Apparently D&G Has Disappeared from the Chinese Retail Store

The hype and popularity that the Chinese e-commerce has gained, is nonetheless what that puts e-commerce of all the other countries to shame. Being home to one of the most popular e-commerce sites, Ali Baba, China has set itself as the leader of the entire e-commerce industry. Everyone in the world thinks that China as the e-commerce giant, has made itself invincible to all sorts of blunders and mistakes.

However, recently, almost all the Chinese e-commerce websites ended up making a weird blunder that many of us could not help but see it. There was one affected of the blunder that all the Chinese websites made and that is none other than the Fashion guru, Dolce and Gabbana itself. Who doesn’t know Dolce and Gabbana? This particular brand has gained massive popularity over  the time and people only seem to be falling for it, harder and harder. Sadly, this veteran fashion brand ended up being in hot water recently. Many are labelling this blunder by Chinese e-commerce as ‘All Their Fault’, while others are rooting for it. Now if that was a blunder, or an intention, we intend to find that out.

It came under the spotlight recently when a huge number of Chinese websites removed Dolce and Gabbana’s products from all their pages. Upon digging a little further, we found out that, all of that happened due to a series of backlash plotted up against the fashion gurus. What happened actually was that, Dolce &Gabbana ran recent campaign that was labelled as shameful, pathetic and racist by a huge wave of celebrities as well by people on the social media.

In the recent Dolce and Gabbana ad, which was released a week ago, the Fashion guru sure did seem like it intended to spark criticism. In their ad it was seen that they featured a Chinese woman in their ad, who seemed like she was struggling to eat spaghetti and pizza with chopsticks. The ad pointed towards a clear taunt being made by the Italian brand towards the Chinese. Many called this ad an act pure racism.

This racist advertisement was brought into the spotlight when a few social media users posted screenshots of the ad. Another weird thing that added to the awkwardness of this matter surfaced when Dolce and Gabbana’s designer Stefano Gabbana commented on Chinese people and labelled them as Ignorant and Dirty smelling Mafias. This statement of the owner was met with a crazy backlash over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Another thing that added to the fury of the Chinese people was the use of ‘poo’ faced emoji by Stefano. To cover this awkward mess, a spokesperson from the Dolce and Gabbana commented that Stefano Gabbana would never ever use a language like that about the Chinese people and that his account was hacked by the pesky hackers. Touché.

All this negativity has caused such bad publicity for the fashion leaders that many of their consumers are calling for a boycott on the brand. There is no doubt that D&G as a fashion brand has sent a benchmark that many of the other fashion brands are striving to attain. Let’s not try and ignore the other big fashion gurus like Louis Vuitton and Gucci that have been trying their hardest to take over the market which D&G has been ruling over.

According to recent research, it is the Chinese people who spend the most money on shopping for the luxury products and they opt for their local websites to get such products for them. Sadly, there is an e-commerce company in China known by the name Kaola, which has apparently and reportedly removed all the Dolce and Gabbana products listed on their website amid the backlash. Another e-commerce leader in China that goes by the name, Secoo has also reportedly deleted all the D&G listings from their online stores. Similarly on Yoox Net A Porter, which is also owned by Cartier’s Richemont, all theD&G products which were available on the website were taken down as an expression of disappoint for the racist ad campaign. However, upon being asked to comment on the matter the company denied. We see.

Now who doesn’t know Reuters? It came to our notice that on Thursday morning, Reuters ran a check on the websites that once hosted all the D&G products and to their shock, they also landed the truth where AliBaba group’s AliExpress had also taken down the entire D&G clothing line. Sad.

Just like their other counterparts, the brand also refrained from making any comments on the matter. Now surprisingly, the claim that the D&G spokesperson has made regarding Stefano’s Instagram account was denied by the company itself. LOL. This happened as an apologizing post was posted by the D&G, where the company apologized to the Chinese customers, over the campaign they ran and over the racism that Stefano committed.

Now the attempt that was made by the D&G folks to save their tarnished reputation was that, they came up with a video to apologize with their Chinese market. The video features Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana apologizing to the Chinese people for a good one minute and that too only in Mandarin. The video surfaced over the social media, with a Mandarin caption for ‘sorry’.

Such campaigns, such advertisements and such comments should never be made by any brand, especially if they know they are being followed by hundreds and thousands of followers. D&G despite one the leaders in their field, surely did a very upsetting thing which deserved just the right backlash it deserved. Sadly, commenting on other people’s race, culture and ethnicity has become a thing now and people who belong to a prominent background are the ones who are doing this the most. Hopefully, D&G will not commit such a thing again, because the brand must realize that everybody in this world love the country they belong to, and they would never ever tolerate being humiliated, over selling a bunch of clothes. Learn to respect.


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