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7 Amazing Benefits of Banana That You Must Know

Banana is one of the most popular fruits in the World, nutritionally healthy and scrumptious. It is a powerhouse of nutrients containing powerful vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese and potassium. Unripe bananas have resistant starch which acts like fiber. Apart from these healthy nutrients, bananas are the richest source of antioxidants including catechin and dopamine in banana functions as antioxidants. 

Wonderful Health Benefits of Banana:

Banana comes up with a number of health benefits and it can also be eaten as a healthy snack as it is extremely convenient, creamy and delicious fruit. Following are the miraculous benefits of bananas on health.

  • Banana; a friend to your heart health

Bananas are loaded with potassium, vitamin C, folate, antioxidants and fiber that help in the healthy functioning of the heart. Since bananas are rich in potassium and it is revealed by a study that potassium rich foods can considerably lower the risk of stroke.

  • Banana; an excellent food for kidney health

As potassium is abundantly present in bananas and is good for normal functioning of the kidney so according to studies eating bananas 4 to 6 times a week reduces the chances of developing kidney disorder by 50%.

  • Banana gives you a feeling of fullness

Unripe green bananas contain resistant starch that functions as soluble fiber and ripe bananas have a high proportion of soluble fiber. Resistant starch reduces appetite and makes a person feel full after consumption of a meal.

  • Banana may regulate blood sugar levels

The presence of resistant starch and pectin in bananas help in balancing blood sugar levels after meals and reduces appetite by delaying the emptying of stomach. The average glycemic index value of bananas is 51 which means it does not cause a spike in the blood sugar level.

  • Banana helps to relieve constipation

Banana acts as a natural laxative as ripe banana has a fiber that can efficiently regulate normal bowel movement, according to study, banana naturally improves wastes movement through bowel so consuming two bananas daily can certainly relieve the constipation.

  • Banana benefits for skin

A good concentration of manganese is present in banana which helps in making collagen in the body which provides elasticity and hydration to skin and protects other cells from damage by free radicals

  • Banana; a mood enhancer and stress reliever

An adequate amount of folate in bananas fights against depression by making the fast entry of serotonin in the brain. It is recommended by many doctors to increase intake of folate with antidepressants to boost up their effect.

Apart from boosting mood, bananas also contain tryptophan which acts as a precursor for serotonin which can effectively control anger, insomnia, fatigue and anxiety. Norepinephrine is also present in bananas and can also control stress.

Medicinal uses of banana

Apart from the incredible health benefits of bananas, it also has some medicinal properties that make this fruit more tempting and demanding.

  • Banana is used to relieve constipation in children as it has laxative properties.
  • Banana is helpful in relieving diarrhea and dysentery.
  • The core of the stem of a banana plant is known to relieve stomach upset and also treat diabetes.
  • Intestinal lesions can also be cured by this amazing fruit.
  • Bananas are considered good in lowering worm problems in children.

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