Wonderful Health Benefits of Orange & Orange Peel You Would Wish to Know

This citrus, pulpy and sweet fruit contains a lot of health benefits and is popular all around the World. Orange is a low caloric, highly nutritious fruit blessed with vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, folate and thiamine. Orange is considered a favorite fruit but its health benefits will leave you surprised. 

Health benefits of orange:

Boosts immunity

Orange is a rich source of vitamin C which is crucial in strengthening the immune system making it strong to fight against infections.

Has high water content

This juicy fruit has high water content which is needed for processes that occur in the body and it boosts metabolism, enhances functioning of organs, helps in excreting wastes, improves circulation and optimizes physical and mental energy. 

Absorbs iron

Orange has a high concentration of vitamin C which is required for the absorption of iron in the body. With this property to absorb iron, oranges can be helpful in treating anemia.

Controls blood pressure

Orange is loaded with fiber and has no sodium which is beneficial in controlling blood pressure and maintaining heart health.

Enhances beauty

Orange contains vitamin C and antioxidants that are amazing in providing benefits to skin, vitamin C is an important factor in the production of collagen which is vital in improving the skin, providing elasticity and strengthening the skin. Antioxidants are fighters against free radicals and slow down the process of aging keeping skin youthful. Eating oranges daily can help to get a glowing, radiant and young skin.

Relieves constipation

High fiber content in orange is useful in relieving constipation, as fiber adds bulk to stool and makes bowel movement smooth.

Amazing benefits of orange peel

Not only orange is beneficial but its peel also has incredible benefits; some of them are given below:

Orange peel can be ground and powdered to get amazing skin benefits. It may remove sun tan, lighten the skin, fight against dark spots and fill the scars. Removes wrinkles, fine lines and helps in achieving a youthful skin. Brings back the lost glow of skin, makes skin radiant and rejuvenating. Powdered orange peel and yogurt mask can unclog pores and make skin smooth and glowing.

How to consume orange?

People usually tend to make orange juice but it is generally recommended to consume it as such because it will provide you all the fibers as well that are equally beneficial instead of drinking juice which only provides sugars in the fruit. 

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