Beautiful Islamic Quotes To Enlighten Your Mind and Soul

We are all deviating from our path towards the path of destruction and we must do something before we permanently lose ourselves. 1400 years ago, Islam gave us a guide and it was up to us to maintain on that path to refrain from misguidance, destruction, and evil. However, it is really God with Whose, mercy, and generosity can the lost souls be guided.

There is no doubt that regardless of how lost a soul is and how late it seems to have passed, every time someone turns to God, they find peace and divinity, alongside the true meaning of their lives. Beautiful Islamic Quotes are an extensive collection of Quran verses quotes, Hadith of Beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and Sayings of wise people of the Muslim world.

How Can Someone Seek Guidance?

For everyone in this universe, the answer and true guidance lie within the Holy Quran. are packed with learning and astuteness. Not long after the times of its disclosure individuals have been attempting to translate the importance of its sections and the stanzas that are open, though of another elucidation each time they are considered. Hence, one can discover and break down in the beautiful Islamic Quotes the stanzas of the Quran from different viewpoints.

Where perusing the Quran Karim brings remunerate and in addition a code of law for a Muslim relating to understanding life and improving it, the refrains of Quran likewise get motivation for a Muslim distinctive respects and under various circumstances. Regardless of whatever a Muslim is looking at throughout everyday life, he or she can without much of a stretch turn towards the Quran to discover motivation and inspiration to traverse the conditions and improve life.

Change Your Life With Islamic Quotes And Redirect Yourself Towards The Path Of Enlightenment

For the entire universe, the Holy Quran has always been a book of pure guidance for people from all walks of life. Beautiful Islamic Quotes are the principles for life, touch the hearts of human and guide towards the right path not only in this world but also hereafter. Nowhere else can everyone find warnings, promises, knowledge, wisdom and so much more, since the day the Quran was revealed, it has been pure guidance and hope for Muslims.

Muslims have a firm belief that all these blessed books are uncovered by God to different Prophets all through mankind’s history. Every one of these books showed the code and laws that God appointed for those individuals. Muslims trust the Quran to be the last disclosure of God’s Word to Humankind, and a finish and affirmation of past books.

What Does The Quran Say About Enlightenment?

Most of us surely go through a phase in life where everything seems like it’s going to collapse or end. During these times, it is absolutely crucial to find what Islam is all about and what specifically about being in a depression, it says. Sometimes in the time of stress, when everybody of us sees murkiness all around and we believe that there is no light that could direct us or give us trust.

In such a circumstance we have a tendency to get frantic and in this fractiousness attempt activities that we lament. In such a manner, the best wellspring of edification that a Muslim has unprecedented access to is the Holy Quran. In order to restore peace to life, a Muslim must find his way back to the embrace of the Holy Quran, as it is a source of enlightenment, peace, hope, happiness, and wisdom.

Regarding such distressing situations, the beautiful Islamic Quote is in the Quran, it says:


“There has come to you enlightenment from your Lord. So whoever will see does so for (the benefit of) his soul, and whoever is blind (does harm) against it.

And (say),

“I am not a guardian over you.” (6:104)

With this verse from the Quran, it is evident that during the time of depression, gloominess and stress, a Muslim should never lose hope in life and always seek what’s better by returning back towards the path of the Holy Quran in the light of the above mentioned beautiful Islamic Quote, which is truly the path of pure success and guidance.

What Does The Quran Say About Feeling Lonely And Shattered?

Most of us feel lonely at times. In many situations, it feels as though as there is nothing that can help us and we are only sinking deeper and deeper into the quicksand. To battle such situations, there is nothing better and more soothing than returning back to Allah and bowing down to His greatness.

Of course, in many situations, people can leave us on our own, especially in the time when we need them the most, however, if we seek Allah’s help and guidance we would realize that we never needed those people in our lives anyway. Regarding such situations where one feels lonely, depressed, and shattered, the Holy Quran says.

Allah is with you

“……He is with you wherever you are. And Allah, of what you do is Seeing.” (57:4)

With this verse, we have learned that saying or believing that we are lonely will only add to our heartbreak. Having a firm belief in the fact that God is with us, everywhere we go and everywhere we be, will only allow us to be less afraid of what life throws at us and even stronger to face whatever that comes our way, because knowing that we are not alone is all that we would ever need to get back up, and start again.

What Does The Quran Say About Getting Favors?

Asking people for favors at the time of need can sometimes fill us with a sense that we can get whatever we want, however, we want. In the Holy Quran, we come across the fact that everything that comes our way, is from Allah. Even when we ask someone for a favor, that too is from Allah Himself, as nothing is in our hands and it can never be. In the Quran, Allah says,

favors of your Lord will you deny

“Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?” (55:13)

During the times when a Muslim acknowledges and examines his general surroundings, at that point, they verifiable achieve the end that whatever is available in this world is a gift of Allah that He has given to people. Additionally, these favors are uncountable and the more Muslims see this world the more they understand that life is loaded with gifts.

There is the air we take in, the various types of nourishment we eat, the diverse climates that are there, the glades, the mountains, the oceans, the planes. Thusly, every one of the Muslims needs to do with the end goal to discover motivation is to simply glance around and see the endless gifts that He has given to people. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial for a Muslim to acknowledge

What Does Islam Say About Feeling Abandoned And Left Out?

