Facts About Cricket World Cup We Bet You Didn’t Know

Cricket is that one sport no Pakistani could ever hate. It is nearly incomprehension to be in a country like Pakistan and be distances away from the Cricket. This one sport is ultimately not only popular in Pakistan, but also has a fan base spread across several other countries as well. Whether it is United Kingdom, Australia, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe or West Indies, the cricket fever in these countries will always seem to be at a rise.

Besides being one of the most popular sports in the world, another great thing about cricket is that it brings people from the other nations, together. Calling it a game that unites nations, won’t be wrong.

Now that we’re at it, who doesn’t get reminded of World Cup every time cricket is mentioned? The much awaited event in the cricket world takes place every 4 years, where teams from different countries from all over the world compete against each other and take home the title and the beautiful trophy.

Speaking of which, did you know there were facts associated with the cricket world cup that we are sure, many of you had no idea about till now? If you’re interested to know, then we suggest you to sit back and enjoy what amazing facts the cricket world cup was carrying all this time:

  1. The first ever Cricket world cup took place in England. It was the year 1975 when cricket was finally able to organize a world cup event, where the participant countries would send their cricket teams forth, to compete with others on a global scale. Not only this. In 1971 cricket saw its first ever One Day International match and from that year since, the concept of playing ODIs had become a thing.
  2. Every participant country gets a chance to host the world cup cricket event for the other countries. Among all the countries that have been a prominent participant of the sport, England is the only country to host the world cup event four times Even though there are 14 other participants and ever since 1975 all the participants could get a chance to host this event, but only England is fortunate enough to get the opportunity to host it multiple times.
  3. Another great fact about the world cup cricket is that the West Indian player Clive Lloyd and Australian Ricky Ponting have been known as the two only captains to ever play cricket, who have managed to bag the trophy for their respective countries, twice. Many cricketers spend their lives practicing and working hard to achieve something like this.
  4. Chetan Sharma, one of the best Indian cricket team players, is the only cricketer to ever score a hat-trick and that too during one of the world cup matches. This is one of the reasons why he is labelled as the hat-trick man for demonstrating a record-making performance in the world cup ODI.
  5. The highest score that was ever made in the world cup history was by Gary Kirsten, a South African cricket who scored a whopping 188 in an ODI as he was playing against UAE. Being able to score just a hundred in an ODI seems like a daunting thing to do. Managing to make almost a 200 deserves to be written into the books of cricket history.
  6. Many cricketers often switch teams. In the cricket world, the only player who has ever done such a thing where he once played for his own country and then switched to playing for another country is Kepler Vessels. He initially began his cricket career by player for Australia from 1982-1985 which is a period of 3 years. Later on, he moved on to play for South Africa in 1991.
  7. When it comes to playing cricket, besides having the right fitness and the capability to score the highest, another factor that plays a vital role is the age. Every team wants to ensure that their players are young, enthusiastic and active. However, Netherlands is the only country that might’ve been the first one to have a player like this. Nolan Clarke, cricketer from Netherlands, is known as the oldest cricketer to ever play the ODI. He was 47 years old at the time when he was playing in a world cup tournament.

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