Upto 1500 Islamic Male Names and Meanings

The child is a beautiful Gift from Allah (SWT). One of the most special moments in this occasion is choosing an Islamic name for your son – a name that carries meaning reflects your faith, and whispers a prayer for his future.

This decision can feel overwhelming! Countless hours can be spent discussing the best Islamic Names with loved ones, and even more time searching online names for the perfect fit.

Meri Web wants to ease this process. We’ve compiled the best list of over 1500+ Islamic male names with meaning in Urdu and Arabic, each with their definitions and rich cultural significance.

Finding the Perfect Islamic Baby Name

Imagine the joy of discovering a Muslim Name that sounds beautiful and carries a meaning that resonates with your family. Our list is here to be your companion, helping you find the perfect Islamic and Arabic name for your little one.

Celebrating New Life

As you celebrate this new arrival, consider the Aqiqah, Aqiqah is a type of sadaqah and sunnah.

Explore Our Best Islamic Names!

Explore our full list of Islamic male names and meanings. May Allah bless your son and your family.

Most Popular Islamic Baby Boy Names

1HamzaLion, Competent, Brazen, Brave man1SaifSword, symbolic Of Liberty and Strength
2AsifForgiveness, Strong, Powerful, Fierce2MateenStrong, serious
3AbdullahServant Of Allah, Name Of Prophet’s Father3ShahidWitness, Observer, bystander, Beloved
4AmanSafety, Protection, Peace4IbrahimIntimate friend, Father Of Multitude, Prophet’s Name
5AhmedPraise Worthy, Name Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)5AliEminent, Noble, High In Rank

List of 1500+ Islamic Male Names

1ArhamMercy, Compassion, Kindnessارحام
2AyanGift Of God, Reward, Blessingآیان
3AyaanGift Of God, Reward, Generosityآیان
4ZayanBeautiful, Hospitable, Gracefulزیان
5AryanWarrior, invasionary mind people, related to prehistoric Arya peopleآریان
6AnasAffection, Love, Pleasant Companionshipانس
7RehanScented, Fragrance, A Fragrant Plantریحان
8HuzaifaWise, Intellectual Man, Having the ability to perceive, A Name Of Prophet’s Companionحذیفہ
9ZainBeauty, Adornment, Graceful Boyزین
10AzlanLion, Brave, Courageous manازلان
11RayanSoft touch, Fresh, paradise gateریعان
12ImranHappiness, Prosperity, Great pleasure, Exalted Nationعمران
13AliEminent, Noble, High In Rankعلی
14ShayanWorthy, Deserving, Meritingشایان
15AayanGod’s Gift, Manifest, Blessingعایان
16SaadFelicity. Good Fortune. Good Luck.سعد
17HamzaLion, Competent, Brazen, Brave manحمزہ
18ArishRighteous, Nobel, A Brave Soliderعریش
19ZeeshanThe Glory, Magnificent, High In Dignityذیشان
20JunaidA Sufi Saint, Spiritual, Young Fighter, Warriorجنید
21FaizanGreat Beneficence, Charity, Favor, Graceful Manفیضان
22SufianFast Moving, Light, Nimble, Companion Of Prophetسفیان
23IrfanThankfulness. Knowledge. Wisdom.عرفان
24AdnanSettler, One Who Settle For A Long Time In A Place, Paradiseعدنان
25AsifForgiveness, Strong, Powerful, Fierceآصف
26SahilRiverbank, Coast, Shore, Guide, Leaderساحل
27Salmansafe, secure, peace, Companion, Especially Of Prophet Muhammadسلمان
28RohaanAs Pure Spirit, Spiritual, Kindhearted, Compassionateروحان
29TaimoorSelf-Made, (made of) Steel, Strongتیمور
30RizwanAcceptance, Good Will, Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heavenرضوان
32DanishKnowledge, Wisdom, Consciousness, Intellectدانش
33UmarName Of The Second Caliphعمر
34HamdanPraise Worthy, The Praised One, Variation Of The Name “Muhammad”حمدان
35FahadPanther, Leopard, Strong, Fastفہد
36FarhanHappiness, Laughter, Happy, Cheerful Boyفرحان
37AsadLion, Virtuous, Fortunateاسد
38AbdullahServant Of Allah, Obedient, Name Of Prophet’s Fatherعبداللہ
39AhadOne, Unique, Matchless, Another Name For Godاحد
40AaronExalted One, Enlightened, High Mountainارون
42FaisalDecisive, Judge, Authority, Arbitratorفیصل
43AyazCool Breeze, Night Breeze, A Servant Of Sultan Mehmoodایاز
44AhmedPraise Worthy, Noble, Commendable, Name Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)احمد
45AfanTo Forgive, A Person Who Forgives, Modestعفان
46KiyanBeing, Existence, Essence, Surname Of Persian Kingکایان
47AbrarVirtuous, Pious, Great Manابرار
48SameerJovial, Beneficial, Entertaining Companion, Good Friendثمیر
49MuslimSubmitting Oneself To Allahمسلم
50HasanBeautiful, Gentle, Handsome Man, Grandson Of Prophetحسن
51AmanSafety, Protection, Peaceامان
52UmairLife, Long-Lived, Intelligent Manعمیر
53AhmadPraiseworthy, Commendable, Noble, Admirableاحمد
54ShoaibWho Shows The Right Path, A Guide, Name Of Prophetشعیب
55UsmanWise, Most Powerfulعثمان
56TalhaKind Of A Tree, Fruitful Tree From Heaven, Companion’s Nameطلحہ
57ArsalanLion, Brave man, Warrior In Afghanارسلان
58AhilEmperor, Ruler, Great Leaderآہل
59NomanBlood, Advice Counselor, Men With Blessings Of Allahنعمان
60ZaidGrowth, Progress, Increment, Superabundance, Additionزیاد
61SaifSword, Sabre, symbolic Of Liberty and Strengthسیف
62KaifPleasure, Spirit, Exhilaration, A State Of Joyکیف
63OwaisFearless, Experienced Person, Companion of Prophetاویس
64TahaPure, Mystic, Name Of a Surah, Prophet’s Nameطہٰ
65BilalMoistening, The Prophet’s Companionبلال
66HarisVigilant, Watchman, Cultivator, Agnomen Of Lionحارث
67MaazBrave Man, Refuge, Shelter, Companion Of Prophetمعاذ
68SarimBrave, Courageous, Sharp Swordصارم
69AbaanMountain’s Name, Clear, Name Of A Companionابان
70HusnainElegant, Handsome Boy, Combined Name Of Prophet’s Grandsonsحسنين
71SohailShining Star, Gentle, Easeسہیل
72AdyanReligious, Pious, Creeds, Plural Of Deenادیان
73UzairThe Biblical Ezra Is The English Language Equivalentعزیر
74ZubairStrong, firm, powerful, intelligent, wiseزبیر
75ArifKnowledgeable, Learned, Expert, Authorityعارف
76HussainGood, Handsome, Beautifulحسین
77AzharFlowers, Blossoms, THE MOST SHINING LUMINOUSاظہر
78IzhaanSubmission, Obedience, Follower of God’s Rulesاذہان
79HaiderLion, Virtuous, Fortunate, Brave Manحیدر
80HammadPraised, Admirable, One Who Praisesحماد
81RayyanDoor Of Heaven, Beautifier, Luxuriant, Plentifulریان
82KashifReveler, Explainer, Discoveredکاشف
83AamirCivilized, Amply Settled, Prosperous, Full of lifeعامر
84ShahzaibCrown Of A King, Like A Kingشاہ زیب
85AzaanCall To Prayer, Power, Strengthآزان
86AzanCall To Prayer, Power, Strengthاذان
87AmmarLong-Lived, God-Fearing, Piousعمار
88IslamPeace, Peaceful, Very Safeاسلام
89IbrahimIntimate friend, Father Of Multitude, Prophet’s Nameابراہیم
90NadeemVariant Of Nadim: Companion, Confidant, Friend, Repentant. Regretfulندیم
91KabirGreat, Aged, Senior, Venerable, Reverend, Respectedکبیر
92ArshanStrong And Brave Man, A Character In Shahnameh (Kavous’ Brother)ارشن
93ZahidDevout, Ascetic. One Who Renounces The World And Is Fully Devoted To Allahزاہد
94MurshadSpiritual Guide, Preacher, Cleric, Advisorمرشد
95Abu-TurabClay’s Father, An Attributive Of Caliph Aliبوتراب
96DaniyalIntelligent Man, A Famous Intellectual, Name Of Prophetدانیال
97ArshadBetter Guided, Honest, Most Rightly Guided, Most Reasonableارشد
98SarfarazKing, Respected, Blessed, Dignified, Having Honorسرفراز
99HadiGuide, Leader, God’s Sanctuary Name, Mentorہادی
