Significance & importance of 12 Rabi ul Awal

There is something that truly connects directly to your heart, when the atmosphere changes, weather changes & so the fragrance all over the sky. When the sky changes its color and a cold breeze touches your not only skin but your soul.

Well, this is happening with me right now; my favorite Islamic Holy Month has just started. To those who didn’t know about it let me clarify a bit. It is a month that interacts with you emotionally, engages you with all good terms & connects you more with Allah Subhana Wa Tala & his last messenger Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W).

This is the month when our beloved Holy prophet P.B.U.H was born. 12 Rabi ul Awal is the beginning of spring. That cherish you, makes you happy inside & outside.

I can write a lot of things about this. I was born in an area where people are really active when it comes to Rabi ul Awal. We put lights, decorate streets, wear white shalwar kameez, Organize Milad un Nabi, you may see every house is covered with fairy lights here.  I’ve discussed this tradition in the end. 

12 rabi ul awwal eid milad un nabi

I am so fond of these little gestures since my childhood but now things have changed. We are leaving this area very soon, I might not be able to see these fairy-decorated streets again. I might not be able to admire every bit of this month. I might not be able to go to my rooftop & adore the whole view of my area. Pretty emotional, right?

But it always the part of our duty to make ourselves much better than before, every month which comes in our way brings a special message. Our Prophet P.B.U.H was full of dignity, held no hate nor grudges. Forgave everyone who hurt him, faced his haters with his beautiful smile. He was the Man of his own beauty. He, every night prayed for his Ummah. Ummah; that believes in One God. He cried & asked Allah to forgive his Ummah, where Ummah is busy in politics, in sins, in full of hate towards each other not a majority but some of them.

His life teaches us to love, to set an example for coming generations, to show gratitude towards everyone and not only Muslims. In Islam Humanity is first and then the rest.

He is the source behind all the communication that directly comes from Allah. He delivered each & every ayah with love & His actions. On this third month of 12 Rabi ul Awal, we celebrate it by reciting Durood; to send our salaam & Allah’s blessings to Our Beloved Muhammad S.A.W.W. May peace be upon him.

It is the practice; to evaluate our inner self, to find our journey, to look up where we are heading to, to compromise for our loved ones, to distribute & contribute, to cherish each & every blessing that we have, to be grateful, to gather all the hopes again & believe in Allah, to pray and to donate; Sadaqah Jariya, a key to Jannah.

Significance of Rabi ul Awal

I have a lot of significance to mention but let me introduce you to the most important ones:

  1. There should be an alarm always to remind Muslims, that this life is temporary & we shall have to go back, back to where we have come from. To Allah. From admiring & praising the world’s significance to practicing Deen for Akhirah; the day of judgment, we keep changing our perspectives towards life, towards people & temporary fame and money that we always thought were permanent.
  2. The more you rectify your own reasons for problems, the more you get connected to what you are missing. Every Islamic month has its own value that enhances the tradition & provokes the cultural unnecessary demands.
  3. The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W once said, “Most of your sins are because of your tongues.” His way of life teaches us brotherhood, dignity, trust, equality & faithfulness. Forbid us from enmity; no violence & just peace, the peace that can bring charm & nepenthe between two nations, two countries, two groups or in between two people.
  4. Do you know what Sabi Wabi is? An individual who discovers the beauty in imperfections, molding the projections without the fear to fail, admits the cycle of life & death. A one who accepts that everyone has to die. No one will stay forever even if they want to. Everything that we earn, we collect, we hide won’t help us to enter into Jannah, unless we are reading the Quran; a holy book that consists of every knowledge.

Now let’s come to the topic that I mentioned earlier:


Every nation, culture owns its different yet familiar way to celebrate this happiness.

  1. Decorations: In particular areas, Muslims use to decorate their houses with fairy lights & green flags. For this particular day, they paint the wall with quotes to remind people of their responsibilities to their family & friends.
  2. Preaching: Fountains, cakes, sweets, food, prayers, late-night preaching of the importance of Holy Prophet’s Ahadees. It’s all about the part of this Country’s tradition. We spread joy, komorebi; a Japanese word that refers to sunlight that sparks from tress, Fida; a Swedish word that refers to show that we appreciate every good thing in life & live a life according to the teachings of P.B.U.H.
  3. Important Events: Muslims on eid Milad un nabi usually plan marriages, starting a life with this blessing day is beyond metanoia; again, a Greek word that refers to change one’s mind, heart, self, way of life; spiritually connected conversations. Now you can imagine yourself.
  4. UNITY: We wear white clothes to live in that beautiful moment & show the world that we are united, we support each & every human who is in pain, we are against any law which is unjustified in every way for humans.
  5. Greetings: We greet everyone with humbleness, simplicity & solidarity. We as Muslims are not allowed to judge and spread rumors. It is against the preaching of Our Beloved Last Prophet P.B.U.H. 

In the end, I would love to wish you a very gleeful, beaming, and blissful Eid Milad Un Nabi Mubarak.

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