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Avoid These 7 Mistakes For Better Health And Fitness

Better health is what almost every single one of us strives for. Being on track of a better diet, working out on a regular basis and maintaining a better fitness routine surely do sound like a few difficult things to accomplish. However, with just the right guidance, a whole lot of determination and tons of hard work everyone can attain the level of perfect health and fitness.

There are many who are already embarked on a route towards a healthier and fitter self, but little do they know? This particular thing has its cons just as much as it has its pros. In this article, we are going to shed some light on to the common mistakes people end up making while being on a health and fitness maintaining regime. So let’s begin:

Not Getting Proper Sleep:

After a long hectic day, all that a body wants is a good night’s sleep and nothing else. During the sleep is when our body is doing the actual work that it’s supposed to be doing, and causing distraction for our sleep is nevertheless a big crime.

Getting proper and enough sleep is sometimes everything that a body wants. But sadly, due to the increased daily stresses and distractions, the one thing that is being affected the most is sleep. One should always learn to make ‘getting enough and proper sleep’ the utmost priority, in order to lead a healthier, happier and a stress free life.

When the sleeping pattern has become better, you will notice a boost in your everyday performance. Your stomach would seem to be working better than ever, your brain would work smarter and quicker, your mood would become happier and more cheerful. In a nutshell, your life depends on getting a good night’s sleep and if you’ll do justice to it then be ready to have a healthier and happier life.

Depending Too Much And Unnecessarily On Supplements:

People who become fitness junkies, they begin having this perception that now their life depends on supplements and they can only maintain a healthier body when they are ingesting these supplements. Now, this is where they are completely wrong. Supplements are just a fancy name for ‘throwing away money on nothing’ and those get sucked into this, surely do realize this after spending a good amount of money.

It suffices to say, all these supplements are nothing but a piece of junk. You can very easily get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and so much more by just fixing your diet. Rely on fruits, grains, vegetables and healthier meats, because the nutrients that you’ll get from these is what that will store in your body and won’t wash out.

However, there are a few cases where taking supplements is recommended by the physicians. So what you can do is, you can find out the good quality supplements and incorporate them into your diet.

Ignoring Your Body’s Needs :

We have a habit of working our bodies too much. We often overlook our body’s need of taking a break because we associate it with laziness. However, this is not the case. Working frequently and working too much causes our body to slow down by itself and it begins slowing down.
You feel your body getting too tired and exhausted. As soon as you get this feeling, just put a halt to everything that you are doing.

In other situations, your body might need more food, even though you’ve just had your food. Don’t mix this with fatness because maybe that is what your body is asking for today – more food. Long story short, just realize your body’s needs.

Don’t make it feel like it belongs to a strict gym teacher. Instead, take naps when your body is tired, eat something whenever it’s asking for some, go bungee jumping because it wants some fun – in a nutshell, do what your body wants and never feel bad about it.
Create a habit where you listen to your body’s needs more than you listen to the people around you. Realize that they won’t be around for a long time, but it’s your body that will remain with you till the end. So start listening to it today.

Not Incorporating Organic Foods Into Your Diet, At All:

Processed foods, take-outs, all these food sure do provide us a great deal of ease that we simply can’t ignore in the times of hectic routines. In all of this hectic mayhem, if we squeeze in a bit of time to get some organic ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then we’ll actually be doing ourselves a major favor.

Getting organic eggs, flour, milk, and chicken can do a great deal of favor to your body. The reason behind this is inorganic eggs, chicken and milk have hormones and additives in them, which are massively deteriorating to the health. Therefore, incorporating the right food which is organic and pure, is all that you’ll ever need to keep your body at the best of its health and fitness.

Not Providing Your Body With Enough Exercise:

These days a trip to the gym feels like as exhausting as a hiking trip to most people. You’re probably thinking of going to the gym and making a routine right now but it won’t be long before that fleeting feeling of lazily internet browsing and lounging kicks back in. Most people have seized to realize that exercise is mandatory for even the most basic functions of the body to go smoothly.

Our body’s entire motor control system is unlike a factory consisting of various machines and conveyor belts. Keep the factory running, none of the machines will face failure. Shut down the factory for even a little while, the machines rust or become dysfunctional when they are needed.

Exercise doesn’t have to mean going ‘Rocky Balboa’ every morning at 5:45 am, the most basic exercise that you should incorporate in your routine can be a 30 min jog before work or at sunset. Once your body gets used to the exercise you will begin to experience a multitude visible and invisible effects; better stamina, healthier digestion and lack of laziness are some of the visible changes.

Moreover, exercising is vital for the autonomous functions of the body like new cell generation, developing immunity and cycling energy input so that it isn’t stored as fats.

Relying On Tough Diets Too Much

We’ve all heard that you cannot achieve the perfect physique without the perfect diet. But saying that the diet alone can turn you into Chris Helms worth: God of Thunder is like still believing in the tooth fairy when you are 25. A diet actually means keeping a check on your daily calorie input; if you look at it from this perspective you realize that it can be different for every single person.

Apart from that, diet means only keeping check of the input, in order to alter your physique for the better there has to be a healthy output of calories as well via exercise. You can reduce your calorie input to the bare minimum via dieting, but if you don’t burn that input you won’t feel or look any fitter than before.

This essentially means that you don’t necessarily have to go on a sad, salad only diet to have the ideal fitness, just keep an eye on what you put into your body and make sure you burn all the extra calories so that they don’t get stored in your body. So next time while making a diet-plan for yourself, make sure to remember that alone is never enough.

Going Too Hard On Yourself

When it comes to maintaining your health and fitness to a level that you consider a goal, always remember to keep a light hand on yourself and never ever going too hard. People while maintaining a healthy routine, often go a bit too overboard and end up doing extreme of everything.

Surely, by opting for this extreme route you can land on visible results related to your body and health, but these results have a con of disappearing just as quickly as they appeared. Is that what you wanted? No, right? So why opting for that when you can just go slow and achieve better, long lasting results, by going not too hard on yourself.

In A Nutshell

Health and fitness is best maintained when things are done in moderation. People who go too extreme, too quickly end up suffering because they do everything at once. In order to avoid making common health and fitness related mistakes, start off by consulting to your physician.

Know what type of body you have and find out the allergens that you can’t incorporate into your diet while maintaining a health regime. List down how you want to begin and what things you want to do immediately and do one thing at a time.

Remember, it is your body you are taking care of and going too hard on yourself can leave you with nothing but a deteriorated self and nothing else. So take care and do what’s best for you, your body, health, mind and overall fitness.

Disclaimer: All information is provided here only for general health education. Please consult your health physician regarding any treatment of health issues.


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