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Muslim and Islamic Baby Names for Boys and Girls with Meaning

Welcome to the Names Section. Find the Name and Meaning in English online, Here you can find the best Islamic, Christian Hindu, and Muslim names for your baby. You can find the English meaning of any name and the English translation of the names. Find the best and unique names according to your religion. you can also see the Prophet’s Names, Islamic month names, Islamic holy book names, and Pakistani names. Choose the Muslim Boys’ names and Muslim Girls’ names.

For Muslim families, choosing the most suitable name for their newborn baby is an important and enjoyable moment. Islamic names carry deep meaning and are often chosen to reflect the virtues and values ​​of Islam.

The beauty of Islamic names depends on their meanings, which reflect a person’s qualities such as kindness, wisdom, and strength. Whether you’re looking for Popular or modern Islamic names, you can choose from these many names, each with its meaning.

Most Popular Islamic Names for Boys

NameMeaningUrdu / Arabic
AryanWarrior, invasionary mind people, related to prehistoric Arya peopleآریان
AnasAffection, Love, Pleasant Companionshipانس
HamzaLion, Competent, Brazen, Brave manحمزہ
IrfanThankfulness. Knowledge. Wisdom.عرفان
DanishKnowledge, Wisdom, Consciousness, Intellectدانش
UsmanWise, Most Powerfulعثمان
BilalMoistening, The Prophet’s Companionبلال
HaiderLion, Virtuous, Fortunate, Brave Manحیدر
RayyanDoor Of Heaven, Beautifier, Luxuriant, Plentifulریان
KabirGreat, Aged, Senior, Venerable, Reverend, Respectedکبیر

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Most Popular Islamic Names for Girls

NameMeaningUrdu / Arabic
AyeshaAlive, Well-Living, Happily Livingعائشہ
SanaLight, Radiance, To Glow, Resplendenceثنا
FatimaTo Abstain, Chaste, Captivatingفاطمہ
ZaraHigh Status, Exalted, Eastern Splendour, Princessزارہ
SaraPure, Happy, Happiness, Laughter, Joy and Delightسارا
AnitaGrace, Raise, Promote, Favorانیتا
SidraA tree of Berry, a tree in heaven, the name of a Sahabiyyaسدرہ
DuaWORSHIP, PLEADED, Devotionدعا
MariaThe star of the sea, kind of bird, Bitter, sea of bitternessماریا
SabaMorning breeze, Spring breeze, Zephyrصباء

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Most Popular Islamic Names From the Quran

Islamic baby names can be from many sources, including the Quran, Hadith, and the history of Islamic culture. For example, Islamic male names such as Muhammad, Ali, and Omar are popular names and each has historical and spiritual significance. Similarly, Islamic female names such as Aisha, Maryam, Fatima, and Khadija are respected women and honored for their connections with Islamic history.

NameMeaningUrdu / Arabic
AbdullahServant Of Allah, Obedient, Name Of Prophet’s Fatherعبداللہ
SamarFruit, Outcome, and Conversation During The Nights Of The Desertثمر
MustafaChosen, One Of Prophet Mohammed’s Namesمصطفیٰ
YasinSura In Ou’Ran. Name Of Prophet Muhammad.یاسین
MuhammadAppreciated, Name Of The Last Prophet Of Allah (SWT)محمد
IslamPeace, Peaceful, Very Safeاسلام
IbrahimIntimate friend, Father Of Multitude, Prophet’s Nameابراہیم
AhmedPraise Worthy, Noble, Commendable, Name Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)احمد
ShahidWitness, Observer, bystander, Belovedشاہد
SajidOne Who Prostrates, One Who Is A Devout Worshiper Of Allah,ساجد

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Popular Arabic Names

Arabic names are also popular because Arabic is the language of the Quran. The names in the Holy Quran are special because they are directly mentioned in the Quran. For example: Yousuf, Nuh, and Ibrahim are the names of prophets from the Quran.

NameMeaningUrdu / Arabic
Salmansafe, secure, peaceful, Companion, Especially Of Prophet Muhammadسلمان
ZainBeauty, Adornment, Graceful Boyزین
SahilRiverbank, Coast, Shore, Guide, Leaderساحل
AbbasLion, Stern, Serious Grim-Facedعباس
AmanSafety, Protection, Peaceامان
AliEminent, Noble, High In Rankعلی
RizwanAcceptance, Good Will, Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heavenرضوان
AzanCall To Prayer, Power, Strengthاذان
HasanBeautiful, Gentle, Handsome Man, Grandson Of Prophetحسن
AtifThe kind One, Kind Hearted, Compassionateعاطف

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