• Cricket World Cup

    Facts About Cricket World Cup We Bet You Didn’t Know

    Cricket is that one sport no Pakistani could ever hate. It is nearly incomprehension to …

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Avoid These 7 Mistakes For Better Health And Fitness

better health and fitness

Better health is what almost every single one of us strives for. Being on track of a better diet, working out on a regular basis and maintaining a better fitness routine surely do sound like a few difficult things to accomplish. However, with just the right guidance, a whole lot …

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Top 15 Best Islamic Apps of 2019

top best islamic apps

Top 15 Best Islamic Apps 2019 Muslim Pro Halal Gems Muz Match Ramadan Legacy Modanisa Hadith Collection Hajj and Umrah Guide Quran Companion Scan Halal AL Quran-UL-Kareem Ramadan Dua Dua and Azkar Quran English Muslim Now  Kalma and Dua app (for kids) Let’s face it, we are in 2018 and things …

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Beautiful Islamic Quotes To Enlighten Your mind and Soul


We are all deviating from our path towards the path of destruction and we must do something before we permanently lose ourselves. 1400 years ago, Islam gave us a guide and it was up to us to maintain on that path to refrain from misguidance, destruction, and evil. However, it …

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Mehndi Designs 2018 That You Simply Can’t Miss

mehndi design 2018

Henna or Mehndi is something that can, not be in any girl’s priority list, regardless of how old or young she is. There is no doubt that it has always been hard to find the latest Mehndi designs 2018 when all you can find around you, the designs that have …

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