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Suffering from Exercise Blocks? 6 Tips to Get Back On Track

Everyone on this planet wants to be fit, live healthy, and have good eating habits. However, due to the strict schedules, busy lives, career goals, etc., we all stop exercising at some point in our life. Whether it’s falling into bad eating habits or making up excuses to do exercise – our mind becomes less focused on the body’s exercise.

Even if you are a person who was very strict with the exercise regimes, you may also suffer from exercise blocks due to the other things happening in your life.

Well, let’s not fall into that trap. You should wire your brain to do the things that are good for your mind and body. And regular exercise is the first step. Read here the benefits of regular exercise to add a booster to your mind.

When you do exercise and see results, slowly you’d want to cut down the extra calories you’re consuming. It leads to good eating habits and makes you lead a healthy lifestyle. So, here are the tips we have curated for those who are suffering from exercise blocks and how you can overcome them.

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  • Focus on doing less than more

When you are in an exercise block, your mind makes you think about the high-intensity workout that you used to do before. It results in negative thinking and you end up not doing anything.

So, during exercise block, it’s better to start with a less workout routine. For instance, start with the warm-up. Do it for 10 mins and stop. Continue it for some days. Eventually, you’d want to extend the workout session. And after a few days, you will find yourself doing the complete exercise routine, from the warm-up to the main exercises and cool down.

  • Take help from distraction

One of the reasons you stop exercising might be your mind dealing with some heavy things in your life. Whether it’s in your professional or personal life – you may not find the motivation to do the exercise as you’re dealing with some other things. If this is your reason for the exercise block, then take help from the distraction.

Blast music through your headphones and forget that anything is happening in your life. Now get on and do the exercise routine that you always want to do. Keep it short and do it for a few days where you can exercise without the other thoughts barging in through your mind. It’s the best method if you don’t want to be consumed by other things.

  • It depends on your mindset

At the end of the day, it’s your body, and taking care of it should be fixed in your mind. No matter how busy your life is, how tired you are, or how sleep-deprived you are, you should eventually set and plan your day in a way that you’re giving at least 10 min to exercise your body.

It might sound difficult but you have to allocate that 10 min for doing light exercise during the initial days. Afterward, your mind is fixed to extend or continue the exercise session without you even realizing it.

exercise blocks

  • Be a good self-coach

Whether you’re a teenager, an adult, or a senior, always be a good coach to you. Practice a good healthy lifestyle and stay away from the foods that cause weight gain or add unnecessary calories to your body. Keep your body always active by walking, strolling, or playing with younger children. It’s best for those who stay at home and are finding ways to get their body in motion.

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  • Take control of what you’re doing

Unless you’re suffering from a mental condition, we are mostly aware of what we’re doing throughout the day. What we do, what we eat, what we see, etc., all happen with our conscious mind. So, you have to take care of what activities you’re doing. Are they all doing well? Or are you doing some bad things which take a toll on your body? If you think like this, you’re sure to become more conscious of your mind and take control of the things you’re doing.

  • Give yourself a short break

Never be so hard on yourself. Don’t feel guilty or stressed that you’re not doing exercise like before. As we all know, it’s never too late to start again and take control of your body. When you think things are getting too hard, stop and relax for a few minutes. And if you need a vacation, then plan for it. Give yourself a short break but make sure you’re concentrating on the exercise once you come back with a fresh mind.

Final words

Always be in a position to inspire and motivate others in leading a healthy lifestyle. When you are sincere and regular, the other members like your friends and family will also start to follow in your footsteps. Be in control of your mind and you will automatically focus more on exercising and following a healthy lifestyle. Hope the above tips are helpful for you to overcome the exercise block you’re suffering.

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