Top 10 Islamic Apps For Muslim Kids

Are you looking for the kid’s best Islamic Apps? Do you want your kid to learn the Quran, Islamic Supplications, and Islamic teaching from a basic level? These Islamic apps will help Muslim kids to learn the Quran, and Islam and memorize daily Duas and, Azkar and they will learn about Seerah of prophets these apps will help kids to understand the teachings of Islam Insha Alla

1. Daily Dua For Muslim kids

Daily Dua for muslim kids

Kids can easily learn daily Duas now. The Muslim kids’ application is designed to learn and recite Duas. There are different Dua for kids in daily life which can easily be recited most common Duas like before eating, drinking and sleeping will help kids improve their quality of life.  Dua and Zikr are an important aspect of life.

Moreover, this app engages with kids and Muslim kids will start taking an interest in learning certain Duas. Daily Duas for Kids – Dua Series with Arabic Audio is based on the Muslim book (Quran & Sunnah) which gathers all authentic Duas for Muslims to supplicate daily and special occasions.
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2. Muslim Kids TV

Muslim Kids TV

Enjoy the largest collection of high-quality Islamic children’s cartoons and videos. Muslim Kids TV offers thousands of videos with new videos and games added weekly.
Your child will love Muslim Kids TV because it is engaging, entertaining, and educational!

Muslim Kids TV makes learning about Islam attractive and fun for any child, Perfect for kids 2 to 12 years. Why worry about the morals and values your child is learning from other video and game sites? Muslim Kids TV gives you peace of mind when your child is on their device.
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3. Kalma and Dua

Kalma and Dua app

Kalma and Dua is an educational Islamic app for kids, with this app parents can teach their kids 6 kalma full or word by word, Various Duas (Supplications), and Sunnat-o-Adaab (Sunnah and Manners).

Prominent Features:

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4. Madani Qaidah

Madani Qaidah App

Everyone should read Qaida as it is necessary to learn the proper recitation of the Holy Quran, By having this amazing application, you can learn the Quran in two different languages as it is bilingual. Read the Holy book with the help of Haroof e Tahajji and make your Quran pronunciation better.

To learn Tajweed means to pronounce each letter of the Quran according to its Makhraj. It is the most ideal approach to become familiar with the Arabic language. This application contains 22 lessons and it teaches you like a teacher and guides you properly.

There are several recorded video lessons to enhance your understanding of the Holy Quran with proper and accurate pronunciation. In order to improve Quran recitation, users need to click on the difficult word and will know its pronunciation.
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5. Muslim Tales – Stories of the Prophets

Muslim Tales

Easily understandable, visually impressive, and interactive – suitable for all ages!
Dive into a beautifully handcrafted stage play that tells stories and tales inspired by the Quran – based on authentic & approved sources.

This “Muslim Tales” Series was created to the best of our Islamic belief and knowledge and according to the Holy Quran and authentic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
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6. Prophets Stories For Kids

Prophets Stories for Kids

This application contains six stories of the prophets in Islam. The stories are

All the stories have pictures to make the kids interested in listening to stories. The stories are also tiny so that the parents or elder brothers/sisters can read them to their kids and youngsters.
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7. Islamic Kids Daily Duas & Prayers

Islamic Kids Daily Duas

How concerned are you in teaching the Quran to your kids or teens?? Being a Muslim parent, it’s our responsibility to teach our children about Islam. Growing our kids spiritually is very important.

Recite the most common daily used Muslim Duas and increase your kid’s faith in Allah. Daily Duas is one of the best Duas apps for any Muslim you have ever seen before. This amazing Islamic Duas App is a collection of supplications collected from the Quran and Sunnah.
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8. Quran Stories for Kids

Quran Stories for Kids

Quran Stories for Kids” is the best collection of beautiful and illuminative stories and Quranic Games from the holy Quran, which is published in the form of an interactive storybook accompanied by attractive games for children in 15 international languages.
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9. Islam For Children

Islam for children

Do you want to teach your little ones the basics of Islam? We believe every parent would like the process of teaching the child about Islam to be easy and fascinating like their favorite game. Here is the Islamic game for children.

It will help your little Muslim boy or girl not only have a pleasant time but also expand their vocabulary and soak up a little of Islam.  Are you ready to play Islamic Games? This game is a program for learning and consolidation of such words as Alhamdulillah, Assalamualaikum, Bismillah – Alhamdulillah, La ilahallaLlah, I love the Quran, Ramadan, Insha Allah.
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10. Islamic Stories for Kids

Islamic Stories for Kids

There are many books available titled “Islam for Kids”, Islamic Stories for Children, or Islam for Children but Delightful Stories for Children, based on Islamic Thought, differs from all in many aspects. This book of Islamic stories for Children is based on Children´s questions about Islam.

This book responds to all the questions that you have in your mind about the practical side of Islam. This app will address your queries in a simple yet interesting way that we hope will enable you to not only understand Islam but also enjoy reading about it.
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