100AtifThe kind One, Kind Hearted, Compassionateعاطف
101AbirAroma; Strongعابر
102HashirOne Who Assemble, Collector, Prophet’s Nameحاشر
103SajidOne Who Prostrates, One Who Is A Devout Worshiper Of Allah,ساجد
104MoizHonorable, Respectful, One Who Gives Protection, Allah’s Nameمعیز
105MohsinGentle, Humanitarian, Benefactor, doer of good deedsمحسن
106RahulIn America meaning is: Efficientراہول
107AzhaanGeniuses, Intellects, Wits, Abilitiesأذهان
108MuhammadAppreciated, Name Of The Last Prophet Of Allah (SWT)محمد
109MeharCourtesy of Godمہر
110SafwanRock, Bright, Pure, Cloudless Dayصفوان
111AhnafThe straight path, worshiper of Allahأحنف
112HanzalahPond, Water, Ditch, name of companion on Prophetحانزالہ
113ShahidWitness, Observer, bystander, Belovedشاہد
114AbeerScent, Perfume, Fragranceابیر
115SaqibBrightness, Glittering, Shining Brightly, Sharpثاقب
116RakibServant of the Observer, servant of Allah, controller, supervisorراکب
117IsmailHeard by God, Gift from God, A Meaningful smileاسماعیل
118ShahzainBrave, Good Adornment & Skillfulشازین
119IrtazaFavorite, Chosen, Pleased, Satisfiedارتضیٰ
120AbbasLion, Stern, Serious Grim-Facedعباس
121SamarFruit, Outcome, and Conversation During The Nights Of The Desertثمر
122FaizVictorious, Conquering, Triumphantفیض
123ArabWish, Desireعرب
124WaqasSolider, Warrior, Warlike, Combatantوقاص
125ShahbazHawk, Brave boyشہباز
127AhsanThe Best Of All, Better, Superior.احسن
128AabidWorshiper, One Who Worship Allah, God Knowsعابد
129HassanHandsome, Good, Benefactorحسن
130NihalRomantic, Joyful, Newly Planted tree, young treeنہال
131TauseefPraiser, Statement Glimmer Qualityتوصیف
132MustafaChosen, One Of Prophet Mohammed’s Namesمصطفیٰ
133WaqarDignity, Sobriety, Majesty, Veneration, Dignity, Gracefulness.وقار
134UsamaLion, Feline Predator, Braveاسامہ
135AsharWise, Prudent, One Who Has Wisdom, Livelinessاشعر
136AdanParadise, Heaven, Garden Of A Heavenعدن
137RashidRightly guided, Having the true faith, wise, judiciousراشد
139ArafatMount Of Recognitionعرافات
140AbanClear, Eloquent, Lucid, Distinctابان
141AasimShield, Protector, Guardian, Rescuerعاصم
142SubhanSupremacy of Allah, Holy, Praised, glory, purityسبحان
144HunainName of a valley between at-Taif and Meccaحُنین
145AhtishamGlory, honor, greatnessاحتشام
146JavedAlive, Livingجاوید
147TahirPure, Clean, Chasteطاہر
148ArslanLion, Brave Man, Warrior In Afghanارسلان
150IzaanSubmission, Obedience, Acceptanceعزان
152RaqeebRival, Competitor, contender, Challengerرقیب
153RahmanGracious, Compassionate, ‘An attributive name of Allah(SWT), Kind, Mercifulرحمان
156ZohaibLeader, King, Gold Or Ocean Of Knowledgeذہیب
157MudassarEnveloped in Garments, Wrapped in, Dressedمدثر
158ShaheerEminent, Well Known, Renowned, Famousشہیر
159FarisPerspicacity, Also A Horseman Or Knightفارس
160AftabThe Sunآفتاب
161MateenStrong, seriousمتین
162HoomanA Character In Shahnamehہومن
163YasinSura In Ou’Ran. Name Of Prophet Muhammad.یاسین
164MubeenBright, Appearerمبین
165ShahzadSon of King, Prince, Nobel manشہزاد
166SamiLofty, elevatedسمیع
167MeerabWater Surveillant, Water Master, Paradise Flowerمیراب
168ManeThinker, Thoughtful One, Greatمانع
169AadilFairness, Justiceعادل
170NaeemComfort. Ease. Tranquil.نعیم
171FarooqOne Who Can Tell Right From Wrongفاروق
172AqibFinal, Successor, Following, Subsequentعاقب
174TabassumSmile Happinessتبسم
175RazaContentment, Satisfaction, Acceptanceرضا
176WardIn American meaning is: Guardورد
177KhalidEternal, Immortal, Never-Ending, Everlastingخالد
178ShahrukhConcerning, Monarchyشاہرخ
179WaseemGraceful. Handsome. Good Looking.وسیم
180SamirEntertaining Companionسمیر
182NusratAid, assistance, victory, Helpنصرت
183AbidGod’S Worshipper; God Knowsعابد
184MohammadPraiseworthy Glorified. Mohammad – Founder Of The Islamic Religion. Many Names And Variants Used For Mohammadمحمد
186RiazMeadow, Garden, land with beautiful grass and flowersریاض
187SaimWho Is Fastingصائم
188AlamThe Whole Worldعالم
189HazratPresence, Dignity, Powerحضرت
190AaqibIn Sindhi meaning is: Followerعاقب
192MerajLadder, Status the riseمعراج
193AmaanVariant Of Aman: Protection. Without Fearامان
194KhizarGreen, greenness, Name of a Prophet, great wisdom or mystic knowledge.خضر
195NabeelNoble, honorable, highborn, distinguished, intelligent, dexterousنبیل
197MehdiGuided To The Right Path, Rightly Guidedمہدی
198BurhanProof, Evidenceبرہان
199MukhlisSincere, Frankمخلص
200AltamashArmy chiefالتمش
201SaddamWho Collideصدام
202TayyabNice, Fine, Excellent, Holy, Sacred, Perfume, Smell.طیب
203TariqA Late Visitorطارق
205InshaWorship, writing, articleانشاء
207FalakThe Skyفلک
208MehtabThe Moonمہتاب
209InayatConcern Attentionعنایت
210RafayThe Exalter, To Elevate Rank, Glorifierرافع
211IrshadGuidance, Directionارشاد
212EhanFull moonاحان
213EshanHigh moralsعشان
214ShariqThe Sun, That Which Rises From The East, Glowing, Happy, Hopeful.شارق
215AkhtarStar. Good Luck.اختر
216EjazMiracle. Astonishment.اعجاز
217TabishWarmth. Brilliance.تابش
218IqbalProsperity. Wealth.اقبال
219HannanKind, Compassionate, Tenderhearted, Sympathy, loveحنان
220SamadOne Of Ninety-Nine Names Of God; Immortalصمد
221NawazOne who caresses, cherishes, soothes, generousنواز
222ArizFirmly, Strongعریض
223HayatLife. Existence.حیات
224AslamSafer; Freerاسلم
225ZulfiqarSword of Ali ibn Abi Talib , that which has vertebrae, cleaver of the spineذوالفقار
226Armaansoldier. Famous Bearerارمان
227SajjadOne Who Does Much Prostrationsسجاد
228HabibDearly Loved.حبیب
229YusufTo increase in powerیوسف
230AahidPromise, Covenant, The Commitmentعاہد
231Abu ZarFather of money, Rich, One who have alot of Moneyابو زر
232HashimName Of Prophet Mohammed’S Grandfather. Old Arabic Name. Generosity.ہاشم
233MehrabA Character In Shahnamehمحراب
234RoshanShinning, Light, Brightness, Clearروشان
235MehramClose Friendمحرم
236NasirProtector. Granting Victory.ناصر
237HaseebTo calculate the elderlyحسیب
239AmirRich, Prosperous, Populousعامر
240Hamim7 Surah Of The Quran Begin With The Letters Ha And Mim, It Means ‘known Only To God’ According To Jalaluddin Al Suyuti.حٰم
241AafeenThose Who Forgive, To Forgive Mistakeعافین
242JawadOpenhanded, Generousجواد
243UbaidIn egyptian meaning is : Faithful.عبید
244AbadEverlasting, Eternalعباد
245ArashBright arrowعرش
246OsmanIn American meaning is : Servant of Godعثمان
248AbdulServant Of Godعبدل
249ShamimOdor, Scentشمیم
250FurqanEvidence, Proof, Distinction Between Truth And Falseفرقان
251JibranTo Create Good Change, To Give Recompense, To Help The Poorجبران
252AakifGiven, Attachedآکف
253ZafarVictory, triumph, to win, Conquestظفر
255MuntasirVictorious, Triumphantمنتصر
256AlifTo Loveآلف
257AafiThose Who Forgive, To Forgiveعافی
258FayazOpen To Spendفیاض
260NabiAnother Name For Prophet Muhammad, Messengerنبی
261AltafKinder, More Gentle, Gracious, Tenderالطاف
263MusaSaved, Savior, Newborn, Save by the Waterموسیٰ
264RaheelOne who shows the way, Fearless, Brave, to leaveراحیل
266YahyaAlive, Living, Existing, Actualیحییٰ
267Zain-ul-aabideenAdornment Of The Worshipers, One Who Is A Source Of Pride For The Muslims, Early Imam (Leader) Of Islamزین العابدین
270AmjadGreater Gloryامجد
271FahimIntelligent, Scholarفہیم
