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Amazing Health Benefits of Guava and Guava Leaves

Guava is a delicious and healthy choice for many people as this fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients and helps address a number of health conditions in a way that will make you opt for guava as first food whenever you go for grocery. Guava is the richest source of vitamin C, it has the highest concentration of vitamin C which is beneficial in many ways. It is packed with potassium, fiber and antioxidants that are considered true friends and make guava a fruit with unmatchable benefits.

Health benefits of guava fruit and guava leaves:

There are numerous benefits of health linked to the consumption of guava fruits and its leaves. Knowledge of these health benefits will make guava cover a large portion in your plate. 

Healthy choice for heart:

Guava helps to balance electrolytes in the body so regulates blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Moreover, extract of guava leaves is strongly linked to lowering blood pressure causing a rise in good cholesterol (HDL) and decline in bad cholesterol (LDL). 

Relieves constipation:

High content of fiber in guava makes it a healthy and ideal fruit among others for good digestive health. Guava works as a laxative and helps to make bowel movement smooth which eventually proves beneficial in treating constipation.

Fight against cancers:

The antioxidant properties of guava help in lowering the risk of developing certain cancers. The high availability of lycopene in guava reduces the risk of prostate cancer and also helps in inhibiting growth of breast cancer cells.

Beneficial in weight loss:

This deliciously amazing fruit has lower calories and is a source of healthy nutrients which  provide health benefits along with making you feel full because of the highest concentration of fiber in guava.

Helpful in diabetes:

The sufficient amount of fiber and low glycemic index of guava helps in regulating blood sugar levels. In a study, it is revealed that consuming tea of guava leaf reduces blood sugar level after eating food and this effect may last up to two hours.

Extract of guava leaves improves insulin resistance and blood sugar levels.

Useful for pregnant women:

Guava is a good source of folic acid that is highly recommended in pregnancy as folic acid is useful in the development of the nervous system in infants and also provides safety to the newborn from neurological disorders.

Protects from infections:

Vitamin C is enormously present in guava making it a good choice when it comes to strengthening the immune system and fighting against pathogens that might cause infections.

Has anti-aging properties:

The vitamin C, vitamin A and lycopene content in guava make it a skin friendly food that reduces wrinkles and fine lines visibility and makes skin look radiant and younger. Daily consumption of guava helps in getting enough vitamin C and prolongs the youthful skin.

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