In our lives, there are some desperate times when we feel as if all the people that we know have left us behind alone and there is nothing we can do now. In such circumstances where a person starts believing that his lord has abandoned him because his prayers are not being answered and his Lord has left him to face such troubles and issues alone. This is the time when a Muslim requires motivation the most. When confronting such circumstances a Muslim must recall the accompanying section of the Quran for motivation and inspiration. Allah says:

Your Lord has not taken leave of you

“Your Lord has not taken leave of you, (O Muhammad), nor has He detested (you).” (93:3)

Regardless of how bad or depressing the situation may seem to be, no matter how far things may seem from being fixed and at one place, a Muslim should never have a leap in faith especially when the holy Quran is there and when the prayers are there. For a Muslim, it is absolutely crucial to always remember that Allah SWT is around and Will always responds upon being called. During the situations of complete darkness, a Muslim must never let go of patience, for it really the patience that will take him to a higher level in front of his Lord’s eyes.

What Does Quran Say For When You’re Doubtful Of Something?

Having a doubt about something is something that we’ve all faced in certain situations. The uncertainty, the constant anxiety of knowing if you’re right or wrong; it sure is aggravating especially when you have a lot of other things at hand. Making prompt decisions by leaving the matter into Allah’s hands can cause us all to be in better situations without having to go spend countless hours contemplating whether we are right or wrong. To overcome such situations, the Quran says:

let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us

“(Who say), “Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us and grant us from Yourself mercy. Indeed, You are the Bestower.” (3:8)

Therefore, embarking on the path of right after making a decision is something that a Muslim ought to make progress toward. And most importantly, when one, achieves the Truth, at that point the adventure does not end, rather starting there forward a Muslim needs to implore Allah for faithfulness in reality. A Muslim must approach Allah for faithfulness on the way of honorableness as the enticements are numerous and it is difficult to oppose them without the assistance of Allah.

Thus, at whatever point a Muslim feels that the difficulties and doubts are only expanding and there is a requirement for motivation to oppose them, he or she should turn towards Allah and look for endurance. We must never forget that as Muslims we are the ones to never doubt ourselves or our abilities because we’ve been created by our Lord, Who has made us the strongest.

What Does The Quran Say For When Someone Is Proud?

Pride is something that is not quite liked and favored in our religion. People who see their loved ones falling into the hands of pride should immediately take measures to take them out of it. The odds of falling into the uncanny clenches of pride and egotism increment when a man has accomplished something throughout everyday life.

Besides, the possibility of being egoistic of something additionally increases when one has strolled on the way of exemplary nature for some time and after that begins thinking about others as miscreants or inferiors. This enticement is difficult to oppose and at whatever point such an allurement happens to a Muslim, he or she should turn towards the accompanying refrain of the Quran as a method for motivation to oppose and loathe such an idea. In the Quran, Allah says:

he is most knowing who fears him

“….So do not claim yourselves to be pure; He is most knowing of who fears Him.” (53:32)

Therefore, whenever a situation arises when a Muslim feels like he or she is becoming egoistic, then he/she must immediately and dependably turn towards this ayah of the Quran as a method for opposing pride that emerges out of the complex of viewing oneself as better than others appropriate to nobility.

What Does Quran Say For When Someone Is Sick Or Unwell?

Wellness or sickness is all in the hands of Almighty and Almighty alone. Some people get disheartened even when they get flu or a little cough, and then they start thinking that the Almighty is disappointed at them. Sickness is maybe a thing that stands out amongst the most repeating things throughout everyday life and it is very regular. In any case, a few times the force of sickness or its season gets past the tolerance that a man has and begins getting disappointed once again with the medicine and all the treatment not working. At the point when a Muslim is in such a circumstance relating to sickness, he or she needs to recall the ayah of the Quran that sheds light on situations when a person is sick:

I am ill, it is He who cures me

“And when I am ill, it is He who cures me.” (26:80)

Therefore, in situations of sickness and weariness, a Muslim should without a doubt utilize prescription as a method to heal himself. Sickness surely does come but the Quran and Allah’s dhikr has a cure for everything, even a withering flower. In the Holy Quran can all the Muslims find a prescription to every ailment and every problem, therefore, Muslims should really turn to it and find out more about healing themselves through the Ayahs. In many situations, if we do have a doubt (which we shouldn’t) then we must look for examples from our daily lives regarding the healing and cure from the Holy Quran because instead of running after expensive medication we can very easily find a cure in the holy Quran.

What Does Quran Say About When Feeling Scared And Lonely?

Many people complain that they are alone and because of this certain feeling, they end up making the rashest decisions, which sometimes costs them their lives, and sometimes it causes them to be the center of everyone’s mockery. To overcome situations where you feel lonely and terrified, opening the holy Quran and seeking Allah’s guidance can provide a great deal of help. To feel lonely amidst a crowd of people is normal, but how you overcome it and what measures you take to make it out of such situations is what really determines your win. In the holy Quran, regarding the feeling of loneliness, Allah SWT says:

“…..He is with you wherever you are. And Allah, of what you do is Seeing.” (57:4)

Holy Quran, the Hadith, everything is evidence of the fact that a Muslim in actuality is never alone. Regardless of how separated and forlorn a man might seem from this temporary world, there is one individual who will dependably stay with a Muslim and that is Allah Almighty. At whatever point a Muslim is separated from everyone else he or she should recall forget that Allah is dependably there and He will be with a Muslim at whatever point each other connection of the world abandons him or her.

To make it straight to the point we can put it all plainly that the Holy Quran is the best wellspring of motivation and inspiration that a Muslim can turn towards in the midst of need. Each stanza of it has its significance relating to various circumstances throughout everyday life, thus, when a Muslim gets a handle on down and, he or she should turn towards Quran for motivation, inspiration, and direction.

In A Nutshell

The holy Quran and prayers have an answer to every problem that we Muslims come across or will ever come across. Instead of frowning over our problems, we must turn to these Islamic quotes, because only these can we find a true and more well-balanced way of life.


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