272ShakilHandsome, Good Lookingشکیل
273AzeemProtector, Defenderعظیم
274ZakirRemembering, Grateful, Professional of reciting such Elegies(old fable)ذاکر
276ShahmeerBeauty, flint stone, end of a rope, King of the Kingشہمیر
277MominOne Who Believes In Godمومن
279KamranSuccessful Fortunateکامران
281SohaibOne Who Has Reddish-Brown Hair, Reddish, Sandyصہیب
282Abu hurairahFather Of A Kittenابُو ہریرہ
283AadamVariant Of Adam. The Biblical Adam Is The English Language Equivalent.آدم
284ArmanWish, ultimate goal, greatest desire, ultimate purpose, greatest longingارمان
285AaribHandsome, healthy.عريب
286BabuFather, master, rulerبابو
287BalajGlitter, Shine, Light Skinned Boyبالاج
288TauheedUnderstanding the, unity of Godتوحید
289TaufeeqProsperity. Helpتوفیق
290RaeesRich, Wealthy, Chief.رئیس
291ZaroonVisitor, Visitant, Traveller, Touristزارون
292FazalExcellence, Superiority, Reward, Graceفضل
293AshfaqNoble Princeاشفاق
294BabulGate Of Godبابُل
295IshratSociety, Familiar And Pleasant Talk, Happinessعشرت
296ZamanTime, Age, Destinyزمان
297YousufVery beautifulیوسف
298AsimShield, Protector, Guardian, Rescuerآثم
299ZaheerAlly, Supporter, blossomed, glowing, full of lifeظہیر
300MazharAppearance, Figure, Countenance, Demeanorمظہر
301FazilTalented Expert Intelligent Wiseفاضل
302RichardIn American meaning is : Rich and powerful rulerرچرڈ
303IftikharHonor. Glory.افتخار
304NaveedGood tiding, Good News, Glad tidingsنوید
306MuratWish come trueمرات
307AslanIn turkish meaning is : Lionاسلان
308KamalPerfection, Completenessکمال
309OmarLong-lived,Elevated,follower Of The Prophet.عمر
310ArshmanPride Of Sky, Price Throne, King Of The Heavensعرشمان
311MurtazaChosen, Selected, Attainer Of The Pleasure Of Allahمرتضیٰ
312MuneebThe Right Side Prnyمنیب
313ShahriarIn Farsi meaning is : The Kingشہریار
315RanaGlittering object, Noticeableرانا
317ArsalThe one who was sentارسال
318SinanIn Sindhi meaning is : Spear head.سینان
319Abdul-hadiVariant Of Abdul-Haady: Servant Of The Guideعبد الحادی
320WaleedNewborn Child.ولید
322MuzammelOne Who Is Enwrapped In Garments. Al-Muzzammil: Title Of The 73rd Sura Of The Quranمزمل
323YazanIt’S The Name Of A Valley And The Name Of A Tribe From Himyarیزان
324KhalifaCaliph, Successorخلیفہ
325Hadid57th Surah of the Quran, ironهاديد
326NoorLight ,The Divine Light, Radianceنور
327ImtiyazIn Muslim meaning is : Great Kingامتیاز
328YunusThe Biblical Jonas Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet’s Nameیُونس
329WahabServant of the Bestower, Bestowed, This attribute of Allah(SWT)وہاب
330SuhailCanopus. Name Of A Starسہیل
331ImadPillar of the faithعماد
332Al AminAn epithet of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)ال امین
333MehranA Character In Shahnamehمھران
334ShahrozLavish, Bright Faceشہروز
336NishatBringer of happiness, Liveliness. Energyنشاط
337MinhajWay. Program.منہاج
338Abdul AhadServant of the Oneعبدل احد
339MushtaqLonging. Desirous.مشتاق
340AfaqHorizon Collecting Blessedآفاق
341RaihanSweet Basilریحان
342IlyasThe Biblical Elijah Is The English Language Equivalent.الیاس
343Shah nawazBraveشاہ نواز
344AyyanGift Of Godآیان
345RamzanTo Aliveرمضان
346WasifThe Definitionواصف
347NazimOrganizer, governor, arranger, adjuster, administratorناظم
349SaqlainTwo Worlds, World And Hereafterثقلین
350DawoodVariant Of Daud: The Biblical David Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet’s Nameداؤد
351ZohranSun, Radiant, Glowing, Blossomingزہران
352QasimGiver, Generous, Handsomeقاسم
353ImtiazPrivilege, Distinctionامتیاز
354RayhanGood Scent, Fragrance, Fragranced Herbریحان
355FaheemIntelligent. Judicious.فہیم
356RafiqKind, Friendرافق
357AabinusEbony, Dark Black Colorآبنوس
358ZarinSuch As Goldزرین
359AzizNoble, Exalted, Lofty, Extraordinaryعزیز
360MaherIn irish meaning is : Generousمہر
361SalahuddinThe Righteousness Of The Faithصالح الدین
362IbadatWorship, Prayer, Devotionعبادت
363HosseinGood, handsome, beautifulحسین
365WaliGovernor, Lordولی
366AbrahamIn American meaning is : Father of a multitudeابراہیم
368AshiqLover, Fancierعاشق
369SulemanSecurity Isسلیمان
372SarwarChief. Leader.سرور
373SherazLoving, Caring, Daring, Affectionateشیراز
374AnsariRelation through ancestryأنصاري
375AadeelModerate, Virtuousعدیل
376AkhiMy Brotherآخی
378ShanOld; Wise.شان
379MisbahLight, Lampمصباح
380MisbahLight, Lampمصباح
383ShihabFlame, Blazeشیہاب
384WahidSingular, Unequalledواحد
385HumayunBlessed, Auspiciousہمایوں
386MuqaddasSanctified, Holyمُقدس
387TasleemVariant Of Taslim: Total Submission, Salutation.تسلیم
389AshirWealthy, Grateful, Thankfulعاشر
390MeerMayor. Leader.میر
391MustaqimUpright, strongمستقیم
393YazdanMerciful, Kindیزدان
394TawakkalGlimmer Trustتوکل
395SaleemSecure. Safe. Mild. Freeسلیم
397AabideenWorshipers, Followersعابدین
398RohanAscending, Healing, Medicine, Red-hairedروحان
399AkhilIn Hindu meaning is : Completeآخیل
400AfrazVery Learned In Divine Lawافراز
401GhufranMercy Forgiveness Another Name For Godغفران
402NahidElevated, Venus, the planetناہد
403AreebSkillful, Adroit.اریب
404SaudFelicities, Good Fortuneسعود
405IffatVariant Of ‘Iffat: Virtue, Chastityعفت
406HayyanIn Sindhi meaning is : Lively, energetic.حیان
407RizviImam QUOADرضوی
408AnisCompanion, Friend, Loverآنیس
410IntekhabElections, To Likeانتخاب
411MajidNoble Gloryماجد
412MubashirIn Sindhi meaning is : Spreader of good news.مُبشیر
413TalalNice, Admirableطلال
414IdrisOne Who Instructادریس
415RabbiGentle Wind.ربْ
416WajahatCommanding, Personality, Dignity, Respect, Esteem. Credit.وجاہت
417WajidOne Who Finds (Origin Arabic)واجد
419BurakTo be strong and fast as a lightning boltبرق
420SultanRuler, Kingسلطان
421MaulaMaster. Lord.مولا
422MannanBenefactor Bountifulمنان
423AfridiA tribe nameآفریدی
425SaeedHappy, Good Fortune, Piousسعید
426Abdul HannanSlave of the Mercifulعبدل حنان
427HamidPraising (God), Loving (God)حامد
428Abu-bakrCompanion Of Muhammadابوبکر
429AdibVariant Of Adeeb: Scholar, Cultured, Civil, Well-manneredادیب
430AzadIndependent Freeآزاد
431ZaheenA Sharp Mindذہین
432FarmanDecree, Edictفرمان
434YaminTowards Rightیامن
435KehkashanThe road to the starsکہکشاں
436JasimGood Healthجاسم
437ZaminAnother Name For God Biased Securityضامن
438WalidNewborn Childوالد
439NumanBlood, red, old Arabic nameنعمان
440IshtiaqLonging Cravingاشتیاق
441MujahidCrusader, Warrior, Fighter In The Way Of Allah (God)مجاہد
442RezaContentment, Acceptance, Satisfactionریزہ
443BismilWounded, restlessبسمل
444AyyashBread sellerأيش
446FarhadHelper, Filled With Happiness, A Character In Shahnamehفرہاد
447NaimComfort, Ease, Tranquilنايم
448OrhanMeek in spirit or manner.اورہان
449JazaRevenge, reward, the fruit of righteousnessجزاء
450TanzeemTo Manage, Arrange Glimmerتنظیم
451BasitOne Who Enlargesباسط
452RidhwanVariant Of Rizwan: Acceptance Good Will. Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heavenرضوان
453Abdul-rahmanServant Of The Mercifully Graciousعبد الرحمان
454KashanPopular Citiesکاشان
455ZararTo Strictlyضرار
456SirajLamp, Lightسراج
457SobanANHAZRAT slave nameثوبان
458AtharVery Pious Pureاطہر
459AarzamWar, battle, quarrel.رزم
460AasNaga keep names of the leading Sahabiعاص
461ZiaLight; Splendor.ضیاء
