Hair Loss Causes in Men – Hair fall Remedies and Treatments

Hair fall is a stressful issue that affects both genders. To find the best treatment, it is important to develop an understanding of the top causes of hair loss. The following discussion explains what causes hair fall in men. There are different reasons each one of which can be dealt with through various remedies and treatments.

Stress-Related Hair Loss

The loss of hair can be caused by extreme stress. Men can face anxiety owing to different reasons; for instance, a stressful job, failures in life or other trying situations. However, sudden emotional trauma is what leads to sudden loss of hair. Such traumatic situations can be caused due to various reasons, such as the death of a dear one.

Hair fall due to stress leads to a condition known as telogen effluvium in scientific terms. The hair stops growing, becomes weak, and eventually starts falling out. Prolonged conditions can lead to balding. However, once men recover from stress, the health of their hair can be restored.

Lack of Nutrients for Hair

A poor diet is also what causes hair fall in men.  Certain nutrients are extremely important for the health of hair. At the top of the list are the following nutrients.

In case any one or more of these substances are missing from the daily diet, the health of the hair suffers. To deal with this problem, men should turn to foods that are high in hair-friendly nutrients. Multi-vitamin supplements can also be helpful. Alternatively, the following food items should be incorporated into your daily meals.

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Inherited Hair Loss

Most men suffer from the loss of hair owing to a genetic condition known as pattern baldness. It leads to a receding hairline which eventually develops into a bald patch. The patch keeps growing and partial or total baldness occurs with the passing age. The hair loss gene is passed down from one generation to another – from father to sons and from maternal grandfather to grandsons. Natural remedies for hair fall will not work in this case. Instead, hair transplants or cosmetic surgery can be considered as a solution to this problem.

Fungal Infections

If you have no family history of pattern baldness, consume a balanced diet, and experience no stress-related hair loss, the reason behind your hair fall may be due to a fungal infection. It can be considered similar to an athlete’s foot. The infection activates the natural immune system of the body. The fight between your white blood cells and the fungus can lead to damage to the hair follicles. As a result, the roots of the hair become weak leading to the loss of hair.

As a remedy, you can turn to anti-fungal shampoo which is available over the counter. On the other hand, you can also seek your doctor to prescribe a potent anti-fungal medication to deal with this issue more effectively.

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