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8 Benefits of Coffee That You Didn’t Know Before


Pour. Slurp. Rejoice. Coffee is nonetheless the world’s most popular and favorite beverage. Regardless of being associated with tons of skeptics and doubts, coffee just keeps coming back stronger than ever. What makes coffee special are the hidden antioxidants and nutrients that are surprisingly what our body needs. Just take …

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Avoid These 7 Mistakes For Better Health And Fitness

better health and fitness

Better health is what almost every single one of us strives for. Being on track of a better diet, working out on a regular basis and maintaining a better fitness routine surely do sound like a few difficult things to accomplish. However, with just the right guidance, a whole lot …

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Top 15 Best Islamic Apps of 2018

top best islamic apps

Top 15 Best Islamic Apps 2018: 1. Halal Gems 2. Muslim Pro 3. Muz Match 4. Ramadan Legacy 5. Modanisa 6. Hadith Collection 7. Hajj and Umrah Guide 8. Quran Companion 9. Scan Halal 10. AL Quran-UL-Kareem 11. Ramadan Dua 12. Quran English 13. Dua and Azkar 14. Muslim Now …

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