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Some Important Foods According To Your Blood Group

“Dr Peter D’ Adamo” a leading nervous disorder, says: “Humans should choose their diet according to their blood group; Individual diet is very useful for staying healthy and gaining ideal weight.

According to Dr. Peter, “The importance and individuality of the blood group can be easily gauged by the fact that there are certain foods that are beneficial for people with a particular blood group, while others are harmful to certain blood groups.

Even exercise has a deep connection with your blood group or your blood group can cause illness for you. Dr. Peter explained these effects in his book, but his main purpose was to analyze the use and quantity of food according to the blood group.

Basically There Are 4 Types of Blood Groups

1. Blood Group A

A thousand years ago, when man was developing in the field of agriculture, the blood group A had changed forever. And now it is appropriate for all those who have blood group A to maximize the use of vegetables – people commonly called “The Agrarians.

blood group A foods

2. Blood Group O

This blood group is more than 30,000 years old and is one of the oldest blood groups in the world – people with such blood groups require more protein-rich diets than other blood groups – people with blood group O are called “hunters”.

blood group O foods

3. Blood Group B

Blood Group B is called “the nomads” because they can make themselves addicted to dairy products such as milking – this blood group was discovered 10,000 years ago.

blood group B foods

4. Blood Type A-B

This is a new blood group, so the blood group is between blood group A and B – the blood type is only 1,000 years old and the people in this group are called “enigmas”.

blood group AB foods

Foods Recommended By the Blood Group:

1. Blood Group A Foods

Digestive food: People in this blood group eat rather than pasta and double bread, and the people in this blood group can eat beer and apple comfortably – eating gravy and soy.

Not digestible food: Some kind of meat should be avoided even from the stuff made of lobe and milk.

2. Blood Group O Foods

Digestive food: Seafood, red meat, chicken and other protein rich foods can be eaten – as far as vegetables are concerned, it can be eaten with spinach and vegetables.

Not digestible food: Fruits, peanuts, milk and milk, and cereals, and so on.

3. Blood Group B Foods

Digestive food:  Green vegetables, fruits, cereals, fruits, fruits, red meat and fish.
Not digestible Food: All kinds of seeds, peanuts, chicken, and corn.

4. Blood Group A-B Foods

Digestive food: Tofu, Turki, Seafood, Vegetables, Fruits, apple and banana are also a good choice.

Not digestible Food: Corn red meat (this may cause stomach pain) – also avoid ingesting caffeine in excess of the amount of caffeine you need to avoid.

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