How to Check PTA Tax? A Comprehensive Guide!

What is PTA tax on iPhone?

How to check the PTA tax on iPhones and other mobiles? The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) introduced a tax on mobile devices to regulate the import and usage of smartphones in the country. 

In this article, you will get all the valuable insights on how to check PTA tax on mobile. 

Nowadays, everybody should have to be aware of the PTA tax on iPhones, the functioning of the PTA Home, and the Device Verification System.

This guide will assist you effectively through the PTA Tax process!

Steps how to check PTA tax

How do I check my PTA tax on my phone? To check the PTA tax on mobile phones, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Find your device’s IMEI number. It can be located on the original packaging, on the back of your device, or by dialing *#06# on your phone.

Step 2: Visit the official PTA website or the Device Verification System (DVS) portal.

Step 3: Input your device’s IMEI number in the designated field and proceed with the verification process.

Step 4: The system will provide your device’s tax status details. If your device complies with PTA regulations, it has been registered, and the applicable tax has been paid.

What is a Device Verification System:

The Device Verification System (DVS) is an online portal provided by PTA to verify the authenticity and compliance of mobile devices. 

This system enables individuals to check the status of their devices by entering the device’s IMEI number.

What is a PTA Home?

what is a pta home

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is the regulatory body for Pakistan’s telecommunications industry.

Established in 1996, it operates under the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication.

The PTA’s primary responsibilities include:

PTA Home platform serves as a user-friendly interface for customers to check the status of their devices quickly.

Users can verify whether their mobile devices are registered and tax-compliant by visiting the PTA Home website.

How do I read my IMEI number? Understanding IMEI

What does the IMEI number tell you? IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit number that identifies mobile devices globally. Each device has a distinct IMEI, allowing PTA to track and authenticate them.

What is the PTA tax on iPhones?

What is PTA tax on iPhone

The term “PTA Tax on iPhone” refers to the taxes imposed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on the import and sale of iPhones in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the PTA levies various taxes on imported mobile phones, including customs duty, sales tax, and income tax. 

These taxes are imposed to generate revenue for the government and regulate the import and use of mobile devices in the country. The PTA tax applies to all mobile phones being imported and sold in Pakistan, including iPhones.

If you own an iPhone or plan to buy one, assessing the PTA tax implications is essential. The PTA levies a regulatory duty in addition to other import duties and taxes on smartphones. 

Before purchasing an iPhone, ensure the device’s IMEI is registered and compliant with PTA regulations.

How to check PTA tax and the Importance of PTA Tax Check on mobile:

What is the Importance of PTA tax check in Pakistan? Ensuring your device’s compliance with PTA regulations can hold you several advantages:

– Legal Compliance: By checking the PTA tax, you ensure your device is registered and legally imported, avoiding penalties or legal complications.

– Network Compatibility: PTA-compliant devices have compatible network settings, ensuring seamless connectivity with local service providers.

– Resale Value: Registered and tax-compliant devices tend to have better resale value compared to unregistered ones.

– Warranty Claims: Some manufacturers or service providers may require the PTA tax compliance certificate to process warranty claims.

How to check PTA tax on iPhones and other mobile phones


To regulate mobile device usage and ensure their compliance with local regulations, the PTA introduced a tax system. 

Understanding how to check PTA tax on mobile is crucial to avoiding legal issues and enjoying uninterrupted connectivity. 

Users can conveniently determine the compliance status of their mobile devices by utilizing the PTA Home platform and the Device Verification System. 

Make sure to check your device’s PTA tax regularly and stay updated on the regulations to avoid any inconveniences in the future.


How can I check my PTA tax by IMEI?

To check your PTA tax by IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) in Pakistan, you can follow these steps:

How to check PTA tax status?

To check your PTA status in Pakistan, you can use either of the following methods:

How can I check my mobile registration fee?

To check the registration fee for your mobile device in Pakistan, you can follow these steps:

How to check PTA tax? What is the code for the PTA check?

The code for PTA mobile tax check status or tax by IMEI is not a USSD code that can be dialed directly on your mobile device. You must visit the PTA website or download their mobile application to check your device’s PTA status, tax, and registration fee. However, you can obtain your device’s IMEI by dialing *#06# on your mobile phone.

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