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OSRS Crafting Method to 99

There are some quick methods for you to max out your crafting skill within OSRS.

Crafting is a highly effective skill in Old School RuneScape. Within the skill, you can end up spending a lot of OSRS GP if you want to max it out as quickly as you possibly can. Before you do delve into looking to buy OSRS gold from somewhere which has OSRS gold for sale, you will first want to pick up some facts about how the skill works.

About OSRS Crafting

Crafting is a skill in which players get the opportunity to make armour, jewellery, and many other objects that can be used to help them level up other skills. You get to experience crafting early on even as a F2P player, courtesy of the Sheep Shearer quest. When leveling the skill, you are going to be getting your hands on raw materials, then using the likes of a chisel, a spinning wheel or something of a similar nature to be used as an activator. You will eventually end up with the product that you were looking for, and will also gain experience at the same time.

Leveling your crafting skill is important for you to focus on. If you are looking into questing, the likes of Monkey Madness II will need you to get your crafting up to level 70. Meanwhile, crafting slayer rings are something that you are going to want to do, which for level 99 slayer will need you to have level 75 crafting for it. If you happen to have an Ironman account, then crafting plays a huge part as you are going to be making jewellery, weapons, and armour. Maybe not weapons like the Twisted Bow, but still weaponry that will be very effective.

With that bit of background, now let’s take a look at how you can get it to level 99.

Gem Cutting

For the first 54 levels, we are going to be focusing on cutting gems. The method for the first 20 levels will be cutting opals, which can bag you around 30,000 XP per hour, and costs around 15,000 OSRS gold. To get to level 20, you will need 500 or so opals, though its worth hanging around the Grand Exchange should you need to buy more. With a chisel, you can get started on gem cutting, and this technique to get you to level 20 takes around 10 minutes to complete.

Going from 20 to 27, we will be looking into sapphires. These grant you 140 XP per hour, with a cost of about 41,000 OSRS gold. They are available to you from level 20, and although they are a lot more costly than opals, they will still get you to level 27 in no time.

The third gem we need for this method to work involves emeralds, and it can take you all the way to level 54. What’s more, they cost a lot less than sapphires do, and can grant you 170 XP per hour if you are willing to part with about 650,000 OSRS gold to make it happen.


To get us from this point to 99, we are going to be using the battlestaves. Starting off with water battlestaves, you can earn a lot of experience if you have 736 of them. This will give you 250,000 XP each hour, after which you can start using 972 earth battlestaves to get you from 58 to level 63.

From there, make a quick detour from battlestaves by making green dragonhide bodies, which will see you pass the 300,000 XP per hour mark if you have 687 of them. When you get to 66, switch back to battlestaves, specifically air battlestaves which are much quicker and cheaper as well. In fact, considering that you would switch back to dragonhide bodies from here, you will find that air battlestaves are your best method to get to 99 from here. So to save the precious OSRS GP that you have, and max out your skill this way at the same time.

Ultimately, if you really wanted to you could look into blue, red, and black dragonhide bodies which would be a lot quicker getting you to 99. The problem here however is that they are a very expensive alternative. The hourly rates of experience could be considered worth it if you have the OSRS gold available to spend. With that in mind, the method that you use will come down to how much you want to part with and how quickly you want to reach level 99.

Have you tried these OSRS crafting methods? Let us know in the comments section below!

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