All Those Game Of Thrones Fans, Let’s Rank Your Favorite Villain

When it comes to a television show that does justice to combining horror, death, and royalty, Game of Thrones hold no other competition. According to the author of this breakthrough television series, George R.R. Martin, this series based entirely on fantasy and works solidly atop the genre of bad vs. the good. The author further added how he made all his characters not completely good and not completely bad. He has emphasized the fact that they are all human beings and because they are not in control of their actions, they are levitating between the transition of good and bad.

Now without further ado, let us get right down to what this article is going to be about. Here we are going to rank all the Game of Thrones from the lowest to highest and see which one of them has managed to outshine among all the others through his/her evilness.

1.  Shireen Baratheon

The lowest in the ranking stands ShireenBaratheon. People consider her one of the tamest villains the series could ever have. Having the intentions of committing as less bad as she possibly can, poor Shireen has always been surrounded with the evil but because of her pure intentions, she chose to stay as good as she can.

2.  Gilly

We can never overlook the fact that it was Gilly who we always adored and will continue to do that, no matter what! His sacrifices, his pains, everything just makes Gilly stand lowest in the ‘bad’ villains list.

3.  Sam well Tarly

Being one of the most easily scared people, Tarly is another villain in the list who deserves to stand lower than the rest of the bad guys.

4.  Grey Worm

Having a heart of gold and nature of an angel, Grey Worm is another perfect candidate for our list who deserves to stay just at the bottom like the rest of the good people. Yes, we can never overlook the fact that she has always been dragged into doing upsetting things, but that doesn’t mean she is a bad person!

5.  Davos

A dedicated, family man who never intended to harm anyone else around him. His honesty speaks for itself, we mean, where else would you find a smuggler so dedicated and honest like this wise man, right here?

6.  Ned Stark

A man who doesn’t care about lying, even if it takes him his entire life. Ned Stark goes next in our list as he is the man who is crazy about getting his hands on the throne. Yes, his mistakes are what that has brought him to this list because his adamancy regarding the throne is what that cost him, his own life.

7.  Jon Snow

Just another guy who makes his life difficult by falling hard in love, Jon Snow is another one in our list. A guy who seemingly does right, but because his actions are driven by Ned Stark, who gets him to shed blood of whoever that stands in Ned’s way of conquering the throne, poor Snow is blinded by the evil, which eventually takes a toll on his own life.

8.  Sansa Stark

Poor, little lady, who has made it into the villains’ list by only lying once. Her wrongdoing of telling on Stark’s plans to Cersei has surely got her in trouble.

9.  Margaery Tyrell

Seemingly sweet, naïve and kind, but on the surface below, dark, bitter and manipulative. We all know what kind of an opportunist lies beneath the face of Margaery Tyrell.

10.  Arya Stark

From seemingly cute little kid, to have a heart of a hitman. Arya Stark entered the realm of darkness by murdering her own pet pigeon. This girl is a well deserving candidate for our villains’ list because her craving for serving pure vengeance is very much ignited.

11.  Oberyn Martell

Filled with a deep love for vengeance which eventually led him into a fight that cost him his own life. Oberyn lacked a proper logical sense, which took his own life.

12.  Daenerys Targaryen

Another one in the list is the much-awaited face of the GOT, Daenerys, who holds no contempt in getting too frank with whoever that crosses her way. Weird, obviously!

13.  Melisandre

Being a man with absolutely no heart, Melisandre is a twisted man who murdered a child by burning him alive. His actions are no less than a nightmare itself.

14.  Jaqen H’gar

Committing a series of endless murders and having a character of pure evil, Jaqen is the true face of a nightmare. Torturing, terrorizing and traumatizing a child is nonetheless one of the cruelest things that he could possibly have done.

15.  LorasTyrells

Killing numerous people and ending up grabbing the throne in a very unsettling way, Loras Tyrell is definitely the guy who got us into all this mess after all.

16. Olenna Tyrell

Probably one of the most manipulative and twisted women, Olenna surely knew how to get her way in this male-ruling world. After all, whatever she did, the good, the bad, was all to protect her family and that’s all.

17. Sandor Clegane

A character who went from, good to bad, in a wink. Sandor is another one in the list who has become what he is now, after overcoming all the bitterness of his traumatizing childhood.

18.  Khal Drogo

A warlord who had a little respect for the relations and responsibilities, Drogo’s life was evidence of the difficulties he was born among.

19.  Cersei Lannister

A perfect depiction of how far a mother goes while protecting her children, CerseiLannister is the woman who killed a lot of people to get her way. Not only this, she is a woman of no compassion, which is why she was even ready to poison her own child – such brutality.

20. Tywin Lannister

Filled with a deep rage and a craze to rule over this world, he is the man who went through the highest peaks of animosity just so he could protect his legacy, but not his family.

21. Ramsay Bolton

And the guy who finally tops our list of villains in GOT is none other Ramsay Bolton. A murder, a rapist, a psychopath and what not, this guy is the worst example of a human and we are unsure why he and his atrocities even have to be on the show?

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