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8 Skincare Rules To Abide By During The Harsh Winter Season

Your skin is something that needs a dedicated pampering, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A single mistake and your years of care will take no second in being gone to a total waste. Regardless of what season of the year it is, skincare is something that should not be ignored.

Just like during the summers your skin requires constant cleansing, during the winters the skincare routine becomes completely the opposite. In the following article, we are going to walk you through some strict skincare rules that you must follow during the harshness of the winters.

1. Drink plenty of water

A lot of people are of a belief that during the winter season, it is okay to not drink water. Well, that is really not true. During the winters your body requires frequent hydration the most. Drinking less water in this season can result in a dull looking face and several other problems.

Yes, the quantity of water sure does reduce than what is usually consumed during the summers, but the drill is to keep yourself hydrated during the winters, to ensure yourself a fresher, healthier and glowing skin.

2. Moisturize. Moisturize. Repeat!

When it comes to moisturizing, ensure to do it more than anything else. Find a good quality moisturizer and immerse yourself in it. Literally! During the winters your skin is prone to losing its moisture and becoming extremely dull and pigmented. Which is why keeping a moisturizer around can do you a great deal of favor by fighting away the dryness.

Doesn’t matter if you’re on the go or not, keeping a pocket pack of your favorite moisturizer can keep all sorts of dreaded skin dryness problems, at bay. So keep in mind, right after cleansing your face comes the moisturizing which you surely can’t ignore.

3. Cleanse, but not too much!

During the summers when your skin requires constant and frequent cleansing routines, during the winters that become completely the opposite. Many people often end up making the mistake of repeatedly cleansing and getting their facials done, which results in a much drier and duller looking skin.

Thus, reducing the cleansing routine to only one time in a day and then moisturizing with your favorite moisturizer can make your skin radiant even during the cold winter season. Plus, replace all your cleansing products to cream based, so that even as you cleanse, the chances of over-drying are reduced to a greater extent.

4. Opt for a better diet

Whoever that has said, “You are what you eat” could not have been more right! Opting for a better diet can not only help you shape your body but also contribute towards having a great skin. Try and incorporate fruits and nuts into your diet during the winter season, along with seafood.

Opt for detox soups to warm your soul and make your gut healthy, because detoxing does not only help you in reducing weight but also it wondrously makes your skin radiant and glowing.

5. Don’t go overboard exfoliating your skin

Exfoliating is best when it comes to getting rid of all the dead skin and nick. However, during the winters try and reduce your exfoliating routine to only one time in a week. During the cold season our skin becomes sensitive and by exfoliating it too much, you can cause some serious to that skin of yours.

Find out ways through which you can make exfoliates at home using light ingredients that don’t cause much damage to the skin, all this while restoring moisture and freshness to the winter-beaten skin.

6. Try not to drink too much coffee

A lot of us enjoy drinking a lot of coffee during the winter season. However, regardless of how good it makes us feel, let’s not forget the hidden damages it can cause to our skin. Well, according to some researchers, excessive caffeine intake can cause our skin to go dry, dull and flaky – which is obviously not how many of us have pictured to have skins like.

Replace coffee with juices, milkshakes, and smoothies. Yes, the caffeine hit won’t be there but look on the brighter side, your skin will look and feel wonderful. So make your choices wisely!

7. Incorporate glycerin into your daily skincare regime

Glycerin is nonetheless food for skin, especially during the winter season. Since during this season our skin becomes the driest and annoying, treating it with some glycerin each night before hitting the sack can do a lot of wonders.

Glycerin has this ability to absorb into the skin quickly, therefore using it instead of a lotion or a cream, before bed can help you restore the hydrated feel of the skin. Plus, if you’re planning to up your skincare game then add in a couple of lemon drops to the glycerin and then see the magic it would do to your skin, yourself!

8. And lastly, do not forget to work that body!

Working out and exercise should not be limited to doing in the summers only. Guess what, according to many health experts exercising winters allows you to sweat, which also gives a chance to those pores of yours to clean up.

Not only this, but all this sweating will also get your body to shed away those toxins, which will result in a fresher and healthier looking you. So buckle up! Get that sweat suit on and start working out!

 Wrapping it up

Winters require more than just yearly cleaning and warm clothes. It requires us to take absolute good care of our skin because during this season the damage that usually arises is so extreme that it takes a lot of people, a good 6-7 months to make it look how it looked before.

So instead of taking care of the damage, ensure to be consistent in taking care of your skin because a healthier, radiant skin, is a gift of nature that can’t be ignored. So what other ways you take care of your skin?


Disclaimer: All information is provided here only for general health education. Please consult your health physician regarding any treatment of health issues.

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