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listen Quran Pak Audio online with beautiful voice of Qari Mishary Rashid Alafasy and Qari Asad Attari.

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Surah No.

Surah Name

Meaning English

Audio Option

1 Al-Fatihah THE OPENER Listen/Download
2 Al-Baqarah THE COW Listen/Download
3 Ali ‘Imran FAMILY OF IMRAN Listen/Download
4 An-Nisa THE WOMEN Listen/Download
5 Al-Ma’idah THE TABLE SPREAD Listen/Download
6 Al-An’am THE CATTLE Listen/Download
7 Al-A’raf THE HEIGHTS Listen/Download
8 Al-Anfal THE SPOILS OF WAR Listen/Download
9 At-Tawbah THE REPENTANCE Listen/Download
10 Yunus JONAH Listen/Download
11 Hud HUD Listen/Download
12 Yusuf JOSEPH Listen/Download
13 Ar-Ra’d THE THUNDER Listen/Download
14 Ibrahim ABRAHIM Listen/Download
15 Al-Hijr THE ROCKY TRACT Listen/Download
16 An-Nahl THE BEE Listen/Download
17 Al-Isra THE NIGHT JOURNEY Listen/Download
18 Al-Kahf THE CAVE Listen/Download
19 Maryam MARY Listen/Download
20 Taha TA-HA Listen/Download
21 Al-Anbya THE PROPHETS Listen/Download
22 Al-Haj THE PILGRIMAGE Listen/Download
23 Al-Mu’minun THE BELIEVERS Listen/Download
24 An-Nur THE LIGHT Listen/Download
25 Al-Furqan THE CRITERIAN Listen/Download
26 Ash-Shu’ara THE POETS Listen/Download
27 An-Naml THE ANT Listen/Download
28 Al-Qasas THE STORIES Listen/Download
29 Al-‘Ankabut THE SPIDER Listen/Download
30 Ar-Rum THE ROMANS Listen/Download
31 Luqman LUQMAN Listen/Download
32 As-Sajdah THE PROSTRATION Listen/Download
33 Al-Ahzab THE COMBINED FORCES Listen/Download
34 Saba SHEBA Listen/Download
35 Fatir ORIGINATOR Listen/Download
36 Surah Yasin YA SIN Listen/Download
37 As-Saffat THOSE WHO SET THE RANKS Listen/Download
38 Sad THE LETTER “SAAD” Listen/Download
39 Az-Zumar THE TROOPS Listen/Download
40 Ghafir THE FORGIVER Listen/Download
41 Fussilat EXPLAINED IN DETAIL Listen/Download
42 Ash-Shuraa THE CONSULTATION Listen/Download
43 Az-Zukhruf THE ORNAMENTS OF GOLD Listen/Download
44 Ad-Dukhan THE SMOKE Listen/Download
45 Al-Jathiyah THE CROUCHING Listen/Download
46 Al-Ahqaf THE WIND-CURVED SANDHILLS Listen/Download
47 Muhammad MUHAMMAD Listen/Download
48 Al-Fath THE VICTORY Listen/Download
49 Al-Hujurat THE ROOMS Listen/Download
50 Qaf THE LETTER “QAF” Listen/Download
51 Adh-Dhariyat THE WINNOWING WINDS Listen/Download
52 At-Tur THE MOUNT Listen/Download
53 An-Najm THE STAR Listen/Download
54 Al-Qamar THE MOON Listen/Download
55 Ar-Rahman THE BENEFICENT Listen/Download
56 Al-Waqi’ah THE INEVITABLE Listen/Download
57 Al-Hadid THE IRON Listen/Download
58 Al-Mujadila THE PLEADING WOMAN Listen/Download
59 Al-Hashr THE EXILE Listen/Download
60 Al-Mumtahanah SHE THAT IS TO BE EXAMINED Listen/Download
61 As-Saf THE RANKS Listen/Download
62 Al-Jumu’ah THE CONGREGATION, FRIDAY Listen/Download
63 Al-Munafiqun THE HYPOCRITES Listen/Download
64 At-Taghabun THE MUTUAL DISILLUSION Listen/Download
65 At-Talaq THE DIVORCE Listen/Download
66 At-Tahrim THE PROHIBTIION Listen/Download
67 Al-Mulk THE SOVEREIGNTY Listen/Download
68 Al-Qalam THE PEN Listen/Download
69 Al-Haqqah THE REALITY Listen/Download
70 Al-Ma’arij THE ASCENDING STAIRWAYS Listen/Download
71 Nuh NOAH Listen/Download
72 Al-Jinn THE JINN Listen/Download
73 Al-Muzzammil THE ENSHROUDED ONE Listen/Download
74 Al-Muddaththir THE CLOAKED ONE Listen/Download
75 Al-Qiyamah THE RESURRECTION Listen/Download
76 Al-Insan THE MAN Listen/Download
77 Al-Mursalat THE EMISSARIES Listen/Download
78 An-Naba THE TIDINGS Listen/Download
79 An-Nazi’at THOSE WHO DRAG FORTH Listen/Download
80 ‘Abasa HE FROWNED Listen/Download
81 At-Takwir THE OVERTHROWING Listen/Download
82 Al-Infitar THE CLEAVING Listen/Download
83 Al-Mutaffifin THE DEFRAUDING Listen/Download
84 Al-Inshiqaq THE SUNDERING Listen/Download
85 Al-Buruj THE MANSIONS OF THE STARS Listen/Download
86 At-Tariq THE NIGHTCOMMER Listen/Download
87 Al-A’la THE MOST HIGH Listen/Download
88 Al-Ghashiyah THE OVERWHELMING Listen/Download
89 Al-Fajr THE DAWN Listen/Download
90 Al-Balad THE CITY Listen/Download
91 Ash-Shams THE SUN Listen/Download
92 Al-Layl THE NIGHT Listen/Download
93 Ad-Duhaa THE MORNING HOURS Listen/Download
94 Ash-Sharh THE RELIEF Listen/Download
95 At-Tin THE FIG Listen/Download
96 Al-‘Alaq THE CLOT Listen/Download
97 Al-Qadr THE POWER Listen/Download
98 Al-Bayyinah THE CLEAR PROOF Listen/Download
99 Az-Zalzalah THE EARTHQUAKE Listen/Download
100 Al-‘Adiyat THE COURSER Listen/Download
101 Al-Qari’ah THE CALAMITY Listen/Download
102 At-Takathur THE RIVALRY IN WORLD INCREASE Listen/Download
103 Al-‘Asr THE DECLINING DAY Listen/Download
104 Al-Humazah THE TRADUCER Listen/Download
105 Al-Fil THE ELEPHANT Listen/Download
106 Quraysh QURAYSH Listen/Download
107 Al-Ma’un THE SMALL KINDESSES Listen/Download
108 Al-Kawthar THE ABUNDANCE Listen/Download
109 Al-Kafirun THE DISBELIEVERS Listen/Download
110 An-Nasr THE DIVINE SUPPORT Listen/Download
111 Al-Masad THE PALM FIBER Listen/Download
112 Al-Ikhlas THE SINCERITY Listen/Download
113 Al-Falaq THE DAYBREAK Listen/Download
114 An-Nas THE MANKIND Listen/Download
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