Surah Al Fatihah

Surah al-Fatihah (The opening) is the first Surah of the Holy Quran and considered both Makki and Madani as it was revealed in both cities of Makka and Madina. This Surah contains seven verses. It is must to recite Surah al-Fatiha in every prayer. It is found in the first parah (juz) of the Holy Quran.

Surah al-Fatihah has uncountable spiritual and physical benefits; Read and listen Surah Al Fatihah Online mp3 Audio and download this surah in PDF. A person who recites Surah al-Fatihah is rewarded similar to reciting two third of the complete Holy Quran. 

It is said by Holy Prophet Mohammad (Saww) that Surah al-Fatiha is a cure for every disease except death.

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Surah Al Fatiha



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