15 Best Islamic Apps for Android & IPhone

Alongside all the other things that are meeting with digitization rapidly, people with firm Islamic beliefs have also made Islamic apps that can help us out in practicing Islam, in a better way. This is where Muslims can create a positive influence on those who are struggling to know more about the religion.

Let’s face it, we are in 2021 and things from here will only be digitized, regardless of how hard we try and ignore the fact. With the surprisingly fast progression of time, Muslims everywhere throughout the world are being denied of their major or the most critical religious learning or potentially rehearses. This is principally a direct result of the progression in innovation.

Of course, trying out new things is as good as making new things. Opting the route of innovation can open new opportunities for us and allow us to know what latest is happening around us. As innovation propels, we’re more inspired by utilizing our PDAs as opposed to performing bathing for supplications or recounting the heavenly Quran.

To put it plainly, we’re getting to be lazier constantly. Playing a computer game on our cell phone or viewing a motion picture on it while lying ‘cuddled up’ in the bed appears to be the path less demanding than receiving in return and performing prayer. This is the dismal truth.

By putting together applications, Muslims can have the Quran, Quranic verses, Surah, Islamic timetable, Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and so forth in the palm of their hands. Along these lines, Muslims are urged to profit by these applications in this way winning sawab for themselves and the application planners (and every one of the individuals who helped in bringing the application to the Play Store).

Islamic apps, after all, Are beneficial

With the increase in smartphone usage and the penetration of technology in our daily lives, the number of people opt for Islamic mobile applications to meet their everyday religious goals.

According to the latest findings, the countries that come among the ones that have been rapidly switching to using Islamic apps are Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Which Islamic Apps To Download?

Here are the following best Islamic apps that you must download into your Android phone and iPhone, right away:

1. Islam 360 – Prayer Times, Quran, Azan & Qibla

Islam 360 app

World’s Best Quran and Hadith searchable app with an unparalleled array of amazing features:
Holy Quran Features:
Read Holy Quran by Surah or Parah Listings, Quran with translations in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Roman Urdu Read Holy Quran Arabic to Urdu Word-by-Word translation, Listen to Holy Quran’s recitation from at least 12 world-renowned reciters, Listen to Holy Quran’s Audio Translation and Tafaseer.
Hadith Features:
Read Seven Primary Source Books of Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) that are considered most authentic in the Muslim Ummah with the consensus of Muslim scholars, that is Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Jame Tirmazi, Sunan Abu Dawood, Sunnan Nisai, Sunan Ibne Maja and Musnad Ahmed.
Read Two Secondary Books of the Ahadith collection, namely Al-Silsila-us-Sahiha, and Mishkat-ul-Masabeeh.
Other Features:
Namaz: Authentic Azkar and Duas of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) post-Takbir-Tahreema, Rukooh, post-Ruku, Sujdah, between Sajdahs, Tashahud, Roza, Hajj, Umrah, Namaz Janaza, QAIDA: 27 Qaida Lessons with Audio,
Check local Namaz Timings, Check Qibla’s direction, 99 Names of Allah,
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2. Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro app

Recognized by more than 50 million Muslims around the world as the most accurate prayer time & azan application, Muslim Pro also features the full Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, translations, and audio recitations as well as a Qibla locator, an Islamic Hijri calendar, a map of halal restaurants and Mosques, etc…
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3. Muz Match

Muz match app

Sometimes finding the right life partner can be a task, hefty and daunting. After all, it’s your life at stake, you need to get the right and appropriate help. Muz Match is an application that brings you your perfect match, in an instant.

Having helped over 146,000 Muslims find their right match, through the Muz Match mobile application you can very easily connect yourself to eligible singles, across the globe.
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4. Everything Islam

Everything Islam App

The ‘Everything Islam’ app has been designed for both, Muslims and Non-Muslims and is an excellent resource to have on your phone. Whether you want to find out more information about Islam or just simply want to listen to the Quran,

Read Islamic articles such as ‘What is Islam’, ‘Who is Allah’, ‘Who is Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)’, the True Religion of God, Woman’s rights, how to convert/revert to Islam, Quranic Miracles, and much more.