464JafarRiver, Stream, Rivuletجعفر
465ShakeelHandsome. Good Looking.شکیل
467SubhanallahPraise Of Godسبحان اللہ
468AzimGreat, Magnificent, Admirable, Splendidعازم
469SamIn American meaning is : Told by Godسیم
471AntarRush Boldly In To Dangerعنطر
472ShehryarKing, big Elderlyشہریار
473AneesCompanion Genial Close Friendانیس
474JahangirRuler of the worldجہانگیر
475SiddiqFriend, Righteousصدیق
476JalalLoftiness. Sublimity. Glory. Also Grandeur, Glory, Glory Of The Faith.جلال
477RoshanShining Light.روشن
478JamalBeauty. Grace.جمال
479AlDescription Of A Lion, Name Of The Prophets Uncleال
480MirzaNoble manمرزا
482ZunairLight Of The Moon, Shine, Glimmer, Radianceزنیر
483Erena Turkish word meaning saint.ایرن
484KiaKing, Protecter, Defenderکیا
485yushaName of a holy man or prophet of Islamيوشع
486KhuzaimaGabal Elba Dragon Tree, Name Of A Companionخزیمہ
487Al FaizName of a Fatimid Caliph.ال فیض
488NaazVariant Of Naz: Pride, Delicacyناز
489ShahjahanThe kingشاہ جہاں
490SibtainImam Hassan and Hussain titleسبطین
491SariaThe night cloudsساریہ
492Abdur-rahmanVariant Of Abdul Rahman: One Who Serves A Merciful Manعبد الرحمان
493ShahramKing Ramشہرام
494HasaanHandsome, good benefactorحسان
496AbabilCrowd, Band, Swallowابابیل
497KamilComplete. Perfect.کامل
499NoshadHappy, rejoiceنوشاد
500Abdul RafayThe Exaulter, To Elevate Rankعبد الرافع
501AbubakarIn egyptian meaning is : Noble.ابُو بکر
502Adeelone who acts with justice and fairness”, “moderate”, “virtuous”, “excellent in characterعدیل
503NafeesPrecious. Exquisite.نفیس
504IsrarSecrecy. Privacy.اسرار
505NawazishCaress. Kindness.نوازش
507MasabName of a Sahabiمصعب
508KhurramDelightful, Happy, Pleasant, Happinessخرم
509RuhaanKindhearted, Compassionate, Spiritual, As Pure Spiritsروحان
510umerLife. Name Of The Second Caliph.عمر
511MurshidSpiritual Guide, Advisorمُرشد
513AjmalExtremely Beautiful, Handsomeاجمل
515AhmarRed Coloured.احمر
516AafreenTrustworthy, Excellent, Luckyعفرین
517AzalThat Which Does Not Have A Beginningعزال
518ShahShah. King.شاہ
519MirVariant Of Meer: Mayor, Leaderمیر
520ErtugrulClean Hearted, True Heroارتغرل
521MuhibNoble, Respectedمحب
522AftarBreakfast the east.أفطر
523ZakiIntelligent, Pure, Chasteذکی
524TameemPerfect, Completeتمیم
525AyubA Biblical Prophet’S Name. Job Is The English Language Equivalentایوب
526AalamWorld, Universeعالم
527CasperKing of the treasureکاسپر
528ShafiqKind, Compassionate. Tenderشفیق
529AnsarCollectting of nasir ,helpfulانصار
530DayyanOne Who Takes Revengeدیان
531BadshahLeader, Sultan, teacherبادشاہ
532AminTrustworthy, Honestامین
534Ali RazaThe High, Exalted One, Hopeعلی رضا
537ArqamWriter, The Best Recorderارقم
538ZavierIn italian meaning is : Savior.زیویر
539AaidVisitor, Travelerآيد
540ShahzadaPrince, King’s Sonشہزادہ
542ZiyadIn egyptian meaning is : He shall add.زیاد
543AunFriend, Helperعون
546TabraizThe Axتبریز
547ShafiHonest, Truthfulشفیع
549ShahanProfit Makerشاہان
550MahdiGuided To The Right Pathمہدی
551SohrabIn Farsi meaning is : A character in Shahnameh (Rostam’s son)سہراب
552AhyanEras, ages, times.أحيان
553AdamA Prophet’S Nameعدم
554MuradDesire. Object.مراد
555AarifAcquainted, Knowledgeable, Devoteeعارف
556SanaResplendence, Brillianceثنا
557PawanBreeze, Wind, Airپون
558NiyazDesire, Offeringنیاز
559MoeenTo Helpمعین
560MoinuddinAssister Of The Faithمعین الدین
562ZakariyaZechariah. Biblical Prophet’s Nameزکریہ
563IkramEsteem, Veneration, Respect.اکرام
565ShamsThe Sun. A Planet.شمس
567TasneemFountain Of Paradise.تسنیم
568ShahadatFor the sake of the rightشہادت
569SikandarName of a famous Sovereign.سکندر
570Qureshiattributed to the the Quraysh tribeقریشی
571MansoorDefended, Protected By Godمنصور
572IjazMiracle, Astonishment.اعجاز
573IlahiMy lord (for Allah), divine.إلهي
577WaheedUnique, Single, Exclusively, Unequalledوحید
578AurangzebHe Was Wearing A Royal Throneاورنگ زیب
579ZuhaibKnowledge Is Lightزہیب
580ParsaPure, Chaste,devout, Holy, Persianپارسا
581WasiBequest What Happenوصی
582MubarakBlessed, Auspiciousمبارک
583Ab’abOftnessl Gracefulness Of Youth, Healthy, Plump, Tallاعباب
584JazakallahGod Bless Youجزاک اللہ
585IkhlasFrankness. Sincerity.اخلاص
586SheikhVariant Of Shaikh: Head, Chieftain, Teacherشیخ
587AadroopEmbodiment of the Beginning-lessاڈروپ
588AqeelKernel, wiseعقیل
589ZameerHeart, ideaضمیر
590AltanMongolian – Golden; Turkic – Red Dawn; A variant of name Altinالتان
591HafiAffectionate Compassionate Another Name For Godحافی
593Shafi’Advocate, Mediatorشفیع
594TalibSeeker (Of Truth), Studentطالب
597AmadHighly Praised Or One Who Constantly Thanks Godعماد
598ZahirBright, Shiningظاہر
600Ali HassanThe High, Exalted One, Handsomeعلی حسن
601MujtabaChosen, Selected, Attainer Of The Pleasure Of Allahمجتبیٰ
602ShadanHappy, Joyfulشاداں
603IssaThe Messiah (Swahili)عیسٰی
605TamjeedGlimmer Statement Seniority Of Allahتمجید
606AydinClear, Enlightened, Illuminated, Brightیدین
607HaniDelighted, Contentحانی
608DeenReligion. Faith. Way Of Life.دین
609SubhaWhooping Soolaiسبحہ
610BabiFollowers Of The Sufi Saint Babبابی
611MueedTo Returnمعید
612MarwanOld Arabic Nameمروان
613MisamBeautiful, Radiant, Symbol Of Beauty, Attractive Manمیسم
614AafsarFast-Paced, Rapidly That Worksعافسر
615TomaIn american meaning is : Twinتوما
616DemirOne who is made of Ironڈیمر
617NaseemFresh Air. Breeze.نسیم
618Abdul RehmanServant of the Most Gracious, servant of Allahعبدالرحمان
619SofianIn Hindu meaning is : Sandصُفیان
620Abdul MannanSlave of the Benefactorعبدل مننان
621SharinIn malaysian meaning is : Meadowشارین
622TauqeerHonor. Respect.توقیر
623GulzarFrom the garden of rosesگلزار
624ArselTo send, to ship, dispatch.أرسل
625HanifTrue Believerحنیف
626FatehConquest; Triumphفاتح
627SufiIslamic Mystic.صوفی
628AhmadullahI praise Allah.حمدلله
629ArbabMaster, Lords, Godsارباب
630AameenFaithful, Trustworthyآمین
631NooriVariant Of Nuri: Shining, Light.نوری
632Ma’awiyaFirst Umayyad Khalifah, Companion of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)معاویہ
634KabeerThe elderlyکبیر
635WahajLight, Is Very Brightوہاج
636BabaFather, old, cute babyبابا
637Rafi’High, Exaltedرفیع
638AleemKnowledgeable, Wise, Learned, Expertعلیم
640MukhtarChosen. Authorized.مختار
641IsaA Prophet’s Nameعیسیٰ
642KhwajaMister. A Spiritual Title.خواجہ
643MunawarBright, Shinyمنور
644RedaIn Hindu meaning is : favor; contentment, satisfaction origin muslimریدا
645MoazzamElderly, The Glorious A Goodمعظم
646AdeebScholar, Litttrateurادیب
647KhaledEternal, everlastingخالد
648OzanA bard; a story teller and a composerاوزان
649ShameerBeautiful, youngشامیر
650Awaisgifted, bestowed, little wolfاويس
651GulfamRose Facedگلفام
652ManiA Painter Who Later Claimed To Be A Prophetمانی
654KareemGenerous, Noble Personکریم
655ShaadHappy, Cheerfulشاد
656JahanzebCharming, Beautiful, Pleasant, Adorableجہانزیب
657BasharBringer Of Glad Tidingsبشر
658MumtazDistinguished. Exquisite.ممتاز
659AnzarPure Gold, Silverعنضر
660RajaHopeful, Hopeراجہ
661TanzeelPopular, the fallتنزیل
662Abdul-basitVariant Of Abdul-Baasit: Servant Of The Extender, Creatorعبد الباسط
663BayazidName of a saintبايزيد
664EsaIn Sanskrit meaning is : Desirable; another name for Visnuعیسی
665NafisPrecious, Exquisiteنفیس
