Who Was Hazrat Peer Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani?

Abdul Qadir Gilani is the reason behind millions of people who reverted to Islam and became Muslims. He was born in the historic village of Al mad’ain , Gilan Iraq, and was also known as the ‘Muhiuddin’ which means the Reviver of Islam.

His followers know him as ‘Ghous Azam’ since he was very much connected to Allah and served his whole life in spreading the true word of Islam.

He started his education at the age of 18 and later began his career as a teacher. In his initial phase of careerm, he taught Tafsir & Hadith to his students with an aim to make them understand the value of Islam, the importance of deen, knowledge of the holy book, and worth of our temporary life.

It is said that Ghous pak converted his strength of knowledge into Sufism to practice Islam in a more concise way, and that became his power in the later years.

Ghous e Azam Books and Knowledge:

Syeduna Ghous-e-Azam wrote a lot of books; Out of them, some books became very famous among Muslims, and non-muslims as well which includes historic events and miracles like ‘’Karamaat of Abdul Qadir Gilani’. Some of the renowned books collection of Abdul Qadir Gilani includes:

  1. Revelations of the unseen 1166
  2. The secret of secrets
  3. Jila’al Khatir
  4. Fifteen Letters (Khamsata Ashara Maktuban)
  5. The endowment of the divine Grace & the spread of divine mercy ad so many…

Hierarchy of the books and why we should read it?
All the books of Ghous Paak cover the hierarchy of the sacred law & the change; the book highlights the traits of today’s muslims who are busy in their lives and too much in the worldly pleasures, and have forgotten their culture, tradition and methodologies of Sufism & Spirituality. He believes this to be the reason for our decline.

He was born as an ordinary kid, raised in a syed family, coordinated with ALLAH SUBHAN TALAH directly through his prayers, Karamaat; Miracles, Ilm, and later became an example of a true muslim who taught us the beautiful meaning of life and the way to make god happy.

What is Gyareweeh Shareef ?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I have heard and that is because most of the people have no clue about it.

Gyarweeh Shareef comes in the month of Rabi u’thaani or thani or Saani right after Rabi’ul Awal according to the Islamic calendar, and is marked on the 11th day of the month.

On this day Muslims gather together and recite Quran-e-Pak and do Zikr’e Allah (Remembrance of ALLAH Subhan’talah) and send rewards to Hazrat Peer Ghous e Azam; May Allah be pleased with him) by distributing food among poor, milaad shareef as the significance, send love & prayers through recitation of Quran Paak, commonly we call it Isaal’e sawaab as well. Said to be proven from Sunnah & Quran Paak.

A process to send spiritual reward to loved ones or Wali’Allah (Sufis, Friend of Allah), Allah says:

“And those who came after them submit, O our Lord! Forgive us and our brothers who preceded us in the faith” (Al-Hashr:10)

It means that the prayer is valid & important for the forgiveness of our loved ones, a source or a form of application to request Allah for others.

In the Akhbar-ul-akhyar Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Haq narrated that early Muslims did celebrate the Urs of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani Syeddena Ghous e Azam and Sheikh Amanullah Paani Pat (May Allah be well pleased with him) also used to celebrate it on eleventh of the month of Rabi-u-thaani because He was the scholar of Hind and everyone knew his prominent power for religion. No doubts about that.

Also in Malfoozaat-e-azeezi, Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaditith Dehalvi( May the mercy be upon him) stated that;

“All the kings and leading personalities would gather and it was their duty to visit at the blessed Shrine (Roza) of Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam (may Allah be pleased with him) and would recite Quran & Naat from Aser to Maghrib and read Qasaid in praise of Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam (may Allah be pleased with him). After Maghrib prayer the keeper of the Mazar; the Shrine would lead the ziker, ziker; a form of devotion for someone, sitting among Ghous Paak’s Mureed; the one who seeks and the visitors where it is pretty famous that some people experience the state of Wajd (deep spiritual emotions) during ziker, this is the state where one forgets everyone and Ziker becomes haul over on him/her, Niaz (Langar) would be as usual distributed. Then people would pray Isha prayer and leave.”

What is URS?

This word confuses people whether it is used for death or birth, well URS is celebrated on death anniversary it is said that all the spiritual personalities with thousands of Karamaat never dies, they only opt the parda; curtain from the eyes of the world & listens everyone’s prayer when people gather at their graves & seek.

Meaning Of Ghous-e-Azam; the one who can fulfill the need of the people. Let me clarify it a bit. Allah is the real fulfiller and all the power is with him but He has given some authorities to his Awliya karam; the friend of Allah and made them a way through which He listens and on the request of Awliya karam he accepts and grants the blessings to his people. In the word of Sufi terminology, ghous pak is used for the one who has the highest ranks in Wilayat; power.

Where is the shrine of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani Syeddena Ghous-e-Azam?

His shrine is also in his Madrasa where He used to preach people & changed many lives, Located in Babul-sheikh, side of East of Tigris in Baghdad, Iran. It is said that He was died or opt Parda on the 11th of February at the age of ninety-one years; 91 years according to the Islamic calendar.


A virtuous deed to send rewards & seek for forgiveness, although it has to be there for 365 days. 5 time prayers in a day, recitation of Quran Pak, understanding the translation, knowledge of Tahajjud, know its actual worth, preaching kids & students about its pros, benefits & blessings but unfortunately in a busy life, we wait for the holy day to come so we could gather, meet, seek & practice our Beautiful & peaceful religion. Unfortunately.

All the Khulfa Rashedeen, Sahab Karaam, Ulama, Alim, Teachers, Peer, Jangidost ( friend of God), Preachers, Islamic books teach us to stay consistent with our beliefs & faith but in a world full of documentaries, scientific researches, surveys, terrirosm, physical abuse, forced marriages, slaughtering daughters rather than slaughtering animals as Sadqa e jariya, judging others, depression & stress, punishment to innocents, media power, religiously fake faiths, fake preachers to misguide muslims, not ready to offer prayer 5 times a day, not ready to face Allah on the day of judgment, not ready to remember all the Sufis and their reponisibilies, not ready to face the truth, we have been lost!

What We Learn from Ghouse Pak life?

It teaches us to stay patient, to practice & experiment information according to the Islamic studies. We should be more focused on hadith & Sunnah rather than on fake preachers. We are our own teacher, and in the end, we have to answer of all the deeds that we have done here in life, we should also question this to ourselves that what we are doing? What are the consequences? What are the pros & cons? Are we good? And not only this but we also need to remember Our Last and beloved Prophet (Maby peace be upon him) last Khuttba Hajjatul Widah; an emotional & spiritual phase.

He cried for his Ummah, and seek forgiveness for his Ummah. We should always remember this, we should keep his lifestyle in our mind to sustain what we always desire for. Simplicity; this is what our Sufis advised us in every step, Peace; to create between two people, the ultimate guide for brotherhood, trust, and development of the prominent personality is indeed a blessing from Allah but do we actually follow it? Maybe yes or maybe no.

A lot of people I have seen trying to change the fake ideologies that majority of the people carrying it for years & ruling on their communities while not even ready to bring the change but our society would only change if we change ourselves first. This is how revolution works.

May Allah guide us on the right path & make us able to learn from Our beloved prophet (PBUH) teachings. Also bless us with the knowledge that He is the only fulfiller and all the Sufis, Awliyaas are his Friends and an example for all of us. Ameen.

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