Kartarpur Corridor- Opening the Doors to The Heaven of Sikhs

A historical day which is going to be one of the biggest achievements of Imran Khan; the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the moment which will be remembered forever. If you belong to any specific religion & not been able to visit that holy worship place and dying to go, but then it partially located at the other side of the country or sub-continent, and you are not allowed to go because of the conflicts, hate, differences between the two nations, how would you feel?

well, the community of Sikhs from all over the world & especially from India had an emotional connection with this country because of Gurudwara; A place for Sikhs to worship.

Guru Nanak - sikhGuru Nanak (1469-1539) who was the founder of Sikhism, not only developed his own culture but studied Islam & Hinduism for deep understanding. This place located at Narowal District, in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.

It is not just about the religion, it is about faith, about love, about peace & better built-in relationships. Further we will discuss its consequences, pros & cons, effects on nations, on people and much more but before that let’s discuss about how a one-step can change a whole game with dignity and faithfulness, The leader is meant to show the way, brighten up the way, making life easier for every religion and to accept the opinions for betterment.

In Islam, humanity is first and then the rest, 10 months ago prime minister promised to Sikh community that they will open the borders for Sikhs to visit their worship place, and as per commitment, this promise has been fulfilled within 10 months. The inauguration ceremony for the Kartarpur corridor took place on 9th NovemKartarpur_Guru_Nanakber 2019. It will allow pilgrims a rare-visa free visit. Pretty fascinating and emotional, right?

It’s just like we Muslims get a chance to visit Medina for free for the rest of our lives.

Covering the event:

Many people including Former Prime Minister of India, Mr. Man Mohan Singh, famous celebrity Sunny Deol, former cricketer and current politician of India, and a very close friend of Imran Khan, Navjot Singh Sidhu came along with important dedicated people from Sikh community.

Many of them addressed to the people while the ceremony was hosted by Faisal Javed and minister of foreign, Shah Mehmood Qureshi started it off with his dynamic speech where he delivers very strong words, and a message to Prime Minister of India, Modi to reconsider the problems of the innocent people of Kashmir that are fighting for their lives, for their rights.

Navjot Singh’s speech was a mic drop moment, explained every point pretty well, completely focused to make the economy, political ideologies, human rights on the same path to utilize goodwill for better progress.

Prime Minister of Pakistan seems to be very happy over his emotional speech where he not only praise his friendship with him but his leadership too. imran khan and sidhuHe said that Imran Khan won his heart today. While he finished his words Imran khan cheerfully clapped for his dear friend, seriously they set an example today we must say.

Let’s come to the legendary speech of Imran Khan & the points that he has discussed;

Wishes: First, He congratulated the Sikh community on this historic day of the inauguration, as it was a significant event because of the 550th birth anniversary of Baba Nanak Dev Ji.

Emotional debate: He said that the feeling can be understood when you cannot visit your holy places.

Probation for government: This inauguration is a testimony of commitments towards peace of the sub-continent. He believes that these two nations would come up together one day to work, to bring the prosperity back, and to make an economic system well enough to beat other systems.

The message of Brotherhood: Though it was not a suitable occasion and was the happiest moment for every Hindu & Sikh community and every individual who has a strong faith and belief for Nanak Ji. But He manages somehow to deliver some words being a fighter. He again mentioned about the curfew from those innocent lives of The Heaven Kashmir and let them be the free birds. Since we are born as a nation, as a country. KASHMIR is said to be heaven which turns out to be the biggest nightmare for many of us. While India has failed. Failed to feel, failed to optimize, and failed to realize their state, the speech that MR IMRAN KHAN had delivered in United Nations Council was tremendous which got covered by so many famous top-rated magazines and news channels, but still, the resolution is unsolved. Curfew has not been lifted yet.

Love & prayers: He thanked the government for their efforts that worked very hard to make this happen in reality, it was just a dream and now a complete reality. No one has even taken any action any responsibility regarding this case, we as a nation hold the power that we can fight for human rights that that is what we do, we not only support but also encourages such decisions.

As discussed earlier, every historical decision has its own pros & cons;


1. Import and export would be better
2. Both nations can collectively think about the issues & can find the solutions too.
3. The message of love & peace.


1. It might create more differences for Sikhs in their own country.
2. Decisions might be taken against Muslims.

In the end, we all know the debate that has been there for past 27 years for Babri Masjid. See there is the difference between our theory & the other theory, this is what Two Nation Theory is, and we are grateful to be the part of a country where love, preaching, equality is more important than anything.

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