666EmadIn parsi meaning is : Confidenceعماد
667AlauddinGlory of religion (Islam)الدين
668ImanFaith. Belief.امان
669SalahRighteousness Of The Faith, Goodnessصلاح
670HaninDesire, Longing, yearningحنین
672Sanithe secondثانی
673FaiqSuperior, Excellentفائق
675TabarakHallowed, Magnifiedطبارک
676AfifChaste, Modestعفیف
677AishLive, Enjoy Lifeایش
678HatimJudge, Inevitable, Ruler, Kingحاتم
679Abdul-samadServant Of The Eternalعبد الصمد
680ShaukatPower. Dignity.شوکت
683ChoudharyRingleader, reliable man in the villageچودھری
684HakanNoble, Of The Highest Race; Exalted Sonحاکان
685TufailMediator. Expedient.طفیل
686AatazazBe Dearاعتزاز
687HuzaifahCompanion Of Prophet Muhammad, Huzaifah Ibn Yamanحذیفہ
688RaufMerciful, Kind, An Attributive Name Of Allah(SWT)روئف
689FaridWithout Rival, One Of A Kindفرید
690AasilTo Attack Violently And Persistentlyاصیل
692RahmatMercy. Clemency.رحمت
693AdalNoble, Preciousعدل
694RaniIn hebrew meaning is : Songرانی
695ShabanYoung menشابان
697HaziqSkillful, Intelligentحازق
698RameshRest Cheerfulnessرامش
699AlimIntelligent; Learnedعالم
700Abu TalhaA great Sahabi who participaابو طلحہ
701GulshanGarden of flowersگلشن
702AradName Of An Angelارد
704IzharRevelation. Declaration.اظہار
705SalaarLeader, Chief, Commanderسالار
707MuzaffarVictorious, Triumphantمظفر
708AaminGod Have It Soآمین
709AazamSupreme, Powerfulاعظم
710KaleemSpeaker, Interlocutorکلیم
711AaienDarwish adjectivesعاہن
712SamanHome, Welfareثمن
713SulaimanArabic Form Of Solomon,Peaceful.سلیمان
714AalifCompassionate, Affectionateآلف
715MiladBirth, Christmasمیلاد
716HasnatBeautiful, Fair, Elegantحسنات
717IkhlaqMorals Virtuesاخلاق
718AkifAttached, Intent.عاکف
719JaishVery excellent, fineجائش
720MoosaName of a Prophet, Arabic Form Of Mosesموسٰی
721NadirDear, Rare, Preciousنادر
723SaabirVariant Of Sabir: Patient, Enduringصابر
724A’azzMightier, Stronger, Dearer, More Belovedاعاز
725AlamgirConqueror Of The Worldعالمگیر
726AteeqOld Ancient.عتیق
727MahbubBeloved, Dearمحبوب
728KeyaanCrown, Kingكيان
730ShadHappy, gratifiedشاد
731HeraQueen Of Heaven.ہیرہ
732Ali HaiderThe High, Exalted One, Lionعلي حيدر
733SartajHusband, Crownسرتاج
734BaabarVariant Of Babar: Lion, King Of Jungleبابر
736SalemPeace, Tranquility.سلیم
737Khabeeb, KhubaibSmartخبیب
738LatifGentle, Kindلطیف
739AamadIntended Toعامد
740MuneerBrilliant. Shining.منیر
741HarunChief, Messenger, Protectorہارون
742AshabMaster, Friends, Companionsعشب
743AamerRuler, Who Orderedآمر
745GeorgeIn American meaning is : Farmerجارج
748LabibSensible, Intelligentلابیب
749ShahryarThe Kingشہریار
751SinaIn Farsi meaning is : Sinaiسینا
752Abdul-bariVariant Of Abdul-Baari: Servant Of The Creatorعبد الباری
754MahmoodIn parsi meaning is : Praisedمحمود
755MaqsoodIntended. Proposed.مقصود
756SadikIn Hindu meaning is : Truthful origin muslimصادق
758AalimMan Of Learning, Wiseعالم
759UmmiDo Not Readامّی۔
760FuzailExcellence, Reward, Grace, Favorفُضیل
761LiaqatFitness. Ability.لیاقت
762RoohLife, essence, heartروح
765ShahabShooting Star. Luminous.شہاب
766ShamshadTree Like Pine.شمشاد
768AaghaaLeader, Ruler, Master, Chiefآغا
769ShahwaizSpeak Melodious, Nobler, Renownedشاہویز
770BaberAdvisor, simple heartبابر
771TarekMorning Star. Variant Of Tariqطارق
772AmanullahProtection of Godأمانلله
773Sa’adFelicity, Good Fortune, Good Luckسعد
774ShaikhHead. Chieftain. Teacher.شیخ
775HasratGrief. Distress.حسرت
776SamerFull of fruit treesثامر
777NazeerWarner, Cautioner, Portent, Harbingerنذیر
778EshaanDesiring and wishingعشان
779Abdul muttalibSlave Of The One Who Seeksعبد المُطلب
782Du’aBlessing, Prayerدعا
783IqrarAcknowledge, Recognizeاقرار
784AaaqilOne who is wise and intelligentآقیل
785UbaidullahSlave of Allahعبید اﷲ
786GhulamSlave. Servant.غلام
789TaqiGod-Conscious, God-Fearingتقی
790ChishtiFamous Saint Whose Dargah Is At Ajmerچشتی
791LuqmanThe Biblical Aesep Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet’s Nameلقمان
792Abdul QadirOne Who Serves A Capable Man.عبدالقادر
793AamilWorker, Effectiveاعمل
794InzamamProximity, Mingle, Connectانضمام
796MaahirVariant Of Mahir: Skilledماہر
798AzmiOne Who Keeps His Wordعزمی
799JahidHard workerجاہد
800YamanProper Nameیمن
802AshrafiGold Coinاشرافی
803AbdelServant Of Godعبدل
804ArminA Character In Shahnameh (Key-ghobad’s Son)ارمین
805ArkanPl. of Rukn, support, propاركان
806HasibAnother Name For Prophet Muhammadحاسب
807MaheerBold, brave, Courageousماہیر
808LajpalThe Dignityلجپال
809IhsanKindness, Beneficence; Highest Level Of Imanاحسان
810YazidIn Hindu meaning is : increase, abundance (origin Arabic)یازد
811KhairExcellent. Benevolent.خیر
812AafaqCollection of horizons, worldآفاق
813Abdul-muizServant Of The Giver Of Might And Gloryعبدالمعز
814ImaadSupport. Pillar. Confidence.عماد
816AfiyatGood Health, Ease, Comfortعافیت
817AabbazSwimmer, Floating In Waterآب باز
818QaiserEmperor. Caesarقیصر
819HakimWise, Wisdom And Decisivenessحاکم
821Abdul-wahabVariant Of Abdul-Wahaab: Servant Of The Giverعبد الوہاب
822KafiSufficient, Al-Kafiكافي
823IzhaarVariant Of Izhar: Revelation, Declarationاظہار
825SananUNQUAILING fearless adventurerصنان
826KalebDog; Brave. In The Old Testament, Caleb Was A Companion Of Moses During His Time In The Wilderness.کلب
828BinyaminName of the brother of Prophetبنيامين
829HabibullahBeloved Of Godحبيب الله
831ShaniCrimson, Redشانی
832ArafahVigil, Guardعرفہ
833IrfaanVariant Of Irfan: Thankfulness. Knowledge. Wisdomعرفان
838SahibCompanion, Followerصاحب
840ZohanGift; Gift from Godزوهان
841HumanA Character In Shahnamehہمان
843AasafClear, Lined Upآصَف
844RihabVastness, Widenessراہب
845SadidStrong, adornedسدید
846SafeerMediator, Ambassadorسفیر
847KazimTolerant, Forgiving, Restraining Angerکاظم
848Abd manafServant Of Manafعبد المناف
852AsadullahLion of Allah. Title of Aliأصدلله
853EliasIn American meaning is : Jehovah is Godالیاس
854NabilNoble, Magnanimousنابل
855Emrea friend who is loving or an older brother.ایمر
856ZawarPilgrimages the Amateurزوار
857SaherMagic Womanساحر
858FaroukDiscerning Truth From Falsehood.فاروق
859ShamiIn Hindu meaning is : Husband,’cold’ in Irani origin.شامی
860AdadPower, Victoryعداد
861SalikFollower Of A Spiritual Path.سالک
862HidayatGuidance. Instruction.ہدایت
863YazeedTo Increase, Grow, Enhanceیازید
864GilaniResident Of Gilanگیلانی
865ShabYoung menشاب
866MusaibTO BE MASTER OFمسیب
868JerichoCity Of The Moon. In The Bible Jericho Was A Canaan City Destroyed When Its Walls Fell Downجیریکو
870AdiA Form Of Vasishtha.عدی
871BashirBringer Of Glad Tidings, Harbinger, Bringer Of Good Newsبشیر
872WisalCommunion In Loveوصال
873ZahanatIncreasingly mind, qualificationsذہانت
874SakhawatSuppleness. Generosity.سخاوت
875Ali HamzaThe High, Exalted One, From the Arabic meaning “strong” or “steadfast”علی حمزہ
879JalilExalted, Honorableجلیل
880MukarramRespected, Honoured.مکرم
881JasperIn American meaning is : Treasurerجسپر
884RehmanA merciful, Shafiqرحمن
885Fazle RabbiBounty of my Lord.فضلِ ربی
886MaqboolAccepted. Popular.مقبول
887GhausCry For Help, Defenderغوث
888QalandarFree manقلندر
889NazamOrder, Disciplineنظم
891ZulkiflThe Biblical Ezekiel Is The English Language Equivalentزُلکفیل
