The Holy Quran is the most exalted and holiest book of Almighty Allah bestowed on His Beloved Prophet Muhammad in the span of almost 23 years. It is the book which provides guidance not only to Muslims but to all of humanity. It does not only give solutions in our religious affairs but in worldly affairs as well.  Being a Muslim, it is our religious duty to recite our Holy book daily in order to attain knowledge of wisdom and how we can lead our lives happily under the boundaries prescribed by Sharia.

Unfortunately, nowadays people don’t even hesitate to even recite a single verse from this holiest book and many who are well versed in academic qualification doesn’t even know to recite Quran with Makharij. So, to teach all Muslims the recitation of Quran with proper Makharij Quran online facility is available from where you can listen Quran or you can download Quran as per your need.

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Most Search Surah of Quran

Surah YasinSurah Ar RahmanSurah AL Fatiha
Surah Al BaqarahSurah Al MulkSurah Al Waqiah
Surah Al MuzzammilSurah Al MudassirSurah Al Kahf
Surah YusufSurah Al IsraSurah Maryam

All Surah of Quran

Surah No.

Surah Name

Meaning English


1Al FatihahTHE OPENERDownload Audio
2Al BaqarahTHE COWDownload Audio
3Al ImranFAMILY OF IMRANDownload Audio
4An NisaTHE WOMENDownload Audio
5Al Ma’idahTHE TABLE SPREADDownload Audio
6Al An’amTHE CATTLEDownload Audio
7Al A’rafTHE HEIGHTSDownload Audio
8Al AnfalTHE SPOILS OF WARDownload Audio
9At TaubahTHE REPENTANCEDownload Audio
10YunusJONAHDownload Audio
11HudHUDDownload Audio
12YusufJOSEPHDownload Audio
13Ar Ra’dTHE THUNDERDownload Audio
14IbrahimABRAHIMDownload Audio
15Al HijrTHE ROCKY TRACTDownload Audio
16An NahlTHE BEEDownload Audio
17Al IsraTHE NIGHT JOURNEYDownload Audio
18Al KahfTHE CAVEDownload Audio
19MaryamMARYDownload Audio
20TahaTA-HADownload Audio
21Al AnbiyaTHE PROPHETSDownload Audio
22Al-HajTHE PILGRIMAGEDownload Audio
23Al Mu’minunTHE BELIEVERSDownload Audio
24An NurTHE LIGHTDownload Audio
25Al FurqanTHE CRITERIANDownload Audio
26Ash Shu’araTHE POETSDownload Audio
27An NamlTHE ANTDownload Audio
28Al QasasTHE STORIESDownload Audio
29Al AnkabutTHE SPIDERDownload Audio
30Ar RumTHE ROMANSDownload Audio
31LuqmanLUQMANDownload Audio
32As SajdahTHE PROSTRATIONDownload Audio
33Al AhzabTHE COMBINED FORCESDownload Audio
34SabaSHEBADownload Audio
35FatirORIGINATORDownload Audio
36Surah YasinYA SINDownload Audio
37As-SaffatTHOSE WHO SET THE RANKSDownload Audio
38SadTHE LETTER “SAAD”Download Audio
39Az-ZumarTHE TROOPSDownload Audio
40GhafirTHE FORGIVERDownload Audio
41FussilatEXPLAINED IN DETAILDownload Audio
42Ash-ShuraaTHE CONSULTATIONDownload Audio
43Az-ZukhrufTHE ORNAMENTS OF GOLDDownload Audio
44Ad-DukhanTHE SMOKEDownload Audio
45Al-JathiyahTHE CROUCHINGDownload Audio
47MuhammadMUHAMMADDownload Audio
48Al FathTHE VICTORYDownload Audio
49Al HujuratTHE ROOMSDownload Audio
50QafTHE LETTER “QAF”Download Audio
51Adh DhariyatTHE WINNOWING WINDSDownload Audio
52At TurTHE MOUNTDownload Audio
53An NajmTHE STARDownload Audio
54Al QamarTHE MOONDownload Audio
55Ar RahmanTHE BENEFICENTDownload Audio
56Al Waqi’ahTHE INEVITABLEDownload Audio
57Al HadidTHE IRONDownload Audio
58Al MujadilaTHE PLEADING WOMANDownload Audio
59Al HashrTHE EXILEDownload Audio
60Al MumtahanahSHE THAT IS TO BE EXAMINEDDownload Audio
61As SafTHE RANKSDownload Audio
63Al MunafiqunTHE HYPOCRITESDownload Audio
64At TaghabunTHE MUTUAL DISILLUSIONDownload Audio
65At TalaqTHE DIVORCEDownload Audio
66At TahrimTHE PROHIBTIIONDownload Audio
67Al MulkTHE SOVEREIGNTYDownload Audio
68Al QalamTHE PEN Download Audio
69Al HaqqahTHE REALITY Download Audio
71NuhNOAH Download Audio
72Al JinnTHE JINN Download Audio
73Al MuzzammilTHE ENSHROUDED ONEDownload Audio
74Al MuddaththirTHE CLOAKED ONEDownload Audio
75Al QiyamahTHE RESURRECTION Download Audio
76Al Insan (Dahr)THE MAN Download Audio
77Al MursalatTHE EMISSARIES Download Audio
78An NabaTHE TIDINGS Download Audio
79An NaziatTHOSE WHO DRAG FORTH Download Audio
80AbasaHE FROWNED Download Audio
81At TakwirTHE OVERTHROWING Download Audio
82Al InfitarTHE CLEAVING Download Audio
83Al MutaffifinTHE DEFRAUDING Download Audio
84Al InshiqaqTHE SUNDERING Download Audio
85Al BurujTHE MANSIONS OF THE STARS Download Audio
86At TariqTHE NIGHTCOMMER Download Audio
87Al AlaTHE MOST HIGH Download Audio
88Al GhashiyahTHE OVERWHELMING Download Audio
89Al FajrTHE DAWN Download Audio
90Al BaladTHE CITY Download Audio
91Ash ShamsTHE SUN Download Audio
92Al LailTHE NIGHT Download Audio
93Ad DuhaaTHE MORNING HOURS Download Audio
94THE RELIEF Download Audio
95At TinTHE FIG Download Audio
96Al AlaqTHE CLOT Download Audio
97Al QadrTHE POWER Download Audio
98Al BayyinahTHE CLEAR PROOF Download Audio
99Az zilzalTHE EARTHQUAKE Download Audio
100Al AdiyatTHE COURSER Download Audio
101Al QariahTHE CALAMITY Download Audio
102At TakathurTHE RIVALRY IN WORLD INCREASE Download Audio
103Al AsrTHE DECLINING DAY Download Audio
104Al HumazahTHE TRADUCER Download Audio
105Al FeelTHE ELEPHANT Download Audio
106QuraishQURAYSH Download Audio
107Al MaunTHE SMALL KINDESSES Download Audio
108Al KausarTHE ABUNDANCE Download Audio
109Al KafirunTHE DISBELIEVERS Download Audio
110An NasrTHE DIVINE SUPPORT Download Audio
111Al Masad (Lahab)THE PALM FIBER Download Audio
112Al IkhlasTHE SINCERITY Download Audio
113Al FalaqTHE DAYBREAK Download Audio
114An NasTHE MANKIND Download Audio

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