Kids Academy: Bridging the Gaps – Talented & Gifted app

Modern education is undergoing a transformation as more and more technology tools are becoming an integral part of kids’ daily lives. So naturally, parents have many concerns about the impact of screen time on the development of their children.

Will they be able to focus on real tasks that are not entertaining? How much physical activity will they get? What role does the parent play in this new learning environment? How can you help a child with academic difficulties? How can you motivate an advanced student?

This article will be discussing the answers that a good children’s app can provide to such questions using the example of the Talented & Gifted app.

What is Talented and Gifted?

The Talented and Gifted app is suitable for elementary and preschool students aged 2-10. It was created by Kids Academy and offers several learning options:

The first two sections are divided into chapters and lessons. They include explanation videos, educational games, worksheets and interactive quizzes.

Let’s now see how the app meets the expectations that modern students and their parents have and how it can bridge the gaps in the modern learning process.

The Gap Between Learning and Play

The fun nature of the activities allows students to learn new skills almost without realizing it. Brightly illustrated tasks use a variety of themes that children love: animals, nature, celebrations, fairytale characters and more. The voiceover adds to the fun and makes it more accessible for those who experience difficulties reading.

Your kids will be doing a variety of tasks. They will draw and color, trace numbers, letters and shapes, and answer multiple-choice questions.

If the little learners want to take a break, they may open Dress Up Eddie, a game inside the app where they can use their earned points to purchase accessories for the app’s mascot – a cute little lilac elephant.

Thus, Talented & Gifted strikes a balance between playing and learning.

The Digital-Analogue Gap

While educational apps are not meant to replace traditional learning methods, they can provide a valuable technological addition and appealing learning formats for children of the information age.

For example, interactive worksheets from the Talented & Gifted app by Kids Academy can be used not only online, but on paper as well. When completed online, they are checked by artificial intelligence.

When a worksheet is filled out on paper, the app’s simple augmented reality feature allows students to scan it with their iOS or Android devices to see the result.

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