892ZakIn American meaning is : God Remembers; he will laughذک
893KenanMale name (Malawi)کینن
895YasarEase, Wealthیاسَر
897MutasimAdhering To Faithمعتصم
898MohtashimThe Respect Dignityمحتشم
899Abdul-muhaiminServant Of The Supervising, Guardian, Protectorعبدالمہیمن
900AakiTo Establishmentعاکی
901AshazOne in a million, name of a sahabi during the time of prophet There is a hadith praising his virtue of patience and obedience to parentsشاذ
902AinPrecious Eye.عین
904OmairIn Muslim meaning is : Problem solverعمیر
905MasoodFortunate, Luckyمسعود
906Abdul WaaseServant of the Vastعبدل واسع
907NazirSimilar, Comparableناظر
908SadatMaster. Gentleman.سعادت
909ShameemOdor. Scent.شمیم
910UwaisSmall Wolfاویس
911AkilIntelligent, Thoughtfulاکیل
912HamadTo Praiseحمد
913AaessLion, Brave, Fierce-Facedعائث
914MusharrafElevated, Honoredمشرف
915TafheemUnderstanding theتفہیم
916AnayatFavor, Graceعنایت
918AaiedRecurrence, Relapseعائد
921IntezarWait, Goneانتظار
922AabaadSlave, Worshiper Of Allahعباد
923AsmarDeep Yellow, Tawnyاسمار
924GhaniThe Title Of The Third Khalifah Of Islam Hazrat Usmanغنی
925MahfoozVariant Of Mahfuz: Preserved, Safeمحفوظ
926masoomSinless, Innocentمعصوم
928AliyarHigh, Elevated, Champion, Eminentعالیار
930RafaqatFriendship Escortرفاقت
931IbraheemVariant Of Ibrahim: The Biblical Abraham Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet’s Nameابراہیم
932FarhatJoy Happinessفرحت
933ManafTo Negateمناف
935OmerFirst Sonعمر
936MadaniIn Sindhi meaning is : Civilised.مدانی
937Abdul-azizVariant Of Abdul-Azeez: Servant Of The Mighty. The Powerfulعبد العزیز
938SumbalOne fragrant grassسنبل
939HeshamBrave destroyer of evilہشام
940NajafCity Of Iraqنجف
941ZakaIntelligence Acumen Purity Honestyذکاء
942JavidAlive, Livingجاوید
943DilawarHearty. Daring.دلاور
944AabesLion, Brave, Fierce-Facedعابس
945RasoolName Of The Nabi.Origin Islamicرسول
946ElyasVariant Of Ilyas: The Biblical Elijah Is The English Language Equivalentالیاس
948SafaIn Hindu meaning is : Eternalصفا
949UdayIn Hindu meaning is : Ascendاودے
950MahfuzPreserved, Safeمحفوظ
951RaheemMerciful, God Is Compassionate, Kindرحیم
952WajibCompulsory, at the necessaryواجب
953HadisHistory, Traditionحادث
954SharafatNobility. Good Manners.شرافت
955ZaibDecoration. Beauty.زیب
956HamdPraise, Admire, Commendationحمد
957KianThe Kings, Surname Of Theکاین
958Abdul QayyumServant of the Self Subsistingعبدل قیوم
959Abdul-rehmanVariant Of Abdul Rahman: One Who Serves A Merciful Manعبد الرحمان
961AabedObedient, Worshiper, Respectfulعابد
962ShamirIn hebrew meaning is : Precious stoneشہامیر
963SadaqatSincerity. Truth.صداقت
964AadarReverence, Commencementعادر
965AbarSon Of Arphaxad And Grandson Of Shem.عبر
966TurabNew dust, groundتراب
967AasaalEvening Time, Real, Pureاسال
968IdreesVariant Of Idris: A Prophet’S Nameادریس
969ShafqatLove, sincerity Latifشفقت
970AahilGreat King, Great Leader, Emperorآہل ۔ آحل
971KishwarCountry. Realm.کشور
973AmilInvaluable; Unavailableعامل
974AribStrong, powerfulآرب
975ZabeehullahThe Sacrifice In The Cause Of Allahذبیح اﷲ
977ZekeThe Memory Of The Lordزکی
978ZaadThe Dominationضاد
979RaziqGod. Provider.رازق
981AmerGreat Treeامر
982HafizKeeper, Guardian, Preserverحافظ
984RigelFoot. Rigel Is A Blue Star Of The First Magnitude That Marks The Hunter’s Left Foot In The Orion Constellationریجل
985QaisarKing, Emperor, Ruler, Monarchقیصر
987NumairIn Hindu meaning is : Panther origin muslimنُومیر
988AraizNational leader.أرز
989YusefIn hebrew meaning is : God shall multiplyیوسف
990AkhlaqMore Appropriateاخلاق
991AbyanClear, Eloquentأبين
992TaabishWarmth, Brillianceتابش
993TalatPrayer, One Who Is Spiritually Ascendingطلعت
994AdaFulfilling A Duty, Payingادا
995HameedPraising (God). Loving (God).حمید
996DaniIn hebrew meaning is : Variant of Daniel: God is my judgeدانی
998IlamAwareness Educationعلم
999AbbasiPertaining To Abbasعباسی
1000SaahirVariant Of Sahir: Charming, Enchanting, Wakefulصاہر
1001Ali SherThe High, Exalted One, Lionعلی شیر
1002AuladChildren, Offspringاولاد
1003SafdarPiercing Lines, Fighterصفدر
1004HaisamStrong Manہیسم
1005KarimNoble Exalted Highborn,Generousکریم
1006AlyThe High,exalted One.اعلے
1007AsgarIn Hindu meaning is : Devoteeاصغر
1008UmayyahIn Sindhi meaning is : A narrator of hadith.امیّہ
1009SafirMediator, Ambassadorسفیر
1010LukmanIn egyptian meaning is : A prophet.لقمان
1011ShabbeerHazrat Hussain titleشبیر
1012MubinIn Muslim meaning is : Another name for the Quran, One who informsمُبین
1013Sana UllahTo Praise Of Godثناﺀ اﷲ
1014NaqeebFault-Finder, Leader, Representativeنقیب
1016CanOne who is full of spirit, life and heart
1017HamoodOne Who Praises Allahحمود
1018AarzuWish, hope, love.آرزو
1019JaabirVariant Of Jabir: Consoler, Comforterجابر
1020RaahatVariant Of Rahat: Rest, Reposeراحت
1021WazirMinister, Vizierوزیر
1022HaarisVariant Of Haris: Vigilant, Watchmanحارث
1023NiazGift, Presentنیاز
1024SahlIn Muslim meaning is : Companion of Prophet Muhammad, smooth, simpleساحل
1025AazaadVariant Of Azad: Independent, Freeآزاد
1026AafienCourageous, Brave, Fearlessعافین
1027AuliyaSaints, Fathersاولیاء
1028AbdiAbbreviated Form Of Abdulعبدی
1029HazimDiscreet, Prudentحاذم
1030EisaArabic Form Of Jesusعیسٰی
1031TajammulBeauty, Dignityتجّمل
1032KalimSpeaker, Interlocutorکلیم
1033NawfalGenerous Old Arabic Name For The Seaنوفل
1034NibrasLamp, lightنبراس
1035AaghaLeader, Ruler, Master, Chiefآغا
1036AbadiEternal, Endless, Immortalآبادی
1037FareedUnique. Alone.فرید
1038FahhamVery Intelligentفہم
1041AraOrnament, Decorationعرا
1042HamiProtector, Defenderحامی
1043NajeebExcellent. Nobleنجیب
1045Ali AkbarThe High, Exalted One, Greatعلی اکبر
1046ImamLeader. Chief.امام
1047KafeelSponsor, Surety, Responsibleکفیل
1048RasheedThinker; Counselor.رشید
1049Abdul RahimServant Of The Most Compassionate.عبدالرحیم
1050RidhaVariant Of Reza: Contentment, Acceptance, Satisfactionریدہ
1051DenizSea of happinessڈینیز
1052DidarVision, sight.ديدار
1053HaqJust, Right, Justiceحق
1054IliasIn latin meaning is : Jehovah is my Godالیاس
1055BilawelA Sufi saint of Sindhبلاول
1056MasarratHappiness, Delightمسارت
1057NidalIn Sindhi meaning is : Fight, defence.نیدل
1058AfshinName Of An Iranian Generalافشین
1060JibrilArchangel Gabrielجبرائیل
1061IyadThe little Sardarعیاد
1062AbaidGod’S Worshipper; God Knowsعبید
1063IqtidarCapability, Powerاقتدار
1064NabhanNoble, Outstandingبہان
1065KanizSlave Girl. Servant.کنیز
1068BuraqBright Oneبُراق
1070YameenOath, Right Hand, Right Wing (Of The Army)یمین
1071AlmanKind, willing and wisemanالمان
1073Ali AsgharInfant son of Imam Husayn who attained martyrdom in the Karbala when he was a suckling babyعلی اصغر
1074AsafIn hebrew meaning is: Gathersآصف
1075AsgharSmaller. Younger.اصغر
1076Lisanlanguage, Bidلسان
1077AqdasVery clean, elderlyاقدس
1078AaezePoor, Needy, Indigent,عائز
1079AbisQuick, Alert, Swiftآبص
1080AafandiElder, respected, goodآفندی
1081IsrafilAngel who will blow the Trumإسرافيل
1082FajrDaybreak, Dawnفجر
1083HaleemLord Of Soundحلیم
1084FarizPromising, determined.فاريز
1085ShibliBaby lionشبلی
1086MemonSaeed, Happyمیمون
1087AladdinHeight Of Faithالادین
1088AaghaaLeader, Ruler, Master, Chiefآغا
1089ZaniGift From God.ظنی
1090AzabSword, Pleasantعزب
