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Surah Al Mudassir (The Clothed One)

Surah Al Muddassir Online

Surah Al Mudassir (The Clothed One) is the 74th Surah and found in the 29th parah of the Holy Quran. This Surah has 56 verses, 288 words, and 1023 letters, This was revealed in the city of Makkah so, called the “Makki” Surah.

Surah Muddassir has benefits to recite it, If Surah Al Mudassir is recited routinely and a person makes a supplication (Dua) after its recitation, his supplication will be answered and he will get what he asked for.

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Surah Mudassir Verses Surah Mudassir Words Surah Mudassirletters Surah Mudassir Rukus
56 288 1023 2

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