Listen to Live Quran Radio in Arabic or with English translation or you can download each sura for offline listening. Each sura contains an introduction and background of the sura.
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5. Modanisa

Madanisa app

For women who love to carry their everyday fashion routine in a modest manner, this smartphone application is for you! Originating as one of the topmost Islamic fashion brands, Modanisa is the fashion hub for Muslim women from across the globe. Using this application women can expose them to nearly 30,000 modest fashion dresses, offered by 300+ brands.
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6. Hadith Collection

Hadith Collection app

Probably one of the best applications out there, is the Hadith Collection. This smartphone mobile application contains an ultimate collection of Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and even translates them into various languages so everyone can understand better.

All the Hadiths are taken from valid resources like Sahih Bukhari, Sunan Abu Dawud and Malik’s Muwatta. Besides containing all the relevant hadiths, this particular Islamic smartphone application has a remarkably easy to understand and use, interface.
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7. Hajj and Umrah Guide

Hajj and Umrah Guide app

Hajj is the last pillar of Islam and those who get bestowed with it are nonetheless the luckiest ones alive. Umrah and Hajj Guide is an application designed specifically for those who are about to embark on this beautiful and spiritual journey.

With this application, Muslims can very conveniently find out about every single aspect of Hajj and Umrah and know about all the necessary rituals performed.

Plus, this application is divided into divisions namely Umrah guide, Hajj guide, Supplications for the rituals, Ihram instructions, Hajj map, Glossary, Destination map and Miscellaneous, so pilgrims can be provided with as much ease as possible.
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8. Quran Companion

Quran Companion app

With Quran Companion you can memorize the entire Quran, in a jiffy! This smartphone mobile application is not only quite convenient, but also extremely easy to use and fun. With Quran Companion you can take yourself out of the worry of how you are going to memorize the Quran while juggling with several other things in your life.
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9. Scan Halal

Scan Halal app

Nothing is more aggravating that not being able to find halal food, while living in a different country. Therefore, with Scan Halal you can find out which food is halal for you, by simply scanning its bar code into the app. Not only does this app benefits the Muslims, but if you’re a vegan and need to make sure that whatever you’re eating is safe to eat, then this app is for you too.
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10. AL Quran-UL-Kareem


Another remarkable app that enables Muslims to recite or learn Quran more easily is Quran Majeed. Being one of the most downloaded applications and being liked by thousands of  people across the globe, this beautiful application provides the ease of reading, listening to and memorizing the holy Quran, very easily.
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11. Ramadan Dua

Ramadan Dua app

During the month of Ramadan, it is one of our utmost priorities that we draw ourselves closer to our almighty. Doing as many of the good deeds during this holy month can very easily multiply if you go ahead and install Ramadan Dua into your smartphones.

This amazing Islamic app contains all the necessary duas for the month of Ramadan which you can even memorize and elevate your level in front of the almighty. This app is more like your very own pocket dua directory, which you can carry around very conveniently.
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12. Quran English

Quran English app

For those who have difficulty in reading Arabic (or can’t read it) then this another smartphone application is for you. Quran English is a digital Quran that you can read in your phone with English translation and audio.
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13. Dua and Azkar

Dua Azkar app

Surely in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find peace. Making as much Zikr as one can, is something all that is needed to ensure peace and success in life. To make zikr your constant habit, get the best Islamic application ‘Dua and Azkar’.

Being one of the best free applications out there, this application contains many apt images and audio files, that you can see and listen to, to earn a great deal of help and assistance. Having been downloaded by over one million users across the globe, Dua and Azkar is the ultimate app to keep you on track of making as much zikr as you can.
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14. Muslim Now

Muslim Now Muslim Collection app

Another one of the best Islamic apps is definitely Muslim Now. This smartphone application contains all the basic features that are a necessity in a Muslim’s life and shows the correct prayer timings, Qibla directions, and more. Plus this application also lets you share greeting cards among your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and several other social media platforms.
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15. Kalma and Dua app

Kalma and Dua app

Kalma and Dua is an educational Islamic app for kids, with this app parents can teach their kids 6 kalma full or word by word, Various Duas (Supplications), and Sunnat-o-Adaab (Sunnah and Manners).
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In a Nutshell

Keeping Islamic mobile apps installed into your phones can allow you to keep yourself on the religious track, extremely conveniently. Surely, maintaining a good flow of prayers, Duas and Zikrs are important, however many fail to cope up with all these because they find it hard to take time from their busy routines. With these Islamic apps, you can very easily pray on time and make lots of Duas, all the time; all this, that will ensure you have a raised level in front of the Almighty.

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