1091Meekaa’eelVariant Of Mikael: The Biblical Michael Is The English Language Equivalentمیکائیل
1094KadirSpring Greeningقادر
1095HuzurTitle Of Respect, Presenceحُضور
1096ChahalHappy moodچہل
1097LaithIn Sindhi meaningis : Lion.لیتح
1099AsarMark, Print, Effect, Footprintعصر
1100JaleelOne who is not respectedجلیل
1101Abdul raufVariant Of Abdul-Raouf: Servant Of The Most Mercifulعبد الرؤف
1102LabeebVariant Of Labib: Sensible, Intelligentلابیب
1103AounHelp, Charityعون
1105afiPure natureعفی
1107HabilThe Biblical Abel Is The English Language Equivalentہابل
1108Khairul BasharBest of mankind, an epithetخیر البشر
1109MushfiqFriend, Considerate.مشفق
1110HumaidOne Who Glorifies Godحُمید
1111QutubVariant Of Qutb: Pivot, Pole, Axis, Celebrityقُطب
1112KumarIn Hindu meaning is: Princeکومار
1113BasharatGood Omen Prophecyبشارت
1114MalakIn Hindu meaning is: Angelملک
1115Abdul RazzaqServant Of The Providerعبدالرزاق
1116KasamOpen flowerکسام
1118NasarHelp, Supportنصر
1119ZeroEmpty, Void.زیرو
1120Abul KalamFather of speech, eloquent.ابل کلام
1121PashaA Lordپاشا
1122IshmaelIn biblical meaning is : God that hears.اشمیل
1123KaneezSlave Girl. Servant.کنیز
1125Eminit means someone who is trustworthy or confident.ایمن
1126BarisPeaceful, calm, quiteبارس
1127ZillThe shadeظل
1128KaremKindness, grantکرم
1130SaghirSmall. Minor. Submissive. Yielding.ساغر
1131KibriaElderly beautiful names of Godکبریا
1132ReyhanGood Scent, fragranceریحان
1133AyyubTo Return To God, To Repent, Name Of Prophetایوب
1134TarikMorning Star. Variant Of Tariqطارق
1136Noor MuhammadLight of the Prophet Muhammadنورمحمد
1137AmatullahSlave Of Godعمات اللہ
1138NawabRais, richنواب
1139IshfaqCompassion, Kindnessاِشفاق
1140HussnainMurad al-Hasan and Husaynحسنین
1141Abdul-mateenServant Of The Firm, Strongعبد المطین
1142Abdul SattarServant of the Protectorعبدل ستار
1143WasiqIrrevocable, strongواثق
1144Rajab7Th Month Of The Islamic Calendarرجب
1145HamedIn parsi meaning is : A praiserحامد
1147KasimJust( Swahili origin )کاسم
1149ZaafirVariant Of Zafir: Victoriousظافر
1150RajiIn Hindu meaning is : One who shinesراجی
1152AlpA brave hero known for his valour and sacrifice is a demanding name to take.الپ
1153FouadVariant Of Fuad: Heartفاؤد
1154Khalid Bin WalidGeneral to whom the Prophetخالد بن والید
1155BariOf Allahباری
1156TabinFollower, Unfoldتابین
1157BadiInventor, Creatorبادی
1159KalamSpeech Conversationکلام
1161As’adHappier, Luckierاسعد
1162AyarHelper, Friendایار
1164RiasatLeadership, Stateریاست
1165WamiqLoving, Friendlyوامق
1166RaghibDesirous, Willingراغب
1167NimaIn Farsi meaning is : Smallنیما
1168AfhamUnderstanding, wisdom, awarenessافہام
1169AyoubIn Turkish meaning is : Jobایوب
1170MiftahKey. Opener.مفتاح
1171MohidBelieving in One Godموحد
1173CalebIn American meaning is : Faithful dogکالب
1174MuzakkirIn Sindhi meaning is : Reminder.مُزکر
1175MaharLove, sun friendshipمہر
1176ArshamVery Strong Name Of Dariush’s Grandfatherارشام
1177SadimAllah Often Than Reciting Theسدیم
1178JalaluddinVariant Of Jelaluddin: Glory Of The Faithجلال الدین
1179SalamatSoundness, Integrityسلامت
1180KhairatBenevolence, Charityخیرات
1181NoohVariant Of Nuh: The Biblical Noah Is The English Language Equivalentنوح
1182NawarThe One Who Guards Herselfنوار
1184Sa’aadatVariant Of Sa’adat: Happiness, Blissسعادت
1185AreezTo Sayعریض
1188UqbahThe End Of Everythingعقبہ
1189ZarghamLions liveضرغام
1190Abul basharFather Of Manابُل بشر
1191JaanSpirit Lifeجان
1192ShamsuddeenVariant Of Shemsuddin: Sun Of The Faithشمس الدین
1193AsamBottle ropeاعصام
1194TaherIn parsi meaning is : Pure; chaste; cleanطاہر
1195NazPride. Delicacy.ناز
1196AaqaaMaster, Ownerآقا
1199NaseerSupporter. Protector. Granting Victory.نصیر
1200YanniIn hebrew meaning is : Form of Yannis. Gift of God;The Lord is gracious.یانی
1201ArjanA Kind Of Fir (tree), A Kind Of Mountain Almondارجن
1202IfrazHeight, altitudeإفراز
1203NazarEyesight, Visionنذر
1204YawarAdjutant. Aid-De Camp.یاور
1205Abul hasanFather Of Hasanابُل حسن
1206SubhiIn Hindu meaning is : early bright,dawnصُبحی
1207GadiGod Is My Fortuneگادئ
1208BehramMars, Planetبہرم
1209MuttaqiGod Fearing Piousمتقی
1210AbdalSubstitutes, Persons By Whom God Continues The World In Existenceعبدل
1211SabiqAntecedent. Precedingسابق
1212ImraanVariant Of Imran: A Prophet’s Nameعمران
1213JibreelVariant Of Jibril: Gabriel Is The English Language Equivalent. A Biblical Name Not Used For Humansجبریل
1215FatirMaker, Creatorفاطر
1216Qaharbeautiful names of Allah culinaryقہار
1218NamirChaste manنمیر
1219AibakSlave Messengerایبک
1220YaqoobOne prophet, nameیعقوب
1221ArvinExperiment, Trialعروین
1223UbaidahServant Of Godعبیدہ
1225FirasIn Sindhi meaning is : Perspicacious.فیراس
1229LaisIn Hindu meaning is : lion origin Arabicلائیس
1231YounessIn Farsi meaning is : Jonasیونس
1232SaibForesaken, Abandoned.صائب
1233TaiHatim attributed to the TAIطائی
1234MohammedForm Of Muhammad. Praisedمحمد
1235ZubaidBe Chosenزبید
1236MaierFarmer; Bright, Shining; Largerمائر
1237NazakatDelicacy. Neatness.نزاکت
1238JoshIn hebrew meaning is : Form of Joshua. Lord is salvationجوش
1239Abu TalibFather of seekerابو طالب
1240Helalmoon,First moonہلال
1241AsilPure, Nobleاصیل
1243JihadSpiritual Striving, Holy Warجہاد
1245WafiFaithful, Loyalواقی
1246RaedIn british meaning is : Redراید
1247TanisAffection, loveتانیس
1249HarimCompanion, Friendحارم
1250TajwarKing. Crowned.تاجور
1252QurbanMartyr, Sacrificedقربان
1253NaqibChief, Lawyerنقِب
1255MasroorPleased. Happy.مسرور
1257BaderMoon of the fourteenth nightبدر
1258ShanawarInformed, Knowing, Aware Ofشناور
1259ShamalIn Hindu meaning is : Hot and dryشمل
1260FariqLieutenant Generalفارق
1261DaiyanA mighty ruler, judgeداعيا
1262TaabFragrance, pleasantطاب
1263NawafHigh, Loftyنواف
1264Ali ShanThe High, Exalted One, Old, Wiseعلی شان
1266ZareefElegant. Witty.ظریف
1269JasirBrave, bold, courageousجاسير
1270SayeedVariant Of Sayid: Master,Happy.سیعد
1271CyrusFar sightedکیروس
1272NagiIn Hindu meaning is : Saved origin Arabicناگی
1273SaroshAngel, voiceسروش
1274AbadullahTo Worship Allahعباد اﷲ
1275MashkoorPraiseworthy. Thankful.مشکور
1276FasihEloquent. Literary. Wide. Ample.فصیح
1277BasirKnowledgeable, Proficient, One Who Seesبصیر
1278HaythamYoung hawkہیتہم
1279BakiOne who has a quick and analytical mindبکی
1281MunaWish, Desireمنا
1282MursalMessenger, Prophet, Ambassadorمرسل
1285GulRose. Flower.گل
1286HamishEdge, Cornerہامیش
1287HurriyatFreedom, Liberty, Independenceحُریت
1288NuhThe Biblical Noah Is The English Language Equivalentنُوح
1289QadirCapable, Competentقادر
1290Inamul HaqGift of Truthah).انعام الحق
1291FaazVictorius, successfulفاز
1292YaqubIn Sindhi meaning is : A Prophet’s Name.یعقوب
1293KaderVariant transcription of QADIRقادر
1295ManzoorAcceptable. Admired.منظور
1296AalamgeerConqueror Of The Worldعالمگیر
1297TawfiqSuccess, Reconciliationتوفیق
1298NuzhatRecreation, Amusementنُزہت
1299PandaWisdom; Knowledge; Learningپانڈہ
1300HaneefTrue Believer, Orthodoxحنیف
1301RadIn American meaning is : Advisorرد
1302MunimTo Be Contentedمُنیم
1303ShamarIn american meaning is : Ready for Battleشامار
1304AlhanEloquence, good voice.الهان
1305IlanGood personالأن
