though occasionally flawed, show an overwhelmingly successful model of large company investment in human capital.

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