Best Flowers to Represent your Bond with your Parents

Who do you love the most? It’s just one answer that usually pops up in our minds when this question is asked. Our parents hold our hands from the day we are born and stand by us through every thick and thin. They teach us some of the most valuable lessons to live our lives in the best way possible.

They love us unconditionally no matter where we stand in our lives. Our parents are the pillars of our life, and they hold us firm. In India, kids worship their parents for all they have done for them, for all the luxuries and sacrifices.

Sometimes when we take their love for granted, we miss out on making our parents realize their worth for us. All the lives they have done so much for us that we need to make them feel special once in a while. After a time in our lives, our turn is to reciprocate all the love and care they have showered on us. Gifts are a medium to make someone feel special, but no gift can equate to the love they have for us. So, what gift do you think we should opt for? 

Flowers can be a great option that helps us express some of the most profound emotions that we have for someone.

But then again, there are so many flowers to choose from, especially when we send flowers online, that finding the right fit can be a bit tricky. We got you covered, a list of beautiful flowers that can go perfectly with your emotions towards your parents.

A list of Beautiful Flowers


Tulips are a great gifting option, especially for our parents. The true meaning of gifting someone a bouquet of Tulips is a deep love that you have for the other individual. No one can beat the love that our parents have showered on us in our lives. These flowers have been loved for centuries as the perfect gift for those that mean the most in our lives. So pick up a beautiful bouquet of pink, white and purple tulips for your parents and make their day special.


Pink Carnations are one of the most popular gifts on Mother’s Day. There is a story that backs this up, and it is said that these were first bloomed when Virgin Mary’s tears fell on them. They are the perfect symbol of a mother’s unmatched love for her children. Apart from pink carnations, white ones express the feeling of an undying love that a mother has for her kids. You can even mix up these two colors and make your bouquet look even more pretty just like your mother.


Orchids too are a striking symbol of luxury, beauty, and elegance. White orchids are a beautiful way of letting your parents know how much you adore them. White orchids symbolize innocence and grace, the way our parents raise us. Apart from the white ones, pink orchids can be gifted to our mothers, particularly as a form of elegance and femininity. If you have more of a friendly relationship with your parents, a yellow orchid bouquet might just do the trick for you. Overall the type of orchid you choose should be a mirror to your relationship with your parents.


Roses have always been a go-to flower for every event in our lives. They are the most classic flowers and have been used to express our love to the people in our lives for ages. Apart from red roses that are a perfect representation of romantic relationships, pink and white roses are a great gift for your parents. A pink rose represents gratitude and appreciation, and a white rose perfectly denotes purity and peace.


Risen initially from Asia, Gardenia flowers accurately represent the feelings of gentleness and purity at heart. In particular, White Gardenias might be the perfect bet for you when it comes to making your parents feel special and loved. They are a fantastic embodiment of harmony and peace, everything that we wish for our parents. Carnations might not make it to the best flowers list, but they certainly are the purest at meaning.

Even though our parent’s love can never be equivalent to any other gift, we can still make small efforts daily to make them feel pampered. Even if you live far away from your parents, you can still send birthday flowers online to surprise them once now and then. Parents are the perfect image of God on earth. They give us a shoulder to cry on and help us raise when we fall. Flowers might not be as expensive as other gifts out there, but they are a great way of making your parents smile from their heart.

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