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If you want to listen Quran without internet then you can just download Quran once and now you can listen Quran wherever you want offline without the facility of internet. Quran audio is also available in the voice of multiple Qari’s (reciters). By listening, Quran numerous times we can improve our Makharij and try to get command on pronouncing Arabic phonetics.

All this effort is just to spread the teachings of Quran to every Muslim across the globe especially to those who live abroad where Islamic institutes are few in numbers so, we are utilizing technology in a good manner to facilitate our Islamic brothers and sisters living abroad as well as within the country. Being a Muslim, we should also spare some time in learning Quran recitation as we waste numerous hours scrolling social media so why not in learning the most exalted book of Almighty Allah.

Most Search Surah of Quran

Surah YasinSurah Ar RahmanSurah AL Fatiha
Surah Al BaqarahSurah Al MulkSurah Al Waqiah
Surah Al MuzzammilSurah Al MudassirSurah Al Kahf
Surah YusufSurah Al IsraSurah Maryam

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