1306HurmatChastity, Sacred.حرمت
1307FadilGenerous, honorable, superiorفاضل
1308KhalifSurrogates successorخالف
1310KifayatSufficiency, Competenceکفایت
1311ArhabOpen-minded, Gracious, , Intellectualارهاب
1312AzaIn Hindu meaning is : Comfortعضہ
1313ManzarSight, Viewمنظر
1314SalilDescendant, Sonسالیل
1316AsaadMore Fortunateاسعد
1318DawerRuler, Judgeداور
1319AmrOrder, Commandامر
1320MansurAided By God, Victoriousمنصور
1321UmranIn Sindhi meaning is : Prosperity.عُمران
1322ArdaName Of A Priest Of The Magi (during Sassanid Period)اردہ
1324NiaziNiaz get one tribeنیازی
1326AsmirActive, piousآژمیر
1327AbdSlave. Servantعبد
1328ZabirVast Knowledge Of Religionذابر
1330AzfarMost Victorious.اظفر
1332TamseelLikened, Illustrationتمثیل
1333RaisIn Hindu meaning is : Leader,chief origin islamicرئیس
1335SabarTo Accelerate The Processثبار
1336SadarHead of the country, started of everything, breastplateصدر
1338GhaffarMost Forgiving, Mercifulغفار
1339TahamiBlessed Prophet titleتہامی
1340MustajabOne Who Is Heardمستجاب
1343MansabOffice, Dignityمنصب
1344Abu SaeedFather of dignifiedابو سعید
1345MazinProper Nameمعازن
1346JubairIn Hindu meaning is : meaning unknownجُوبیر
1347Ka’abHonorable throneکعب
1348AslihanNoble, High bornاسلیحان
1349JavierIn American meaning is : Owner of a new houseجوایر
1350HassaanVery Good, Very Well, Beautiful, Appealingحسن
1351SakhiGenerous, Liberalسخی
1352TazeemHonour, sanctityتعظیم
1353KunwarThunder cloudsکنور
1354MamnoonVariant Of Mamnun: Trustworthyمنون
1356ShafeeqVariant Of Shafiq: Kind, Compassionate, Tenderشفیق
1358KhadimServant, Attendantخادم
1359NavidBringing good newsنوید
1360KhaliqCompetent, Well Disposedخالق
1361MakkiPertaining To Makkah.مکی
1362KulsomWith full cheeksکلثوم
1363HashmatDecency. Dignity.حشمت
1364HilalIn Sindhi meaning is : Crescent.ہلیل
1365AufarComplete, Perfectاوفار
1366UrwahIn Sindhi meaning is : Hand-held, support.عروہ
1367FaidBenefit, advantage, gainفايد
1368WaseWide Spaciousواسع
1369AlaiIn Gaelic meaning is : Defender of man.علیہ
1370WasilInseparable Friendواصل
1371FaheelGood ancestryفحیل
1372IffanTime, season, weatherافّان
1373AsirSelected, Chosenاصیر
1374Shujaatbravery, Boldlyشجاعت
1375TabanResplendent, Glitteringتابان
1377AshmalPerfect, Completeاشمل
1378AyurEast Windایّور
1379HijratGoing From One Place To Anotherہجرت
1380HoodThe Biblical Hud Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet’s Name.ہود
1381MaanBeneficial, Helpful, Prideریاض
1382AwadReward, Compensationاواد
1383MamoonReliable manمامون
1384AahinHumble, Firm, Unshakeableعاہن
1385Abdul-WahidVariant Of Abdul-Waahid: Servant Of The Oneعبد الواحد
1386AbdaalTo manage.ابدال
1387HaaziqVariant Of Haziq: Skillful, Intelligentحازق
1388Abdul-majidVariant Of Abdul-Majeed: Servant Of The Glorious Oneعبد الماجد
1390AmiriLeader, Officer, prince ( Swahili origin )امیری
1392MuhafizOne Who Protectsمحافظ
1393MaulanaOur Masterمولانا
1394MuammarLong-lived, Antiquatedمُعمر
1396BurjZodiac Sign, Star, Constellationبرج
1397Ataur RahmanGift of the merciful.عطا الرحمن
1398Aban8Th Month Of The Iranian Calendar Name Of A Certain Angelابن
1400FaysalVariant Of Faisal: Stubborn, Resolute.فیصل
1401WakeelAgent, Representative.وکیل
1402WajihNoble, Eminentوجیہ
1404KaanKing of kings or ruler.کان
1405AniqBeautiful, Prettyانیق
1407MuqeetDaily Breadمقیت
1408MaazinVariant Of Mazin: Proper Nameماظن
1409AfzaalCollect bountyافضال
1410MunsifJustice. Righteousمنصف
1411RafeeqKind. Ally.رفیق
1413Abdul-salamVariant Of Abdal Salam: Servant Of Peaceعبد السلام
1414IshaaqVariant Of Ishaq: Isaac. A Prophet’s Nameاسحاق
1415FerozeMan of triumphفیروز
1416AlvaIn English meaning is: Noble friend, elf friend, or old friend.الوا
1418FayyadOverflowing, generousفياض
1419Enderin Turkish language it means scarce.اینڈر
1420MasadThe Advisersماسد
1421AbadahEndurance, Durability, Strength, Worshippersعبادہ
1422KeyvanWorld, Universeکیون
1423AusafQualities, Virtuesاوصاف
1424AshkanName Of The 3rd Dynasty Of Persian Kingsاشکن
1425AnifLofty, Noble, Sahabiعنيف
1426RazeenIn Sindhi, the meaning is Sedate, Slemn, Grave, Sober-Minded.رازین
1427IhtishamPomp, Magnificenceاحتیشام
1428TabibA Doctor, is someone who cures the sickتبیب
1429EzazHonor, High, rewardاعزاز
1430OthmanIn German meaning is: Wealthyعتمان
1431SubhaanVariant Of Subhan: Holy, Glorifyingسبحان
1433AbdanIs derived from Abdأبدا
1434HaadyVariant Of Hadi: Guiding To The Rightحادے
1435AzmeerClever, pious.أزمير
1436BillalSatisfies thirst, Billal was he name of a black slave who accepted Islam and later became the 1st Muezzin (one who calls for prayer) of Islamبالليل
1437MasirDestiny, Fate, Final Destinationماثر
1441GhiyasuddinHelper Of Religionغیاس الدین
1442NoureddineThe Light Of Religion.نُورالدین
1443Abdul-HameedVariant Of Abdul-Hamid: Servant Of The Praiseworthy. The Ever-Praisedعبد الحمید
1444AbbaIn Hebrew meaning is: Fatherابا
1445QadeerExtremely Capable, Competent, Able, Powerfulقدیر
1446HudThose Who Ask Forgivenessحُد
1447BasimThe smiling oneباسم
1448ZabitPowerful, To Rememberضابط
1449LimanRayed, Brightnessلمعان
1450AjwadBetter, Bestاجود
1452EbiIn Parsi, meaning is: Paternalعبی
1453SawabStep Dexter To Good Workصواب
1454AsbahDawn, Morningعصبہ
1455ZookPassion, severity wantذوق
1456Abdal-HadiServant Of The Leaderعبدالحادی
1457MuzzammilIn Sindhi meaning is: Wrappedمُزمل
1458TamirOwns Palm Treesتامر
1459HasadTurkish – Harvest; Reaping; A variant name is Hassadحاسد
1460Abd-al-JabbarServant Of The Mightyعبد الجبار
1462HaaniIn Islam, meaning is : Happy; Delighted; Contentحانی
1463RazzaqOne Who Provides The Necessities Of Lifeرزاق
1464ImdadTo Helpامداد
1465TawfeeqVariant Of Tawfiq: Success, Reconciliationتوفیق
1466Kibriya’Grandeur, Gloryکیبریا
1468SaedArm, lionساعد
1470HusainSmall Beauty Good. The Founder Of Shiite Islam Was Named Husseinحُسین
1471ShujaBrave, Bold, Valour.شجاع
1472HumamCourageous, Generousحُمام
1473HaabeelVariant Of Habil: The Biblical Abel Is The English Language Equivalentہابیل
1474ZorazLight Makerضوریز
1475SakhaawatVariant Of Sakhawat: Suppleness, Generosityسخاوت
1476TasawwurImagination, Conceptionتصوّر
1478TaalibCandidate, Studentطالب
1479FazerWide pathفازر
1480AfeefChaste Modestعفیف
1481TahamBrave, courageous, fearlessتہام
1483RaqibIn Muslim meaning is : One of the ninety-nine names of God; watchmanراقب
1485BijanA Character In Shahnamehبیجن
1486Abu lahabFather Of The Flameابُو لہب
1487Al-yasa’The Biblical Elijah Is The English Language Equivalentالیاسا
1488ZafeerThe More Successظفیر
1489SifaatAccumulation of adjective definitionصفات
1490AmanatSecurity Depositامانت
1491RaaefThe Increasedراعف
1492MuazzamElderly, The Glorious A Goodمعظم
1493MisbaahVariant Of Misbah: Lamp, Lightمصباح
1494NudratRarity, Uniquenessنُدرت
1495AbdarGlassy,Shiny cleanآبدار
1496I’badServants, Slavesعباد
1497GhaliExpensive (Kiswahili)غالی
1498SaabiqVariant Of Sabiq: Antecedent, Precedingصابق
1499AneeqLove In The Arms Going To The Neckعنیق
1500AjimZeal, Fire, Heatاجیم
1504Qaani’Variant Of Qani’: Satisfied, Content
1507NoraizThe First Ray Of Sunlight Which Came To Earth
1508HermuzdAn angel named
1511SommarGood Friend; The Plural of Saamer;
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