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Have A Headache That Won’t Go?

A headache is sometimes all that is enough for a person to go from all good to all-dead, in just a matter of a few moments. Having a routine that gives you barely any break is surely one of the major causes of a headache, but little did you know, there are several other foods that a lot of us are consuming on a daily basis, which might also be the trigger for your headache?

According to recent medical studies, headache also occurs due to some foods that we intake. In this article, we are going to walk you through some types of the foods that act as a trigger for your headache and migraine. So let’s find out!

1.  The First One Is Cheese!

Who doesn’t love cheese? That oozing and the beautiful gooey thing that many of us crave to eat 24/7. This might upset you, but cheese is one of the biggest triggers of a headache and migraine. Cheeses which old and aged cause the most headaches. It is because these cheeses contain a substance called Tyramine; something which paves way for a pounding headache to occur. Cheeses are Tyramine-rich, and the more aged they are, the higher the Tyramine content would be. So remember, the next time you’re having a headache, try and remember if it’s because of the pizza you ate a few hours ago.

2.  Foods Packed With Preservatives

Preserved and processed foods are known to be packed with Nitrites and nitrates; another candidate for being the headache trigger. Sausages, cured and preserved meats contain a crazy quantity of MSG – mono sodium glutamate, which almost every other food brand uses to enhance its flavor. This harmful little ingredient dilates blood vessels, causing excruciating headaches and migraines.

3.  Frozen Food Items

Don’t be sad when we tell you that frozen foods – including ice creams, sundaes and what not – is another factor of having a bad headache. According to experts, frozen items trigger pain in the head right from the moment they are consumed and eventually these pains form a much worst migraine.

4.  Excessive Coffee Intake

Another biggest factor of having frequent headaches and migraine is your intake of caffeine. Since a lot of people prefer coffee to keep themselves awake for the day, they mistakenly end up having coffee more than what they are supposed to take it on a daily basis. Our daily caffeine intake requirement is about 1 teaspoon or less, exceed it and the next thing you know it would be an awful, awful headache. Besides coffee, caffeine is also found in chocolates, colas, teas, and a few other medicines. Having an increased intake of all these things can trigger an uncontrollable headache.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Headache?

  1. Rest Your Eyes
  2. Massage
  3. Place Heating/Cooling Pad On Your Neck
  4. Calm Your Wits Down
  5. Opt For A Healthy, Better Diet

Every time a headache occurs, one wants it to disappear as quickly as it appeared. The time of a headache is when no medication, no massage, comes into action, therefore following are the few best ways through which a headache can be instantaneously relieved.

  • Rest Your Eyes

One of the most effective ways through which a headache can be relieved in just a few minutes in by closing your eyes and resting for a while – a nap would be wonderful! If you’re experiencing an excruciating headache, just stop whatever you’re doing and find a nice quiet place to sit. After you’ve found a nice quiet spot, just rest your eyes for a while and take slow, deep breaths and if you can take some shut-eye, do it. According to many health experts, taking a nap or sleeping at the time of a headache can reduce its intensity.

  • Massage

Since most of the headaches occur due to lack in the circulation of blood, perform a little massage on your head. You can begin by massaging between the hairs, onto your scalp to get those vessels pumping. Then you can massage all the way to your temples and gently massage them in circular motions for a good 4-5 minutes. And if you are one of those who suffer from frequent episodes of headaches, then ensure to give yourself a nice head massage, every once or twice a week.

  •  Place Heating/Cooling Pad On Your Neck

Another most effective thing that you can do to cure your headache is placing a heating pad at the back of your neck, or you can put a warm towel around it, it’s up to you. Placing a warm cloth over the back of your neck can allow the tension between the nerves to ease up. This, as well as, a cooling pad. You can do the same by placing a cooling pad at the back of your neck which will also help you in effectively getting rid of a headache.

  • Calm Your Wits Down

Besides everything else that you can do to ease up your headache, try relaxing and calming down. Twice or thrice a week, do some yoga and loosen up those tangled tensions in your body. There are nowadays several apps that help you calm down during the stress, so you can even play those apps to help you picture yourself in a better, peaceful situation. All this, and most importantly, get enough rest. Retire early each night and stretch your legs as you lie down to sleep. You can lit some lavender scented candles too.

  • Opt For A Healthy, Better Diet

Form a better diet plan and stick to it. Include in your diet plan, all the necessary foods and make sure they are from all the food groups so you can have a balanced diet. Reduce the intake of those fatty aged cheeses, caffeine, and processed foods and incorporate into your diet plenty of fruits, vegetables and most importantly, water. Drink as much water as you can and meet your daily water requirement as much as you can. Keep yourself hydrated, well fed, exercised and in the best shape, to ensure no headache ever comes near you.


Disclaimer: All information is provided here only for general health education. Please consult your health physician regarding any treatment of health issues.


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