How to teach your kids about Islam

As a Muslim, we follow the orders of Allah SWT i.e the teachings of Quran and the Sunnah’s of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It is our belief that true success in this world and the hereafter can only be achieved by following these two ways. 

Therefore, it is very important for us as Muslims to introduce Islamic teachings and ways to our children from an early age, according to their understanding so that they can develop a connection with Allah Almighty and will find it easier to practice Islam in their daily lives.

It is the family who teaches the child about the right and wrong things. Children have a very strong ability to learn and observe things around them. 

Therefore, it is important to teach them about Islamic morals and values so that they can develop good habits. The habits developed by children in early stages help to make them a better and practicing Muslim. 

6 Ways to teach Islam to kids:

Children should be educated about Islam gradually through different activities and actions, so that learning new things can be interesting for them and they don’t feel burdened. 

Here are some ideas which can help you educate your kids about their religion:

1- Leading them by example:

As they say: ‘Practice what you preach’. So, it is important for the parents to create a Islam friendly environment at home and follow the instructions of Islam i.e Say their daily prayers, recite the Holy Quraan, do their Azkaar and do all these things in front of children so that they can see and imitate. Children might not follow everything perfectly but they should be taught gradually about the right practices. 

The father or any elder man can take young boys to a Mosque. The environment of the mosque will make them learn a lot of new things. 

Listening to the Imam recite Quran loudly will soften the hearts of children and will be easy for them to recite it themselves. If they go to a mosque regularly, they will develop an affection for it, and it will become their habit to pray in a mosque. 

2- Enrolling in Islamic courses for kids:

Most kids find learning and listening boring. To grab children’ s attention, they can be enrolled in some engaging Islamic classes for kids, which gives them a chance to participate in the Islamic discussion and ask questions. 

This will spark their interest and they will be eager to learn more. Such a formal setup can also be helpful to kids for learning apart from the learning and practices at home.   

3- Making them practice Sunnahs:

The way Prophet Muhammad PBUH spent his life in the best possible way, his life is an example for us to follow. 

As we teach different new things to our kids, we should teach them according to the Sunnah. 

For example, we can tell them to recite Bismillah before eating and drinking, we should teach them words like Ma sha Allah, In sha Allah and JazakAllah instead of Wow, I will and thank you etc. And should keep reminding them every time so that they can develop a habit of doing all their chores according to Sunnah. 

When we ourselves will follow the steps of our beloved Prophet, our kids will also learn and adapt the same. 

4- Narrating them the interesting stories of Prophets:

Children love to listen to stories. So, it is best to tell them the stories of Prophets of Allah and the companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. 

This will help kids to learn about Islam and the pious people in a fun way. It will also motivate kids to become like those people. Like nowadays children watch and hear the stories of superheroes and are inspired by them, similarly if we keep telling them the stories about the courage, piousness and intelligence of the Prophet and his companions, the kids will be inspired by them. 

5- Showing Islamic cartoons and poems:

Kids are very attached to gadgets and learn a lot from them, showing them Islamic cartoons and poems can be really beneficial in building their knowledge about Islam. Colorful pictures and songs attract young children very much and they pick up things quickly from them as compared to other means. 

6- Engaging kids in Islamic activities:

Different fun filled activities of interest can help children learn about Islam with great interest. Islamic plays can be a great idea to make teaching Islam fun and easy to learn and practice. 

For example: Quiz about the Prophet or Quran can be a great learning game. Riddles and puzzles can also be designed and played. 

Worksheets with Islamic themes can be designed for kids according to their ages. 

As coloring activities are very much liked by young children, sheets can be printed with Allah’s names to be colored. 

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